F/M Friday 17

So how many of you are checking out DANA SPECHT’S NEW BLOG? My goal here is just to direct traffic over to her site until people bookmark it for themselves. The site is being updated frequently with new trailers and images from all of her films, just pick a film from the right hand lists to watch a two-three minute trailer. If you watch them all then you might just get a mini movie out of it. We are not only talking about Dana’s recent films, but we are also talking about the first spanking films that she ever made for Nu-West. Here is AN EXAMPLE of one of the older films. I even made a film with Dana and Sarah where Dana and I play Brother and Sister in a MF/F MOVIE. Check it out and be sure to bookmark the page so that it is in your list of places to visit.

After today there will be just one more BIRTHDAY SPANKING pic for this year. Tomorrow I turn 57 years old and I have a great M/F birthday spanking image that I have saved for my actual birthday. In fact if the truth be known, when I found the pic recently I thought to myself, what can I do to lead up to posting that pic on Saturday? That is when I decided to try and trim some of my unposted birthday spanking images by posting them all week. So make sure that you come back tomorrow for a great vintage birthday spanking pic, and of course come back on Sunday because I will have another top of the shelf MEN ARE LIKE STREETCARS spanking pic.

I guess the moral of the story is to come back every day. The goal that I set myself for this blog is to post brand new spanking material as much as I can. There may be the odd one that slips through that I miss, or I might post a different version of known spanking pics, but I try to keep this site as fresh as possible and give you something new to look at. I mean eventually all of my pics are going to be taken and used elsewhere anyway, but for that first run experience then this is the place where you will find a lot of these images getting their debut in the spanking community. In fact this week I have had a very good week in the spanking department, I even found a spanking pic for the play “DEAR RUTH“, the link you see is to the stills that I found for the photo shoot for the movie version starring Mona Freeman from five years ago.

Right, enough of me babbling, I will save some for tomorrow. The F/M COLLECTION pic for today is the only one that I have in my folder that has the name ‘birthday’ attached to it. Chances are I wouldn’t have noted it down if it wasn’t actually a genuine birthday spanking. So here we have three ladies using what appears to be a belt on the young man who is celebrating his birthday. I wonder whose idea it was to use a belt, and I wonder if it was an implement he was already familiar with?

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