F/M Friday 56

Here is something a little different this week, a play that features an F/F spanking but in this production the spanking is F/M. The play in question is WE DUDE IT and I already have a dozen pics from that play posted in the link, plus I have a dozen more that I have yet to post.

As mentioned in the image the claim is that it is a leap year, but I guess that my knowledge of leap year folklore is somewhat lacking as I have no idea what that is supposed to mean. Guess I will have to do some research this morning.

So the implication is that because it is a leap year, one of the male actors gets spanked. Or it could just be that the role of the person being spanked was played by a male that year instead of a female, something that we are unlikely to ever know.

So for you lovers of the F/M COLLECTION here is this week’s offering for you.

2 thoughts on “F/M Friday 56

  1. An interesting find.

    I can explain the “leap year” business, Richard. I first encountered it in a Silver Age comic – I forget now whether it was Hawkman or Green Lantern – and it refers to the custom of women being allowed to propose marriage to a man only on Leap Day (Feb. 29). (I remember there was a girl named Mavis who was always after Hawkman even though he was married to Hawkgirl). How this custom came into being is not known, but one story traces it back to good St. Patrick himself giving his assent to the idea.

    This Leap Year custom, then, is based upon male/female role reversal, and by extension results in a F/M spanking – an interesting admission (or assumption, for those afraid to acknowledge psychological differences between the sexes) of the normality of the M/F orientation.

    And please – no hate mail from any snowflakes out there. I am personally sympathetic to what I view as the plight of men who want to be the “M” in F/M because they’re in for an even tougher time in life then we of the M/F orientation, and I even post a small amount of F/M material on CSR for their benefit, but I can’t change reality for them. Whoever wrote “We know it’s Leap Year, Mary…” on what appears to be a yearbook page was correct in viewing the scene as staged a reversal of normal (not merely customary) roles.

  2. web-ed,

    Thank you for taking the time to offer us your opinion. Obviously I am aware of leap year itself but I had no idea that there were traditions behind it. The image is probably unique in that I doubt very much if I would run across any others, however, perhaps there are some amongst general snapshots as opposed to plays. A while back I wrote that I often find F/M pics whenever I was searching for the pics that I personally enjoy, and after many years of collecting I thought to myself, why not grab these as well, I am sure that many people would appreciate them. As it turns out, the folder where I host them all is the most viewed folder on this website by a country mile. Perhaps not because of the genre, but quite simply because there is no other place to look for these rare vintage finds.

    It is a bit like Fox (can’t in good conscience call it news) getting the most viewers. There is no mainstream competition for that style of angertainment so they have a monopoly on it.

    In regards to the hate mail, I am long past ignoring it. If you enjoy the pics then enjoy them, but if not then feel free to skip them. All too often someone will leave a comment with a disclaimer attached as to how they don’t like the genre per se, but they appreciated the pic. One day we will arrive at the point where we don’t concern ourselves with how other people view us. That was the only benefit that I learned when I was betrayed once, I really don’t give a fuck what anyone thinks of me, lol 🙂


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