57 Years Old Today

The day has finally arrived, my 57th birthday. Where have all of the years gone? Holy smokes I am just 3 years from being 60!! Realistically it isn’t much more than just another day for me. Obviously you all know my family situation by now, and I stopped going out socially years ago so there won’t be any celebration there either. In fact I even removed my date of birth from all of my social media platforms, my website is the only place that I posted it.

It was something that gave me a good reason to do what I do best, and that is to use the time to share some photos with you all. If you are spanking someone today, then by all means feel free to give them 57 spanks in my honor, that would make me happy. Aside from that, enjoy the new BIRTHDAY SPANKING photo for today, rest assured it is a genuine birthday spanking.

Be sure to come back tomorrow for an awesome MEN ARE LIKE STREETCARS photo. It is one of seven recent Streetcars finds and I believe that all of them are new to the spanking community. In fact a funny story, I had been searching books for a stupid amount of hours and I finally got to the final collection for one grouping. The actual total of books had to be over 1000 that I searched. Anyway, on the final set I found the seventh Streetcars pic which delighted me, because up until that point I hadn’t seen one for hundreds of books. Even better that it is a rehearsal spanking in front of three others guys, the photo quite tickled me.

Anyway, comments are off. I’m not seeking an emotional support network here. I just want to give you all a great picture.