The posting blitz continues, another day, another spanking image. Today would ordinarily be a day that I would post an F/M image, and while one is included here it isn’t solely an F/M post as the image also contains an M/F spanking. This is a cartoon drawing featuring 4 films competing against each other, or it could be three films and a play.

So I will do my best to try and work out who the actors are supposed to be based on the films of the day.

In the upper spanking I do believe that it is supposed to be the actor John Garfield spanking Katherine Hepburn. This is an educated guest because the other male star of Tortilla Flat was Spencer Tracy, but he was also the star of Woman of the Year so it doesn’t make sense that he would be the spanker. In the bottom image I believe that is supposed to be Eleanor Powell spanking Robert Taylor.

If you wish you can spend your day going through IMDB to try and prove me wrong 😉

7 thoughts on “MGM Tops MGM

  1. Another classic. Imagine spanking Ms Hepburn? Wow.

    Nice hairbrush work too.


  2. Ron,

    Hopefully I am correct as to who the cartoon images are supposed to be. I’m pretty sure that I am spot on.


  3. I agree with your assessment,but Spencer Tracy spanking Katherine Hepburn is not that far out of reach as he did deliver quite a spank in Pat and Mike and he did a great job in spanking Elizabeth Taylor in Father of the bride(albeit in publicity shots only alas,but still had her otk).great finds and thanks for sharing.

  4. I said Pat and Mike but I really did mean Adam’s Rib.I really would have loved to see Cary Grant spank Katherine in their movies as well.Thanks again for all you share and have created.

  5. Jim,

    My holy grail would be to find an image of Judy Garland getting spanked, but all I can find are two pics of her paddling a guy in a fraternity. It is heavily suggested that Van Heflin spanked her off screen in the movie, Presenting Lily Mars, though a connoisseur of spankings in mainstream movies nearly had a conniption fit at my mere suggestion that a spanking happened off screen. I still stand by it though, he threatens her with a spanking if she does something, she does it, they disappear and she comes back seemingly indicating that she has a sore bum.


  6. Yes I agree with you it did seem like she did come back a little more subdued and it did look like she rubbed her bottom a little bit as well.Thanks

  7. Jim,

    I can’t understand how anyone can’t see that, I mean to me it is abundantly clear that her character had been spanked offscreen!!


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