Exclusive Pics

This is something that they have received numerous requests for and I am happy to announce that up on the store they have released one of the “Lost” scenes that I shot.

The first scene is where I play the part of Pixie’s conscience, appearing to her whenever she has done something naughty. The idea of this scene was the most unique that I have taken part in, and you even see me appear right before your eyes like I am a ghost đŸ™‚ Click the pic below to be taken to the store.

Here are a few exclusive, never before seen pics, shared courtesy of Pixie. Loved the cute little panties that she wore that day đŸ˜‰

The second scene here is also one of my favorites. The scene called for Lily Anna to quit her job and as her unfortunate boss she really let me have a verbal hammering. One of the reasons that I love this scene so much is that she had carte blanche to say whatever she wanted to me, and Lily Anna certainly dissappoint. In fact she gave me so much lip that when I paddled her in a later scene that day, I really meant the spanking that I gave her!! Once again, the first pic takes you directly to the scene, and the pics below were specially provided for this post by my dear friend, Pixie.