F/M Friday 38

In a few hours time I am going to be getting my first vaccination. Being that I will be filming a lot in September then that is going to be something that I really need. To be honest with you I have only delayed getting it until now because I don’t really go anywhere at the moment.

If all goes well I am planning a MONA FREEMAN spanking update for Sunday. There are new images that I have from Dear Brat and Dear Ruth, some of which are updated images to the ones that I have already posted in the link above. So it will be a 9 image post on Sunday with 4 new pictures and 2 images that were already posted, but which I now have different copies of. Only 3 of the 6 new images are spanking ones, the other 3 just have a spanking type theme to them. In the link above you will see three sequential photos, well I can now make that five sequential images which will include a new spanking image.

To be honest with you, I could do better than I am going to do. The brand new spanking image I found in an archive, but in order to access the archive then I need to pay $7.95 . What I did instead though is I found a cheat that allowed me to get a much lower quality version of the image. In my vanilla projects I need to pay for a big subscription of about $70 – $75 and there are two different subscriptions to choose from. The Mona Freeman image would be included in one of those subscriptions, but unfortunately it is probably more beneficial to me to get the other subscription.

So for now I will go with the lower quality image and perhaps a year or so for now I can pay for the high quality version. All of the Mona Freeman images that I posted in my 2015 post were subsequently copied and posted on another spanking blog, so I will be fucked if I am going to pay another $7.95 for someone to benefit from the fruits of my labor and financial output, lol πŸ™‚ Those days are long gone and are never coming back πŸ˜‰

I might end up changing my mind, but I have a feeling that I will find more new stuff with one of the subscriptions. I have previously subscribed to both sites, but the one with the Mona Freeman image I last subscribed to in 2018. The one without the image I subscribed to the last time in 2013, so it just makes sense to go with the site that has 8 years of new material to wade though. Remember, this is for my vanilla project, though of course I will find as much spanking material as I can as well.

So here are the two F/M COLLECTION spanking pics for this week, one with a paddle and one with a belt, though I suspect that some of you could probably benefit from both of them being applied right now.