Windsor Wednesday Classic – 223

I really need to start posting more often, don’t I? What can I say, hot summer days, running a vanilla project and lack of enthusiasm for spanking related activities have all combined to put the blog on the back seat for now. It will get better, some months I will post more often than others on the blog and of course I plan for it to still be here in years to come. The spanking energy has been sucked out of me, but I do still look for rare finds as a hobby and I look forward to sharing them with you all.

I will respond to all comments tonight when I get home.

This image is from the play MIND OF HER OWN. Just click the highlighted text to see the rest of my collection from this play.

3 thoughts on “Windsor Wednesday Classic – 223

  1. Theo,

    I love pics like this, in fact I could write a whole story based on this pic alone. The image is the type of spanking that is reflected in the types of stories that I write, I simply love photos like this. One can only hope that the girl watching finally got her turn for a spanking as well 😉


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