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The Payout

Years ago,  before there was a plethora of blogs,  I used to earn somewhere in the region of 12-14% of my annual salary from the links on this blog. Of course back then I was earning significantly less than I am now,  and a few years ago I stopped posting referral links in favor of turning my blog into an archive of rare,  unseen spanking pics. The one link that I left was Hot Movies over to the right there,  that one has always had a good payout for me. I think that the reason that I got so lucky is that at the time,  Hot Movies only offered 25% commission,  and when compared to the 50% commission of most sites,  hardly anyone jumped on it. I’m fortunate to have been one of the first spanking blogs to get on board because while it sells at half of the other sites,  the amount of sales can be 10-20 times as many. Plus,  a lot of other spanking bloggers snaffled the site directly from my site,  and because of that I get 5% of what they earn as well. Hot Movies dropped the commission to 20%,  but for those of us who were long time promoters we were Grandfathered in and we kept our 25% commission.

Why am I telling you that? Two fold really. One is for other bloggers to jump on board,  and secondly,  because I have been promoting a bit lately,  this week my payouts went through the roof. It comes in ebbs and flows,  but this week I earned enough to pay for the site for the year between the commission and sales of my own movies. A bloody good week. This will also allow me to pay back and pay for a subscription to an archive where I hope to dig up some rarities.



Now I’m not much of a numbers whore,  it isn’t something that I pay much attention to in all honesty. I base my blog on integrity and the quality of the finds that I make. It is far more important to me that people enjoy my work,  that is what is important to me. Of course I have been around for nearly ten years so there is a nice audience who come here anyway,  but I want to be unique. A disclaimer that on Saturday’s is different,  that is spam day,  lol.

With that said,  I do have a Twitter account. Right now I am at 956 followers and I would love to see that number increase to a 1000. So if you want to stalk me on Twitter,  you can do so RIGHT HERE.

And finally for today,  as I have said,  I do use Saturday’s for a bit of spam,  I dug through the archive of AAASPANKING to browse through the galleries.

Now let me tell you a little story before I post 4 pictures and a link to the full gallery. In the spanking scene I am fulfilled,  I could want for nothing. For me it has always been about connections,  the scenes that I enjoy the most are the ones where I develop a bond with someone and we are on the same page. A lot of times people will talk to me about spanking models that they have fantasized about for years,  and there are times when I am quite open when I say that I haven’t played with every spanking model,  not by a long shot. If we don’t have some kind of fun interaction and they don’t give me an indication that they want to play,  it doesn’t work for me. I don’t mean any harm by that,  but I don’t have a checklist of names I want to cross out. Almost all of my favorite play partners are people who just go to parties.

Now then, a couple of years ago I bumped into Stephen Lewis. We always have a little friendly banter over our hometowns,  and on this occasion he was with a young lady. He introduced me and immediately I was like  “Oh my science,  those EYES”. As I reached my hand out to shake hands the first thought running through my mind was “I HAVE to spank this girl”,  and that rarely if ever happens,  there has to be some form of interaction,  right? Nonetheless,  in my mind I was saying to myself,  have a conversation with this girl and see if you guys can’t get to play.

It was the next day I think when I asked a Brit who she was,  and when they told me it was like my ice cream dropped off my cone. It was ZOE PAGE,  a famous British top. You mean I’m not even going to get a chance to play with her? I was so disappointed,  and that is so rare for me because I never base any potential spanking play simply by looking at someone. Even so,  those EYES,  oh my science,  such a pretty girl. Then I felt like Jim Carrey in dumb and dumber.

“So what are the chances of me spanking you”?

“One in a million”

“So you’re saying there is a chance”? 🙂

Anyway,  in the AAASPANKING archives I did find a promotional gallery of Zoe in action,  just excuse me if I imagine a different top and bottom  😉

CLICK HERE to see all 16 pics from the gallery.

005 (1) 011 013 016

Ballsed That Right Up

So five years ago I created a spoof article from 1954 featuring the pic that I consider to be my best find yet in the spanking world. It was tongue in cheek,  clearly for giggles,  and on my main blog I was quite open that the pic that I created and posted was filled with satirical commentary.

Today I was browsing the web and I saw that A VOICE IN THE CORNER had posted the article as part of a small vintage collection of advertisements. Now to be honest,  I didn’t actually remember posting what I created,  only sharing it with some friends,  so I did a search of my blogs because obviously I did post it. I mean the writing is mine so I knew that it was out there somewhere,  lol.

To my shock and horror,  I did find it on my vintage blog and saw that on my regular blog I had acknowledged that the writing was fake. Here’s the thing,  I didn’t state that on the post in question on my vintage site!! It would have been corrected by the time that you read this,  but I have to put my hands up. This was a mistake that I made and there is nobody to blame but myself. Here is the original post that I made,  CLICK HERE.

