Found An Old Spanking Story

This week I was delving into the oldest external drive that I have and lo and behold I found a completed spanking story that I don’t remember posting anywhere. I wrote the story, or at least going by the date of the file, in 2011. By that time I already had this blog for five years so I have no idea why I wrote it, lol, and indeed why I have no recollection of posting it. Here are some theories that I have as to why I never posted it.

It might have been possible that I wrote the story for a specific website, and that during the drafting process that website ceased to be. Quite feasible because a lot of forums and blogs were starting to disappear at that time. It could also have been that I was going to submit it to another website and that they had pissed me off so I ended up not submitting it. There was one such case that I remember, but I have no idea what year that was. Basically they asked me to support them with a donation and after I had done so I felt that they were a bit disrespectful to me.

The above paragraph wouldn’t explain why I wouldn’t just post the story on this site though. Maybe, just maybe, there was a website where I wrote stories for many years. Maybe I posted it there and then shortly afterwards the website was gone. That still wouldn’t make sense as to why I didn’t post it here either.

Here is what I think. My spanking story is heavily influenced by another spanking story that I very much enjoyed many years ago. In fact the initial concept of the story’s opening has the same premise as the other story. The writing is mine, it looks nothing like the other spanking story, but the overall idea is very much a borrowed one. What can I say, I enjoyed the premise of the story so much that I decided to write my own version of it. If you were to put the two stories side by side (unlikely because the other story no longer exists on the Internet, lol) then you would have to work very hard to find the similarities, however, you could probably see the same structure behind the premise of the story. To me that seems to be the most likely scenario as to why I didn’t post it. Unusual perhaps, because I am very much a straight forward guy and I would have had no problem stating that my story was heavily influenced by ‘X’ story (Insert link here).

The only other explanation that I can think of is that perhaps I wrote the story earlier than the date on the file. It could be that I wrote it two years earlier in 2009, which is the year that my younger brother died. It is certainly feasible that I wrote the story, my brother died, I dealt with that and completely forgot about the story. Here’s the biggest deal of all here, I don’t even remember writing it 🙂 When I found it I was like, where did this come from. I have no recollection of writing it whatsoever. The story is definitely mine, there’s no question about that. It covers everything that I love about spanking stories, namely a coming of age birthday spanking leading to regular spankings. By coming of age I mean the realization that an adult suddenly discovers that they enjoy spanking. Perhaps I wrote it and never intended to post it. That would be unusual of me, but I guess it is possible.

The bottom line is a new spanking story is coming your way, maybe sometime next week. At the moment the story stands at 4,300 words, but I am a much better writer now than I was before so it will definitely get a makeover in the next few days. I expect the final product to be around 6,000 words when I am done, so a nice sized story.

Now then, the final thing on spanking stories for today. There is this spanking story website that I am sure that many of you are aware of, THE SPANKING LIBRARY. Well today I signed up as a subscriber for the next two years at $15 a year. I realize that I have read thousands of stories over the years on that website and I have even submitted a few of my own, and I think that it is quite a valid reason to in essence offer up a donation. The stories are free to read anyway with some restrictions, but as a website owner myself I realize that there are bandwidth concerns with a free site. So this goes back to paying for your porn!! What I am trying to do is offer some token support to a website that has provided me with many hours of entertainment for many years. And perhaps that will inspire some of you guys to put your hands in your pockets to support that site as well, or in general any producer of spanking material out there. Nobody is in this to make any serious money, so if you want people to keep producing spanking material for you then sometimes you need to offer them some support.

If The Spanking Library is new to you and some of you sign up as free members because of this post, just be aware that I have very little material of my own on the website. The reason for that is simple, I don’t want people to read my stories on somebody else’s website, I want them to read them on my website. I have a few well placed advertisements on my website that I earn money from, which in turn goes towards paying for my website renewal every year. It is also probably a bit snooty of me to say this, but the six stories that I have had on that website for ten years or more have less than 2,000 views combined, whereas my stories on my own website generate over a 100,000 views combined each and every year. A good portion of my audience come here solely for my stories, and I am sure in many instances these same people return to read their favorite ones over and over again. It’s simple mathematics really 🙂 The other thing is what happens in the future. I’ve always considered publishing my material and if there comes a time where this website ceases to be, I will of course publish what is right now viewable for free. But even if I do write some stories as I have planned to solely to sell on Amazon, everything that is currently on my website for free will remain so. As long as the website is here then the stories will remain free of charge.

One final note on the library, you are not able to download the stories from their website. Just yesterday however I learned a new trick as to how that could be achieved by using the Internet 🙂 It is a relatively minor drawback and of course I understand why the restriction is in place, but at the same time I was just so happy to learn a new trick where I could save my favorite stories as word documents.

I’ve always had a major problem with the visible “User activity” list on the website where people can follow your every move, but other than that the Spanking Library website is a valuable source for free spanking stories. Dare I say that it is the biggest spanking website on the Internet for free spanking stories? The ‘User activity’ list bothers me for a couple of reasons. Firstly it is of course the old “Big Brother is watching you” privacy issue, but secondly I can’t even remember how many times I will get a pop up saying something like “I see that you are reading my story”. Generally that forces me off of the site and has me cursing under my breath “Fuck off. Leave me the fuck alone already”. I loathe that live tracking feature.

Other than that though, if you are not aware of the spanking story website then head on over there and sign up, they have an insane collection of spanking stories, over 30,000 items in total. Not all of the 30K are stories, but I would imagine that at a minimum there are likely over 25,000 stories on the site. That’s a titload of bandwidth right there that someone has to pay for, hence another reason for making what is effectively a donation to help with their annual costs.

Okay, time to stop running me trap, you guys aren’t here to listen to me waffle on and on inanely, are you? At the very least you need a spanking picture to go with those waffles 🙂 My offering today is one of those great little “Caption me” opportunities. What do you think is being said? I’m going to go with “Here, for Pete’s sake, let me move these books out of the way and put me over your knee if you want to spank me”


4 thoughts on “Found An Old Spanking Story

  1. Hi, I wonder if that is the plank that Eric Sykes and Tommy Cooper lost, it’s about the right size.
    For our American friends, to waffle means to blather!
    Hope this helps.

  2. Colin,

    When I was growing up I loved “The Plank”, I don’t think that I have watched it in decades. I wonder if I would still find it funny now? In fact I would probably get as much fun naming all of the stars doing cameos that the film itself. What a great memory.


  3. Hi. its available on utube. Bonus points if you spot Joanna Lumley.
    I saw a programme this week about Peter Sellers. They showed us how and why he was so brilliant as Inspector Clouseau in A Shot In The Dark. Now I have to see that again as well.
    Ho hum

  4. Colin,

    Quite often I go to Youtube to watch old British TV plays. In fact a few weeks ago when I heard that BBC4 was reshowing “Cathy Come Home” I made sure to watch it myself on Youtube that night. I even started watching old episodes of “Whodunnit?” on Youtube recently as well. You remember that show with Jon Pertwee? Awesome stuff.


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