53 Today

So it is that time of year again where one year gets added to the age and one less fuck is given. Those of you who are around my age will understand,  the older that you get the less you worry about things that are not that important. It is a wonderful place to be,  however,  I will say that there is a little of me that says  “Yikes,  53”!!

Anyway,  I am pre-posting this at 10pm on Sunday as I have to be up at 4am on Monday for work,  so by the time that you guys get to see this I would have already done a full days work 🙂  Which also means that I have to get to bed,  so enough of the jibber-jabber,  to celebrate my 53rd birthday,  here are 53 pics of me spanking 53 different girls,  and you wonder why there is no hate in my heart?

7 thoughts on “53 Today

  1. Happy Birthday. What a lucky guy to spank so many lovely ladies. I wish you many more sweet bottoms to smack.

  2. Happy Birthday. Wow its your birthday, but we get the presents. So many wonderful spanking partners. Anyway to me you are still a youngster as I myself am 63 and counting so many more pretty ladies to take otk and spank them are wished for you on this day. and have a great day as well.

  3. Happy Birtyday sir. Wow some wonderful bottoms there including legends Pixie and LilyAnna plus Sara Gregory. Plus some of the best panty spanking pictures. Thanks. Happy birthday getting better more seasoned not older!!

  4. Noel,

    Thank you man, I have never once denied that I am indeed truly lucky and honored to have played with so many lovely ladies. Having lived for decades with no play, I always appreciate what I have.


    Thank you as always for commenting!! As you get older you realize that age means nothing, but when you are young and you look at our ages, a different viewpoint is thought of. One day these people will understand that 🙂


    Thanks as always, I owe you an email.


    As you know, many times I have purchased the panties for the ladies, though it is unfair to claim that I am buying it for them, it is actually for my enjoyment and pleasure!!


    I was going to put a name to everyone but the task seemed boring to be honest, lol. Obviously pic number 40 is Ten, wearing the panties that I bought for her, but as I mentioned above, they were actually bought in reality for my enjoyment and for the enjoyment of my readers. Edit: I beg your pardon, I thought that you said pic 40. Yes, pic 49, we have a number of them from that caning session as I am sure you have already seen. No names as I have not asked permission to use a name, only the pic.

  5. Yes, i just happened to recognize no. 49, since she’s a personal friend. Just saw her at Lone Star, in fact. I’d never say a name without permission, either.

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