Quality Time With Alex And ellee

The one thing that is currently going on with me right now is that I am happy,  and because of that I hope that people are happy for me. Since Vegas the smile has yet to leave my face and trip was such a cathartic experience for me. It also dawned on me that when I refer to ellee I always do so with the first letter as a lower case,  she is the only person that I do that with which makes her very unique.

When we left off I was having dinner with YoggSothoth,  Beth,  ellee and Alex. Once dinner was done the 5 of us split up into two groups with me accompanying ellee and Alex. The plan was to go to the main suite but we had to stop off in my room first. I forget the exact reason but I will say this,  there was something in me that wanted to get ellee there as I felt that she needed a spanking.

When we had walked through the casino to go to dinner ellee had showed some concern about my health and shared those concerns with me. Now I appreciated that she would take the time to share her thoughts but as we approached the elevator to take us to dinner we paused for a moment. Reaching behind her I swatted her butt and told her that while it pleases me that she is concerned over my health,  the time now had come to stop and that as an adult I was able to make an informed decision.

During dinner there were a few more mentions of it,  nothing really overt but something that I was keeping an eye on.

So now we had arrived at my room and after producing my canes I gave ellee 3 strokes with one of them. Now I was all prepared to go to the main suite with the girls right there and then,  but once more ellee voiced her health concerns to me so that was it,  a spanking was needed and it was going to happen right there and then.


The lecture was short and sweet and I turned the young lass over my knee. Pulling up her sexy black dress I began what was to be a very long hand spanking. You could say that it was delivered to her panties but as you can plainly see,  the cut of them meant that this was a bare bottom spanking. There wasn’t much playing to this one and I didn’t lecture too much,  I just gave the girl a really good hand spanking that turned her bottom rosy red. I did however remind her that I really appreciated that she was concerned enough over my well being and that I understood it meant that she cared for me,  but enough was enough.


There are times where that approach is needed. You can discuss matters at length but there comes a time where a warning is warranted,  and when that warning isn’t heeded a good old fashioned spanking generally does the trick. Now I enjoyed this very much. It isn’t often that I deliver sound hand spankings but this was one of those times. What I didn’t know though was that ellee had also done something else,  and I wasn’t to know what that was until we were about to leave the room.


Now after I had spanked ellee I felt pretty content,  at least I had hoped that a lesson was learned,  but then the most awful thing happened as I prepared to escort the girls to the suite. Alex looked at me and somewhat hesitantly said “Can you give me a spanking as well”?

Man I felt terrible!! I was so focused on giving ellee what she had earned that I totally neglected Alex. I really did feel awful that she had to ask me to spank her.

So I had little to go on and I had to think on my feet quickly,  so turning Alex over my knee I decided that what I could do is give her a warning as to what was going to happen to her the following morning. A short brisk spanking over her skirt elicited practically zero reaction so it was moments before that skirt came up. What I love about Alex is that you get these really genuine reactions from her,  and the moment that I started to spank her over her grey cotton bikini panties the reactions were very clear and concise. Alex had asked for the spanking and she wasn’t going to get shortchanged one iota. Just as I had done with ellee,  I spanked Alex long and hard with my hand until the coloring of her bottom matched what I was striving for.


For this spanking there was little interaction between us. I had a really big event planned for her for Sunday and I didn’t want to ruin any of that. When I do something big I put in an awful lot of effort to make things just as I think they should be. In fact Alex has subsequently requested that herself,  ellee and I do a scene at another party. She only had the original concept so I emailed her with my thoughts of two American girls attending boarding school in England. Alex loved the idea and sent me her feelings as to what that would mean to her. I’m going all out for this event,  including,  assuming that I can find one,  a headmaster cape and a mortar board. Already I have visions of Alex and ellee each bent over a table facing each other,  holding hands as each of them get 12 of the best,  it stirs a really hot scene in my mind and I plan on being strict.


So now I have on my hands two well spanked naughty little girls and I am ready to go to the next event. As the girls stood there I gathered my things and I was buggered that I couldn’t remember where I had put my cigarettes. Kind of ironic really as that is why I had spanked ellee in the first place. Now having been spanked for it already,  I have to admit that I was surprised to find out that ellee hid them. Being that she had already been spanked,  had she told me right away as I started to look then she would have just got a warning. ellee didn’t do that though,  she watched with a grin on her face as I searched for them before finally admitting that she had hid them.

Okay,  so the next part was hysterical no matter how toppy I was feeling. ellee dove under the table to hide. All I could see was her booty sticking up and her bunny slippers,  it was really awesome to see this. It was so good that I felt like grabbing her by the ear and marching her to the bed. Instead she came out on her own and I opened the drawer and pulled my school paddle out.


“I can’t believe that after spanking you regarding my smoking habit that you would hide my cigarettes” I said

ellee protested,  and in fairness she did have a small point. She hadn’t hidden them after I had spanked her,  she hid them the first moment that she got when we got to my room. In fact I had a feeling that she didn’t think this was fair,  so much so that I flat out asked her as she bent over  “Do you think this is unfair,  ellee”?

Had she said yes then I would have stopped doing what I was going to do. It was the only time that I questioned myself the entire weekend. The question in my mind was that I hadn’t spanked her yet prior to her hiding them so there were no guidelines set. However,  hiding things from a top is NEVER a good idea and it is something that a lot of girls should think about,  because it never ends well. ellee has hesitantly said that it wasn’t unfair,  but not convincingly,  so it was up to me. For me to give her 3 swats with my paddle I had to decide whether it was fair even though I felt that ellee didn’t think it was fair.

ellee had stood there and let me search for my cigarettes knowing full well that she had hidden them. That to me is enough of a reason to spank her.

On the first swat of the paddle I was mightily impressed. On her right cheek almost immediately a beautiful welt formed,  though it also sucked because we had another party to attend and I didn’t want to leave her black and blue,  so the final two were not anywhere near as hard as the first one was. That was it,  just 3 swats,  but I felt good about myself.

Grabbing my canes we all headed out of the door to go to the suite. Little did I know that my concern for marking ellee disappeared after 10 minutes and I would proceed to give her a mark that remains to this day.

Up next…….. Saturday Night’s Alright For Spanking

Spankings for Missy,  Lostkitten and Sara Fields. ellee and Missy get caned in the suite party,  and then I give them both 12 of the best to end the night at around 5am on Sunday.


4 thoughts on “Quality Time With Alex And ellee

  1. “I’m going all out for this event, including, assuming that I can find one, a headmaster cape and a mortar board. Already I have visions of Alex and ellee each bent over a table facing each other, holding hands as each of them get 12 of the best, it stirs a really hot scene in my mind and I plan on being strict.”

    Hot. Super awesome hot.

    Don’t feel bad about not instantly volunteering to spank me! I think that my insecurity can sometimes come off as a lack of interest in playing, and I think it’s probably good for me to remember to speak up once in a while. Because I like you, and I like playing with you, I’d hope that we’ll eventually get to the point where you feel comfortable just grabbing me for a spanking the way that you do with ellee, but I also know that we’re new to each other. I sometimes feel like I know you pretty well because of our interactions over Fetlife, but in person, it can take time to get that chemistry and comfort. So, I understand. 🙂

  2. Two wonderful spankings of two lovely ladies…I just love the panties on both, amazing.

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