With that said,  what is true is that the picture genuinely IS a school art project where the students recreated the well known Chase and Sanborn coffee ad. I wanted this picture so badly that I was going to snipe someone on Ebay and I would have paid a pretty penny for it. Unfortunately,  and perhaps this is the karma I deserve,  I forgot to bid on it until it was too late. So let me state again,  the picture is genuine and the background story is true,  the commentary is not,  it was a satirical article that I created.


Want to see Amelia Jane Rutherford get spanked naked while sunbathing? Click THIS LINK for 20 pictures from this naked sunbathing scene.


Or perhaps you prefer the traditional schoolgirl OTK type of scene. CLICK HERE for 24 pics of Maddy Marks getting spanked over the knee in her schoolgirl outfit.



Memorial Movie Watching

So two days ago I said that there was one old spanking movie from Shadowlane that I had not yet seen and that I needed to renew my HOT MOVIES subscription so that I could watch it. Well that is exactly what I did,  paid my $20 for 200 minutes,  watched the portions of the movie below that I wanted to see and now I still have two and a half hours remaining time to watch whatever the hell I want.

That’s how it works by the way,  if there are only portions of the video that you want to see then your minutes only get charged for the time you actually use. So for example,  I watched about half of the movie above and therefore only 25 or so minutes were deducted from my 200 minutes.

I’ve long felt that this is the future of watching spanking movies,  and I know that not every producer wants Hot Movies to sell their content for them,  but there are enough that there are literally hundreds of spanking titles available. There are some examples below.

Shadow Lane:

They don’t have every single movie up yet,  but as close to it as you can find. This is why I personally signed up in the first place to be honest. I’m a big fan of the way that Shadow Lane makes its films,  always have been. In fact I would go as far as to say that their vision is what helped me with my personal journey in this lifestyle when I moved to America. Instead of rifling through put away DVD’s,  I simply log in to Hot Movies and watch the scenes that I want to watch.


Real Spankings:

I believe that every full length film that Real Spankings made is on this site. I also believe that the biggest selling spanking film on Hot Movies is also on here,  and if you guys love the strap then you might well cry with joy at this one. The film is SOUTHERN STRAPPINGS 2. You won’t be the only one crying,  it’s not unusual for the girls to cry in this film either.


Now how much have I personally spent on Hot Movies? Quite honestly,  I couldn’t tell you,  but they have over 200,000 adult movies covering every fetish you can imagine,  so I have spent accordingly,  lol. I’ve probably purchased minutes 15-20 times so far over the years and I don’t regret a single penny,  and why is that? It is because if I don’t really like something,  it might cost me 5 minutes in stream time,  but that is far better than paying $30 for a DVD that it turns out I might not like. Plus I also get to watch the scenes that I enjoy and skip over the scenes that don’t appeal to me.

There may come a time actually where I put my own DVD’s on to Hot Movies,  I just have to collect up all of my 2257 forms that are in a box somewhere.

Around The Spanking World

Yesterday I tried my hardest to write my latest article but through one thing or another I just couldn’t get the time to do so. I live just around the corner to my landlord’s 89 year old father and they needed my help. Not to worry though,  I am in a writing mood so I will try and get something up with my regular Sunday post. It is great to have this forum with 1000’s of visitors each week where I can share my personal journey with you. The pen is mightier than the sword,  as you will all see one day,  stay tuned,  I’m ruthless 🙂

So while I will write in depth tomorrow,  today I am going to catch up with my spam. If you ask how this is spam I am quite open about it,  what I am about to post I make money off of,  and in turn I use that money to pay for my sites each year,  a bit of a win/win really.

First of all,  here are the latest spanking films from ShadowLane. If you sign up to Hot Movies after clicking on one of the pics below,  you get 20 minutes of viewing for free.


From Sarah Gregory:


The principal teaches and shows this new teacher how effective corporal punishment can be when used on naughty, bratty schoolgirls. The girls are spanked over the knee of both of them as well as given the wooden ruler on their bare behinds. CLICK HERE


Amelia protests and complains, but she still wants to keep her job. In order to keep her job she must take a spanking and agree to do what her boss says. CLICK HERE

From Momma Spankings:


What a bad girl! Now Mommy is going to cancel her naughty little girl’s birthday party and give her a spanking she won’t forget. Mommy takes Alice over her knee for a hard hand spanking followed by the hairbrush CLICK HERE

From Dana Specht:


To show her what’s in store for her, her Mom turns her over her knee and gives her a hand spanking then sends her to bed. When she comes in to check on her, Sarah sasses Mom and gets her mouth washed out with soap. Next morning she is hauled out of the bathtub and given another spanking on her wet behind. CLICK HERE

Evocative Image

This morning I needed a distraction as I juggled watching the football and talking to my mum. She is due home from hospital next week and they have offered her a hospital bed,  and of course she is being stubborn saying that she will use her own bed. I tried a tactic by saying  “Why not have the bed at home and if you don’t use it,  so be it,  but it will be there if you need it”. We will find out next week whether that registers for her. I’m not going to go in depth today,  but this blog is about my life and unfortunately there are times where vanilla things are a part of it,  now of course is one of those times.

