Site Building And Pictures

So I have spent most of my free time today building the new site and it is at a stage where I can actually publish it. I still have lots of work to do on it such as adding links and configuring the format, but you can at least see it now. This new site will replace the other Spanking Galleries site I had as it will allow me more flexibility. Click the link below to see the new site.


All of my other sites have been updated as well and here is what you can currently see on them.

On PANTY SPANKINGS I currently have up one of my favorite sets and in fact one of my favorite movies, though I now only have it on VHS and I haven’t seen it for years đŸ™‚

Over on SPANKING PICS we have this set just posted today.

My OLD SPANKING PICS site has currently passed this site for site views, all from the power of a good google ranking. Right now it is featuring a massive Betty Page bonanza including a lot of rare pics.

Now if that isn’t enough pictures for you, and if you don’t get enough spanking galleries above, here is another site that is chock full of spanking galleries, nearly all of which I haven’t posted on any of my sites before.

One thought on “Site Building And Pictures

  1. Another site, that is fantastic. I had a large collection of spanking magazines that sadly for reasons I don’t have anymore, so it is great to come onto your blogs and see the photographs again they bring back such happy memories and as I blogged recently I think we safely say that the age of the spanking magazine has come to a halt. So, lets save what has all ready gone and for that I thank you, Richard.

    All the best
    Jake & Nomi Kanehard

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