Windsor Wednesday Classic – 268

This week I have been scrolling through books looking for some rare spanking finds. So far I have found around a dozen new ones, and these are spanking pics that perhaps haven’t been seen yet. The reason that I say that is because I am doing it the old fashioned way, I’m not using any search engine, for these pics I am using graft by going through entire books. Most all of the images are found on ‘snapshot’ pages that have no description.

Now the Wednesday Classic this week might be an image that can be found, that is simply because it has the name “Monkey’s Uncle” in the title, but I don’t think the book is on any of the regular sites that people like me search on. I found this on a library site that has books to view for free.

Now this image isn’t really a classic by any means, I mean the OTK position looks to be pretty bad form, lol, maybe the director needs spanking πŸ™‚ I will add this image to my VARIOUS STAGE PLAYS folder under the “Monkey’s Uncle” heading.

4 thoughts on “Windsor Wednesday Classic – 268

  1. Yes not a very good photo,but it is otk and I do have to admit a woman spanked in jeans is exciting in itself.I do have to admire the spanking hand though as that drew my attention when I first clicked to the site today.thanks for sharing and enjoy your day.

  2. Jim,

    A lot of times images like these sit in my folders unposted for years, lol, but as I found this one this week I figured I would get it up straight away. It is always nice to find a new entry into the spanking community.


  3. That girl appears to be really enjoying the experience. The look
    on her face is one of pure bliss. Maybe it was the start of a
    lifetime of fun as a Spanko?

  4. Dale,

    If she did become a spanko let’s hope that she learned the proper OTK position. This one just looks awkward. However, you are correct, she certainly seems to be enjoying herself.


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