On the spanking front though,  I think that spanking Pixie last week has got my interest back a bit. I mean it was always there,  I just got worn out and tired of certain behaviours that took the fun out of it for me. Spanking has always been about fun and enjoyment for me,  and the last few parties that I went to I stopped having fun. That is nobodies fault other than my own,  the enjoyment stopped because my focus was on the negative and not the positive.

Anyway,  aside from spanking Pixie last week,  I also got a tweet from ellee this week reminding me that our schoolgirl/teacher two part scene has not been completed yet. ellee Evergood still has to go home to face her uncle to explain her behaviour. As I probably won’t be at another party for obvious reasons,  that leaves me lots of time to plot. I’m already envisioning ellee being sent to her room to wait for me in nothing but her t-shirt and panties,  and nothing screams domestic more than a thick leather belt. It’s early days though,  and I do like to create a good story.

Of course with ellee reminding me of the scene I went back to look at pictures from the schoolgirl scene we did. Out of the 22 pictures we took I have only ever posted two. There is two of her in the corner displaying a bright scarlet bottom but her panties are very sheer,  and I respect her wishes for no bare bottom pics. Her bottom isn’t bare,  but it just as well be 🙂

So going through the pics today I started playing with them,  and I came up with this awesome,  evocative image. Obviously there are no faces,  but I thought that I would share my artistic creation. It reminds me of the first time that I saw a girl spanked when I snuck in as the spanking was going on,  and I was presented with her upturned panty clad bottom being spanked in the angle shown in this pic.


Going back to what I stated at the beginning of this post,  I love the fun and playful aspect of our lifestyle,  so I went to hot movies to create this little video from the Shadowlane production  “Bare Assets”. It kind of typifies the type of playful behaviour that I love and enjoy. The  “Play”  button is in the middle of the image below.

If you want to see the whole movie as shown above,  then click the picture below. I have set the video with a special offer that if you sign up you get 20 minutes free to watch whatever you want.

Father Of The Bride

Unfortunately this weekend I am in the middle of a 3 day rockabilly event,  so I don’t have a Saturday Gazette this week for you. Last night,  tonight and tomorrow though we have a ton of bands in New York which is headlined tomorrow by Johnny Farina. You might not have heard the name,  but I can pretty much guarantee you all know his most famous composition. JOHNNY FARINA – SLEEPWALK

So today I am going to unload my Father Of The Bride collection. Mostly it is just one pic but the covers are from various countries and there is an alternate spanking pic for you.

!$T2eC16JHJGsFFMsZgL3rBRbPOWMwww~~60_3 !6$_57 (10) !6F2E8204DB152778FF6BE1DBF74 !61$_57 (3) !B7p+6ug!Wk~$(KGrHqN,!icEzN1w6iTwBM0z7vmEIg~~_3 !CB)2RSQCWk~$(KGrHqEOKjcEz(BedETHBNI9FOh(Wg~~_3


Many years ago when I started this blog I also joined the budding blogger community in setting up referral links. In fact when we originally began,  Pixie and I would spend countless hours helping out other blogs by teaching them how to also set up their referral links. Many of these blogs have now called it quits while others went on to turn their blogs into nothing but referral links,  and we hardly heard from them again once we help set them up.

There was a time when I also posted referral links but once the market became saturated I removed them from this site. Don’t get me wrong,  they are still on here,  but now,  as opposed to posting them on the home page I have a separate page where they are all hidden. There is one referral site that I kept however which you will see on the right over there ———-> and that is HOT MOVIES.

The reason for keeping the one referral link noticeable on the site is pretty simple,  it is the one link that has been and remains the most popular link. I have said it many times and I will say it again,  not only is it popular but I am also a subscriber myself,  the site is awesome for watching clips. For $19.95 you get 200 minutes to spend wherever you want. As an example,  each film is broken down by clips or by the whole film,  if you choose to watch a clip and decide that you don’t like it,  the only time taken from your lot is the time you have spent watching it. So if you watched 2 minutes you now have 198 minutes left. Now for me,  that works more than you can imagine. I’m pretty picky when it comes to movies so for my 200 minutes I can generally watch clips from around 50 or 60 movies.

This website has also become a great source for bloggers who use referral links,  and I have the data to back it up. A good number of bloggers,  and they might not even be spanking bloggers,  have come to this site,  seen the rotating box to the right there and they set up their own accounts through my set up. How do I know this? That is simple,  any blogger who used my site to set up their own took part in a pay it forward program. Not a lot of referral companies provide this,  but some of them provide a WEBMASTER REFERRAL code. After having Hot Movies for so long now I have so many webmaster referrals that I now earn more money from other websites than I do from my own.

