Amber Pixie Wells

One of the longest friends that I have in the spanking world,  even to this day we still speak to each in one form or another every day. Pixie was the very first person that I met when I joined the online community and the pair of us have appeared together on film many times,  either for a company or just for fun. Here are the links where you can find Richard Windsor and Pixie together.

Pixie’s Fantasies

This is the trailer to the video for Punished Brats that Pixie and I did entitled “Magical Mishap”. Read More…

Meeting Amber Pixie Wells

The real life account of when Pixie and I first met all those years ago. This was the first time that I ever met anyone from the online community and it turned into a decade long friendship. Here you will read about the little horror of a brat known as Pixie. Read More…


Scenes From A Film Shoot

Pixie invited me down to film with Punished Brats,  here is an account of my first time on a film set. Read More…

New Years Eve Party

Pixie and I head down to the Strictly Spanking New York House for a new years eve party. Guess which little tyke earned herself a bedtime spanking? Read More…

Pixie’s Birthday Spanking

Here is the video of Pixie’s birthday spanking as delivered by Mike Tanner and myself. Read More…

A Spanking Party

Pixie and I head down to the Strictly Spanking house for a party. Of course Pixie spends the day bratting me and ends up getting a well deserved spanking. Oh,  and surprisingly she had on white nylon panties,  like she didn’t know a spanking was coming 😉 The are three pictures in this post. Read More…


Pixie’s Conscience

Here are some exclusive Punished Brats pics not featured on their site. Pixie provided me with these as the scene only made their clips4sale site. It is a shame that the finished product didn’t blend in its entirety,  but this one scene was very hot. Read More…


Bubblegum Brat

More pics of Pixie and I from a Punished Brats shoot. In this episode I am Pixie’s teacher and she is taught the error of her ways with a good strapping. Read More…


Santa And Three Naughty Girls

And you just know that Pixie has to be one of them,  right? Here I dress up as Santa Claus and deliver over the knee spankings to Pixie,  Juliet Valentina and Violetta. Read More…


Magical Mishap

You might recognize the characters in these pics from the movie Pixie and I shot. Pixie’s magic backfires and she gets quite the strapping from “Harrid” 🙂 Read More…


More Mishaps

More pics from the scene listed above. Read More…



4 comments to Amber Pixie Wells

  • Jimmy

    I know you’ve done a lot of work with Pixie. She was so good at responding to her emails within 48 hours. I sent her a message about my all time favorite scene with her playing a young school girl and David P as her father.
    In the whole scene, not a word was spoken. It is called, “anticipation” where the tension keeps building up as the seconds tick by with her a nervous about her upcoming fate. After a couple long minutes, the camera points to the door knob at it slowly turns.
    The camera next cuts to the scene of her over his knee. I can’t recall if he spanked her panties at all before pulling them down to finish out her punishment.
    Not a commentary at all as to what she did. Before long, the spanking is over and David leaves the room and leaves Pixie rubbing her bottom and being comforted by her stuffed animals. It is a MARVELOUS scene!
    Anyhow, she never answered back. I thought she is either semi retired like Rosalene Young was a while back but came bouncing right back not too long later. BTW, have you worked with Rosalene at all?
    UJ, as I am known to Pixie. Like I said, it had been a few years since I was in communication with her so things may have changed for her.

  • Noel Airman

    Pixie was my favorite spanking personality, generous of spirit, funny and honest. When she was a public figure I often exchanged emails with Miss Wells and was delighted with her frank and informative responses. I really miss her presence on the scene.

  • John

    I was searching for a similar story, i read back in 2004.Great story and pictures, though!

  • Richard Windsor


    Was it one of my stories? If so then I might be able to help you locate it. Which particular story was you referring to here?

    Richard Windsor

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