And One For Luck

So did you enjoy the 60 birthday spanking pics in honor of my 60th birthday? My hope is that you did. So now we move on to the next phase of my unloading of spanking pics.

As you are no doubt aware, I just paid $35 to access a library archive to see what I could dig up for you guys. Was it worth it? I’m going to have to be honest, the answer is no. Now that doesn’t mean that I didn’t dig up some awesome pics because I really did, but the number that I found was piss poor.

Now I have found some pics from British plays that I have never seen before, which also likely means that the spanking community has not seen them before either. There is roughly ten of them, plus a wealth of additional spanking pics not related to plays. All told there are going to be around 50 pieces, but I still think that is a low number.

It isn’t much return for the investment, however, with that said, when I look back over the years I have paid far more than that for individual pieces for my personal collection that I was kind enough to share with the spanking world.

For example, the Jenny Maxwell smiling pic as she is getting SPANKED BY ELVIS PRESLEY, that is from my personal collection. Back in 2011 I paid $15 for that image alone. More recently the missing NATALIE WOOD SPANKING PIC, that was another purchase that I made that I was happy to donate to my site for you all to enjoy. There are countless other spanking pics that I have purchased over the years for my personal collection and shared them with you all. So when you think about it, $35 for 50 or so pieces, at the end of the day it isn’t such a bad deal compared to how much I have paid in the past for individual pieces, lol.

So for now, here is the one for luck to go along with the 60 birthday spanking pics, and I will see you all tomorrow. This image is obviously from one of the ‘Spanked Wives’ clubs that popped up in the late 30s/early 40s.

6 thoughts on “And One For Luck

  1. web-ed,

    While they were sparse, I did find a couple of old spanking drawings from British papers from a long time ago, I am sure that you will enjoy those as well.


  2. Your one-for-luck is perhaps the best! What a wonderful group of true treasures you have been so kind to share. Thanks you, thank you, thank you! And more! I really love this illustration. Keep doing what you do!

  3. Yes thank you so much for all the birthday pics you shared it did seem to go too fast,but something fun always goes too fast while something you don’t enjoy like a doctor’s appointment or the last class of the day just seems to take forever.have a great day and thanks again for all you shared .

  4. fatherjim,

    I’m not really known for sharing illustrations, I generally leave that for the premier source on the subject, The Chicago Spanking Review. However, on occasion I will find a unique one whenever I am scrolling through old newspapers. The thing with newspapers is that the images can appear out of nowhere, attached to the most unlikely spanking story. In my recent British search I found only two illustrations, but one of them is a cracker!!


  5. Jim,

    Not to worry, there are still plenty more to come, I will have some great images coming up this summer. Of course the viewing audience in part should give you some thanks as well, because your motivating comments are one of the reasons that I keep posting. Without your feedback there has been many a day where I just couldn’t be bothered posting, but reading your comments inspires me to keep posting. So a big thank you to you for your generous support, I really appreciate it.


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