Someone’s Getting A Spanking

Poor little elleebutt,  she always seems to find herself getting a spanking. Of course the fact that she loves to get spanked probably has something to do with it. There will be future pictures from this set down the road,  as well as the schoolgirl scene that I did with ellee back in February. In this pic I am leading ellee away for a nice firm spanking with the hairbrush,  her own hairbrush as it so happens. In three weeks time I hope that ellee and I get to play in Vegas,  especially as I am ordering her a little something this week that I know she will love 🙂

Click this link for ELLEE’S SPANKING PAGE on this website. Lots of pics of this adorable girl.


3 thoughts on “Someone’s Getting A Spanking

  1. Rich

    That is an amazing picture, just love it and I am sure you did her bottom justice with her own brush.

    She is adorable.

  2. It was me! I got a spanking! I really like this picture a lot. I also enjoyed the spanking that followed, but I’m a sucker for hairbrushes 😉

  3. Ellee,

    So am I, whether I am spanking or being spanked, I just can’t resist unless of course my bottom says no thank you.

    Amazing picture, thanks

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