Windsor 5-0

It has been a pretty interesting week so far to say the least,  full of surprises,  and while I have a few minutes I will tell you about them.

As you are all aware,  my time online this week is dramatically reduced due to my Brother visiting me. The reason for his visit is that I turned 50 years old on Thursday and he came over to help me celebrate. I wasn’t sure how the day would go,  but shortly thereafter messages of congratulations started to appear on Facebook. Then they started on Fetlife and on my phone and via email,  before long you had the happiest 50 year old on the planet.

Don’t worry,  you are going to get pictures as my birthday gift to you,  but you are going to have to read first before you see the pics.

The night of my birthday we had planned a guys night out with coworkers,  friends and of course my brother. I could sense he was up to something but I didn’t know what,  I’m of course thinking he rented a stripper. Anyway,  I was in mid conversation during the party when I stopped in mid sentence,  later on my brother told me that he wished he had taken a picture of my face at that moment. Something had caught my attention out of the corner of my eye,  I turned and stared and stood there open mouthed. It must have taken me 30 seconds to comprehend what I was seeing. My brother had indeed laid on a surprise for me. The surprise was two friends of mine from my hometown who I have known since I was 15 years old had flown over to surprise me on my 50th birthday,  I was gobsmacked!!

So I thought my time online would be reduced due to my brother being here,  well now it will be next to zero being that two friends of mine have some over as well. Needless to say this was one of the best birthday’s ever,  I felt so much love from so many people and it convinced me,  there is a reason why I am so happy with myself.

So now on to some pics. While practically all of these have been posted to Fetlife,  none of them have been posted to this blog before. If you follow this link you will find every picture on this site where I am personally spanking someone.


How else am I going to start with the pics for you today other than with a couple of that darling of a girl,  Ellee Evergood. If you want quick access to all stories and pics featuring ellee I have created my own page for her which you can access here.. ELLEE EVERGOOD

This first pic was taken at the Party. It was one of my most memorable events of the party because of the circumstances. Being that I was so busy I had very little down time and did a lot of running around. On the Saturday night when I went to the main floor I found ellee milling about around my room. When I asked her what she was up to she replied with the words that makes me feel such a special person,  her response was “I’m waiting for you to spank me”

So spank ellee I did. Pretty much up until now ellee and I do roleplays,  and while I did spank her for her bad “Report card” being that I had to sign it for her,  this spanking was nothing more than a fun,  spank until you are happy session. This pic is the result of a hand,  spoon,  cane and two straps. As ellee would say “So much happy”


The next pic will appear in the long awaited story from Las Vegas when I finish it. I still have to finish my story with Alex Reynolds,  but once I am done I will crack on with the ellee story. So if you think that I hog ellee at spanking parties know that it is true,  I love playing with her as much as she loves playing with me,  deal with it,  our happiness is as important as anyone’s 🙂


The next story that I write will be about Alex Reynolds and our scene in Vegas. I’m so far behind though because I also want to write about this scene that we did along with ellee. It was a 3 way schoolgirl scene and it was really hot,  though I am trying to save the pics for when I post the story. Here is one of them though.


There was one girl who I let down by not following up on what I promised. There are no excuses and I WILL make it up to her the next time that I see her. Here is the delightfully sweet Prux and I sharing a tender moment.


During my Brit party I was a caning machine. I have no idea how many people I caned that day but it was a dozen at the bare minimum. Here are two of me caning badsherri. The first one is full action and the second one is the results of the caning.

Sherri and Richard2 (3)Sherri's Cane Marksa

And finally,  I desperately need to get in touch with the guys from Megaspankings to give them some promotion. They are both good friends of mine and I have sadly lacked in getting back to them. Calicutie even phones me and left a message where she sang happy birthday. I will be in touch just as soon as my brother has gone home. Here I am spanking one of their models,  Sky Summers.


Thanks to everyone for their kind thoughts,  messages and those who sent me a gift,  I love you all so very much.

2 thoughts on “Windsor 5-0

  1. That is so cool your friends showed up, amazing, so happy for you. Well done, enjoy your brother those moments are just too important.

    Love all the pictures, Elle because the special nature of the spanking and the last one is adorable, Sky is amazing in those panties.

    Happy Birthday, so enjoy.


  2. What a wonderful birthday surprise! I’m glad you had a great and memorable one with many more fun times to come, I’m sure.

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