Making A Plan

At this particular party I always find myself being very busy so I try to hold up on making too many plans for the event. With that said though,  I do have one very special plan in mind for the delectable ellee.

In Vegas ellee said something that deserved a spanking. It is nothing serious,  just something cheeky that I want to address with her. Here’s the deal though,  ellee and I have a few private videos which are just for the two of us,  however,  we have both talked about making a video for public viewing. This plays right into my plan and is something that I will use in the video. Now the spanking isn’t for anything serious,  quite to the contrary really. However,  that doesn’t mean that we can’t both step into a role and actually make it into something. ellee doesn’t actually know why I am spanking her yet,  and I want to keep it that way. Just prior to the spanking I intend on letting her know,  as the camera is rolling,  because I want it to help her get into a mindset. I really believe this will work well,  in fact ellee even said to me this week,  when I put this much effort into a scene it is always good. Trust me,  I am putting a lot into it mentally,  every little detail,  every trigger that I think will work for her. All I have told her is that I want her to put her pajamas on,  Richard and ellee will be taking a trip down the domestic highway.


So take this picture above and then let your imagination take hold of you. As ellee stands to my side I will inform her of why she is being spanked,  and while she doesn’t know,  the moment that I tell her what it is she will say to herself “Oh,  that”. This is where the triggers come in. The pajamas are purely cosmetic because I will take hold of them,  pull her to me and pull them down to her ankles. Then I will lecture her as she stands there feeling very vulnerable,  tugging at her pajama top. It is a role play,  the spanking isn’t anything serious,  but in her mind she will know that she actually is being spanked for something so there is an element of reality to it. My intention is to make her squirm and she will get quite the lecture.

I love running things like this through my mind,  it occupies me for hours,  and knowing that I have such a wonderful person to act it out with makes me very excited. So take the picture above,  take away the socks,  imagine the pajama bottoms puddled on the floor,  the pajama top creeping up her back when she is over my knee. ellee will have her panties on because that is a rule for her which I abide by. However,  once the camera stops rolling you can rest assured that those panties,  probably the ones that you see here,  will also find themselves slowly descending to her ankles for a long dose of the hairbrush on her bare bottom.

ellee has asked me on more than one occasion whether it is true that I have never spanked her as hard as I can. The truth is that I haven’t,  in fact nowhere close to it. In Vegas we talked about my reasons why,  something that she understands. She is far more important to me as a person to me than anything that I can do to her physically,  and that is of the utmost importance to me. Why do I mention that? It is because due to my work situation this might be my last party for a while. So take from that what you will. ellee has been so incredibly kind to me the past year,  and I may just repay that kindness with a lasting memory for her. I’m creating something special in my mind,  and when I do that it makes for awesome viewing. It might mean the hardest spanking that I have given her to date,  but so be it,  now that she understands me I feel comfortable treating her like a very naughty girl and giving her just what she deserves.

So imagine it yourself ellee,  stand by a chair in your pajama top and panties and play one of the many voice recordings that I have made for you. This is something that I am intending to be very special and all of those little triggers will be played to their fullest,  it will be very special indeed. It has domestic spanking written all over it. We will laugh and joke beforehand,  but the moment that ellee changes into her pajamas the mood will change in a big way. We are both good at that.

I have about three weeks left to prepare for the party and I have a little issue. As you will see in the picture below,  I had a bad night the other week,  got badly drunk and took a few spills. What you see below is of no consequence,  just a shiner that has now cleared up. The problem though,  when I finally got home I stepped off the bus onto the imaginary step that wasn’t there and crashed hard on the concrete onto my shoulder. It was weeks ago now and while the pain has cleared up dramatically,  I know all is not right and I am a little apprehensive as to how I am going to cope with a spanking party. I’m not sure exactly what I did,  I did see a doctor and he told me that I probably dislocated the shoulder. He set me up for an MRI but if the truth be told,  once it started to feel better I ditched the MRI. So I’m not entirely sure what damage has been done,  it does still hurt and I hope that I am able to make it through the weekend spanking as many bottoms as I can. At worst I will just switch to being a lefty and save my spanking arm for implements.

I’m starting to get excited,  very excited. The above is a big part of the reason why,  I want something very special and when I want that I put as much effort as I can into it. Just the thought of it makes me a very happy man.



10 thoughts on “Making A Plan

  1. Well if this doesn’t give me butterflies in my tummy, I don’t know what would! You’re good at this anticipation business 😉

  2. But… never at any time does the spankee turn to face the camera. That tells me two things: One, she was not prepared to let the audience see the extent of her spankee; and two, she is probably not the ideal spanking model. Only when a girl is prepared to let the audience see her face as well as her fanny, does the resulting picture satisfy.

    Dan N.

  3. Dan,

    ellee is a professional and she is not able to show her face due to her profession, it is as simple as that. I’m going to guess that a number of people will come on here to tell you that she is the most adorable girl you could meet. Not really sure what to make of the second part of your comment :-/ What is ideal anyway?

    And I humbly disagree with you. Your criteria is what only satisfies you, as for the rest of us, we appreciate what ellee brings to the table.


  4. ellee,

    You know me by now so you should pay special attention to this bit. Once the camera stops, your panties are coming down. Don’t kick too hard otherwise you are going to find yourself bare from the waist down. You know me to be the perfect gentleman, but if you kick your panties off then they will stay on the floor with your pajamas until the spanking is over!!

  5. Dear Rich,
    I really hope that this isn’t your last party. I might just have to host a party to get you out of party retirement. You’re a gift to our community.
    PS: Your special something with ellee is so enjoyable to see. Thank you for sharing.

  6. PPS: it’s a shame you don’t switch. Ditching your MRI?! perhaps ellee or another bottom friend of yours could be spanked for your naughtiness! 😉

  7. Dan,

    In that case, it’s a good thing I’m not a spanking model! Also you’re welcome for the free pictures, Mister Complainy-pants 😛

    There’s a good reason I so enjoy playing with Rich. He took the time to get to know me and learn what makes me tick. He payed attention to what makes me squirm and blush. He puts a great deal of thought and preparation into a scene, complete with details that make it really special and always memorable. That and being a wonderful friend make it incredibly fun to play like we do. We’ve recorded some scenes on video and taken pictures because it is so much fun, and we both like to have the evidence to enjoy later. I love videos like this because they aren’t for an audience, and somehow that makes them feel more intimate. I’m not in it to satisfy Dan Rivera. I’m in it for the spanking and the experience, and the video simply captures all that goodness. So if I’m not the ideal spanking model, it’s probably because I’m not a model. I’m just a girl who loves spankings and has a job that keeps me from showing my face. 🙂

  8. Stay the course by the way, I just read some of the responses, she is lovely, her bottom is just beautiful in the panty but more so she is your friend, amazing, hang in there.

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