Now a lot of websites look at the referral link and see that it only pays 20%,  whereas most others pay between 40-50%,  and decide that it isn’t worth it to them. Those of us who were on board early get 25% so our loyalty is rewarded as well. For the webmaster referral program you get 5% of whatever other bloggers make,  so if someone makes $50 a month then I would get $2.50 for referring them. As I stated,  I make more now from other websites selling hot movies than I do my own,  so that should give you some idea as to how many websites have taken the link from this site.

Now I know that this isn’t my regular type of posting,  but because I use the site so much I also want to make sure that it is available to everyone. So if this is something that you think that you might like,  before you click on any picture below,  click THIS LINK for 20 free minutes. Tomorrow I will return with my normal Windsor Wednesday Classics posts and then on Thursday it will be the free video.

These are the latest releases from Shadowlane that appear on Hot Movies.

I’m Back

So I took a couple of weeks off for some me time and now I am back ready to post. Tomorrow I will resume my regular weekly features and as I have kept you waiting I will be sure to share with you one of the better pics that I have saved. As I need to put something together I will just dish up a plate of spam right now. These ones always make me really happy because more often than you can imagine,  a lot of people have come here to pilfer my paid links,  only this one is special. Every time someone comes here and takes these ones,  I get a cut of whatever they earn. In fact right now I earn more from other people than I do from my own links. Life can be good at times 🙂

Football Crazy

This is one of those weeks where old Richard Windsor gets excited,  the final week of qualification for the World Cup. I’m a genuine football nut and my Saturday mornings are always spent watching the Premier League. My ‘team’ is Swindon Town. Now you folks back home may laugh at that,  but you only get dealt one team and as far back as I remember,  sitting on my Dad’s shoulders in the 1960’s,  Swindon has always been my team and my hometown. Anyway,  I am heading out to watch the African final qualifiers so I will quickly put up a few spanking clips for you,  featuring some of the hottest spanking stars of today and yesterday.

How To Make Money On Your Blog

Recently I have had several requests to assist people in setting up affiliate referral programs for their websites. There will be no spanking content in this post today but I need to post it so that the post is in the archives. This is something that I have done a lot for people over the years,  starting with Amber Grey back at the Texas party many years ago. I am going to walk you through step by step for one program and hopefully from there you will learn how to do the others.

The program that I am going to take you through is the biggest seller that I promote. In fact I make as much from this program as I do all the other programs combined. Part of the reason for that is tons of bloggers have snaffled this one from me and whatever they earn then I get 20% of their monthly take. So if they earn $100 I get $20 for doing nothing 🙂 It doesn’t sound a lot,  but when you start to multiply it then it really adds up. The check that arrived at my house today for January was $218

So here we go,  step by step instructions for the best referral program on my website. First of all,  right click the picture below and select “Open on new tab” or window.

Do this so that you can flip between the set up page and my instructions. Trust me,  setting up is easy. Under select Webmasters and click ‘learn more’. Then select ‘Sign up now’.

1  Clipboard02

From here it is easy,  just fill out the form and be sure to submit your tax information,  you will get a 1099 at the end of the year if you are based in the USA as required by law. Once done,  log in with your account number and your password and now you can start earning money,  it is as easy as that.

Now,  it gets a little trickier here,  but it really isn’t that hard. Take the rotating box that I have to the right here under “Watch full movies“. To me this is the easiest method of all and is the easiest box to add. Once you get the hang of it then you will pick it up in no time.

Firstly,  from the top menu select ‘Webmasters‘. Clipboard03

Then you need to select ‘Boxometer’ underneath iframe tools.


Now you have to configure the box. You can be as glamorous as you like or you can choose pre selected options. Here is one easy example. Select ‘Fetish‘ from the content drop down menu. Then select S and highlight Shadowlane and be sure to ‘Add selected‘ at the bottom. Click ‘Preview‘ and you will see what you have created so far.


Now you want to configure it to look like you want to. As an example I use ‘Vertical‘ for the box shape. Once you have messed around with the colors and options,  make sure you select ‘preview‘ to see all of your changes.


And finally,  once you have configured your options,  copy the final code in the box at the bottom.


If you have a ‘Blogger’ blog,  go to your layout page and ‘Add a gadget’. The gadget that you want to add is ‘HTML/JAVASCRIPT‘. In ‘content‘ just paste your code that you copied above and hit ‘Save‘. That’s it,  you now have a referral program on your blog. If you are using WordPress what you want to add is a widget and the widget that you want to select is ‘Text

If you have any questions or need some help then please feel free to email me at

Here are examples of the finished product. Firstly a horizontal Boxometer.

And here is the vertical one that I use in my sidebars.