Brazilian Kate

Today I am searching through archives of Brazilian newspapers trying to see what I can come up with. On one site I thought for a moment that I had found a new trove to share, but unfortunately the moment that you click on a preview a pay window comes up. I simply can’t keep paying for archives, certainly not one in a foreign language where the search would be dreadfully tiresome.

Still, the search isn’t empty, there are still lots of free newspaper archives out there, even in Brazil. Here is a 2015 Brazilian Kiss Me Kate for you all to enjoy. Click on the image for the full sized version.

2 thoughts on “Brazilian Kate

  1. Always love that KMK is such an NJ international appeal.this was a great find.thanks for all you share and have a great day.

  2. Jim,

    As I have mentioned many times, I’m not really a KMK fan to be honest with you. However, if I find something that I think will be a unique addition then of course I will share it.


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