Ellee – Getting Her Panties Warmed

Recently I attended a private party with a bunch of friends where there were spankings galore. With all the activity going on we almost forgot to take pics,  so I asked ellee if she would like a spanking and asked her husband,  YoggSothoth,  if he would mind taking some pics. Earlier this week I posted THIS PIC of ellee being led off for her spanking,  and later in the week I will show you the hairbrush being applied to her cute bottom.

In just 12 days I am going to be in Vegas for the Shadowlane party and when I posted this pic to Fetlife last night I vaguely suggested to ellee that as this picture was worth a thousand words,  perhaps I should give her 1,000 spanks. ellee of course sassed “Oh no,  not a thousand spanks”……. Well,  now I am determined. It will just be a hand spanking,  but I fully intend on making ellee the inaugural member of the 1,000 spank club.  That will be in one sitting,  ten swats to one cheek,  then ten to the next until we reach one thousand.

Anyway,  I love this picture so much. It is taken from my favorite angle for a spanking pic and her husband captured it perfectly. I love the room,  the chair,  the hand in motion,  ellee’s white nylon panties that I bought for her and of course ellee herself. At some point we are going to post a video to Fetlife,  once we go through the frames to ensure that her face doesn’t show. The video features ellee,  Alex Reynolds and myself,  both an OTK hand spanking and 12 each with the cane,  though Alex got 14 🙂


5 thoughts on “Ellee – Getting Her Panties Warmed

  1. That is one amazing and terrific picture, sir and a wonderful white nylon panty spanking…who could ask for more, thank you so much for sharing this one, classic

  2. Ron,

    ellee is one of a kind 🙂 There are other pics from the set and I may share one or two more over time.

  3. I love this picture…the warmth of the lights, the patterns on her stockings, the blurred arm in motion, your glasses, her reddening cheeks. It’s the kinda pic that stays etched in the mind. Well done. No pun intended. 🙂

  4. I agree with you about the spanking angle …..it is THE BEST !
    If the spanking video vendors would figure that out, they would sell a lot more of their movies. Keep saying it and keep the good work.
    The other one I like I’d the view where you spanked Leia Woods on Punished Brats…from above facing the spanked….she was wearing jeans and purple panties. That angle is great also.

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