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One item that is not utilized as prominently on this site, and probably other spanking sites as well, is the tag feature. Most of this I think stems from readers not knowing what the tags actually do. Throughout my site I pretty much tag every post that I write, and the reason that I do so is to make it easy for readers to find their favorite topic. They basically act like a filter so that you can easily find what it is that you are really looking for. On the right side of my blog I display my tags for the convenience of my readers, and all you need to do is find the tag that best suits what you are looking for, move your cursor over it and voila, just click it and everything that you want is under that tag.

I try to keep it simple by not using too many tags as a whole, but I try to package them into simple areas. For example, for implements, perhaps the HAIRBRUSH is an important feature for you. Maybe you have a favorite model such as PIXIE for example, or perhaps you are like me and crave to see girls in NYLON PANTIES getting spanked?

You see how easy it is? Listed below are the most used tags on my site, just hover your mouse over your favorite one and click the button. In fact you may well have several favorites. Tell me in the comment section which tags you clicked!!

act your ageAmber Greyaudrey knightBare bottombirthday spankingBratsCaneChristmascomicsDana SpechtElleeerica corvinaf/ff/mhairbrushHot MoviesInterviewjeanskiss me katem/fmainstreamMen are like streetcarsmunchkinnewspaper clippingsNylon PantiesotkPaddlepajamasPantiesphotosPics of Richard WindsorPixieReal storiessarah gregoryschoolgirlShadowlaneSororityspanking partiesStage spanking – stories – Strap – videosvintage – Wednesday Classic

How many tags can you find for this photo?


5 thoughts on “Spanking Tags

  1. Well you know I think the world of you and the beautiful Amber was just so spankable and her bottom was made for a nice panty. Plus she was fun. Great and I mean great photo. Thanks

  2. OK forgot. Nylon panties, hairbrush, Pixie, Ellee, panties, f/f, f/m, you of course and Sarah Gregory.

    Nice post.

  3. Good choices, Ron!! I do need to tidy them up a little bit but they are pretty much on the mark. Pixie, Ellie, Nylon Panties and a Hairbrush, now we’re talking 🙂

    BTW, I have a short video that you might be interested in, can you drop me an email at ?

  4. I enjoy your post,but I find i do not use tags as I should i mainly use only use the pictures you have at the bottom of the article and go to those. I had trouble in the past On another device that some of the older posts had a virus in them and my system was always crashing while I do every so often use the tags that are my preference otk,comics,stories,stage spanking and a few of the other tags that I will use.I always enjoy your posts with Pixie and hope she is doing well.Thank you for all you share and I hope your vanilla projects continue to grow. Have a great day.

  5. Jim,

    That’s an interesting point about the related post images at the bottom of each post, I had forgotten about them. They are automatically generated each time that I post so I don’t even notice them myself. What you said about viruses on older posts is understandable as well. I’ve got over a thousand posts on this site so obviously I can’t check them all in a reasonable form, so what you say makes sense.


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