Windsor Sunday Candid’s – 115

Before we get into the meat and bones of the post today, I do want to point something out with regards to the mobile plug in. Over the past week I have been working hard to try and get the homepage to show as a Mobile interface, but it is being really stubborn. Basically there is a conflict between two plugins, but I need the other plugin so there isn’t much that I can do about it. I can circumvent the issue every morning by clearing the website cache, that way the homepage (the issue is only on the homepage) will display as a mobile interface.

Here is what you guys can do though. If the website opens up on your phone as a desktop version, just know that it is only the opening page that is that way. If I have made a new post, such as this one, just click on the title of the post and it will open up as a mobile friendly page. Each morning I will remind myself to clear the cache which will help remedy the problem. Just remember to click on the title of any post on your phone to get the mobile version of that post.

As you would have seen on this blog for the past week, I have focused on spanking stories. First we had an audio story from Dana Specht, then I posted a BRAND SPANKING NEW story for you that took me hours to write. A big thank you to those of you who took the time to leave feedback on the story, it is always motivating when people show their appreciation for your efforts. Then on Friday I posted an Audio story from Miss Jenn.

Well guess what, I am in the process of writing yet another new story!! It depends on how much free time I get today but it might even be ready by tomorrow. This story is much stricter than what I normally write and involves a D/D relationship, I have written two pages so far already. It’s funny really, 6 months ago when I read those mean spirited comments regarding the age and physical appearance of an elderly member of the spanking community, I really thought that I was done with spanking for good. But removing myself from that side of our lifestyle by deleting my profiles has done me the world of good, I am really starting to enjoy the spanking world again.

Anyway, I want to share my collection of spanking stories for you guys to go through, just in case there is something that you may have missed. This is about 95% of my stories. I do have a couple of real life stories that are private at the moment because I need to edit out and delete some segments from those stories, and just as soon as I edit out the unwanted segments I will make those stories public again. There is a vintage picture underneath the story links.

The latest story that I wrote on Wednesday can be found here… THREE GIRLS PART 2 – NICOLE’S MAIDEN SPANKING

2 thoughts on “Windsor Sunday Candid’s – 115

  1. Love the spanking I seem to remember it from a Spanish magazine,but I could be mistaken.I am glad you have rediscovered your writing passion.I enjoy your fun spankings the most as I do want a spanking to be a enjoyable experience for the most part and even if they are discipline there is a certain knowledge that it was if not only deserved,but it will not be fatal.Thanks for all your amazing finds and research.have a great day.

  2. Jim,

    I am not 100% sure. There are a bunch of images that I have from the same magazine, there is like 7 or 8 in this set alone. There is also an image where the top is getting spanked, or at least posing for one, and man does she have a booty on her, lol.


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