School Dinners

I was trying to come up with something for St. George’s Day today, but I don’t have any spanking pics that depict either the English flag nor the St. George flag. Of course there are a lot of English themed F/M pics out there, but they don’t belong to me and anyone who is into that genre has probably seen them anyway.

So what I did this morning was to go looking for an image from the 1980’s school themed restaurant in London called “School Dinners”.

Unfortunately I couldn’t find any that featured spanking, but I did find this video clip of the restaurant with German narration. Now you won’t see too much here, a bunch of women dressed as schoolgirls, some upskirt shots and the you see one guy get a double caning from the front, probably about 50 strokes from the two canes being delivered very quickly.

It isn’t much to see, but it is of historical importance so I hope that a few of you enjoy it.

2 thoughts on “School Dinners

  1. Oh wow I was thinking about this place. I tried to go a few times while on business but could not make it work. I would have loved to been there.

  2. Ron,

    I was hoping to find something better than this video, but beggars can’t be choosers. There is very little info out there on the restaurant, but I do remember that there was once a Yahoo group that had a lot of images from there, so they do exist.

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