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Just 11 Days To The Party

This weekend I have started to plan my itinerary for the Weekend a week from Thursday. Already I can see it is going to be a busy weekend and I have lots planned. To start with, my long planned goal of making my own videos is going to get kick started at the party and I have some great girls lined up to shoot with. The first video I am going to do is an all pajama spanking video and so far I only have one scene written, though the other scenes will be pretty basic. The format for this video will be simple, all Male/Female OTK hand spanking with the usual progression of pajamas, panties and bare bottom. The other video I haven’t created the format yet, but I will have the girls in casual attire, preferably summer type dresses.

As you can no doubt imagine, I am pretty excited about this whole set up, even if the whole production will cost me about a grand. The DVD’s will be sold directly from this website and I will also upload them to Hotmovies for pay per view streaming, but the good part is, after this party I will be able to attend spanking parties in the future and have my own material to vend. Now who are the models going to be you may ask? Well the order follows in the order that I got the girls on board.

Clearly no video I make would be complete without my good mate, and the young lady who suggested I appear in videos in the first place, Miss Amber Pixie Wells.


Also confirmed is another good friend of mine, and an absolute cutie to boot, Miss Amber Grey from Texas.


Are we done yet? Oh goodness no, we are just getting started. The delightful Sarah Gregory will not only be shooting her own stuff at the party, but her and I will also trade some content for each others projects.


And the last name I can give you at the moment is one of the brattiest girls I know, man alive can this girl go. I have a hard enough time spanking her whilst trying to stifle giggles because she is so darn talkative. The one and only, Lily Anna.


Now there are some P’s and Q’s that I need to cover first with the relevant parties, namely video producers, website owners and significant others, but I feel pretty confident that everything will go smoothly. There is one other girl that I have on board, however, this one is not confirmed yet as we need to get clearance first, however, she is someone you all know and will be the only girl on this list that I have NOT spanked to date. As soon as it is safe to do so I will let you know who that person is.

Another thing that I am doing at the party is restarting The Spanking Zone interview series, only this time the interviews will be done in person and on camera. Due to time I have no idea how many of these I will get done, but I am hoping to get a few in. Only yesterday did I start to email people about this idea, and the first person I got on board was a sheer delight, the famous disciplinarian, Miss Dana Specht.


The interviews will not be the longest thing in the world, heck, we are at a spanking party after all, but I thought it would be cool to get some proper interviews done while I am there. If you have never visited Dana Specht’s Website before then now might be a good time to do so, simply click on her name in blue above to be taken directly there. Now the interviews are pretty much going to focus on each individuals products, but if any of you have a question that you would like me to ask Dana, feel free to leave your suggestion and I will ask her on camera what it is that you want to know.

Finally, as you all know, last year in November I declared that I would be unveiling Richard Windsor 2.0 in November of 2010, my original goal being to drop 50lbs in a year. Well at the Weekend I hope I can reveal Richard Windsor 1.8!! My current weight loss is 38lbs (2st 10lbs for my British friends) and I am going to work especially hard this week to drop 2 more pounds so that I can go to the party at 40lbs less than I was last year :-). I also changed the overall goal as well now, why stop at 50lbs, eh? 😉

Picture 008

A little picture archive

After a bit of a busy weekend I see that I am due an update of sorts. Well, I don’t actually have anything prepared. I did start a post about my cultural likes, but I kind of got bored with it (Probably won’t make for a great post if I got bored writing it, lol). So what I decided to do was to hit my personal picture archives and I will make it in two posts. The latter post will be pics from my personal play archive, but to start with I figured I would share some pics from the archive that I have yet to post on this blog until now.

The first two are with the lovely Erica Corvina in her schoolgirl uniform. In this scene I got to play Erica’s truant officer.

Now two much older ones featuring Juliette Valentina’s peach of a bottom 🙂

Anyone care to guess the roles Pixie and I are playing?

And finally for this set, one of my favorite scenes with Lily Anna as my secretary. Man is this girl one heck of a brat!!

A few spanking pics

It looks like our nightmare of a week at work could finally be over. The hours I have put in this week were ludicrous and I am way behind on everything. I will try my hardest to reply to all emails on Sunday. Just to keep the site active I have gathered up a bunch of unique spanking pics for you all, which of course none of you would expect anything less from me anyway, would you? 😉 I have also updated my Vintage Spanking site with some Bettie Page OTK pics and I also updated Spanking Pics and Videos.

This first one is an absolute classic. I don’t think anyone has posted it so far and I am sure it will be new to a lot of people, but as you can see, even at the turn of the century, naughty little mischievous girls got a good OTK spanking.

I will post a link to the artist of this next pic when I find it again. I do know that at least one blog has so far posted this fantastic domestic discipline OTK spanking pic.

This next one may well be from the 70’s, but you would be hard pressed to find a bum as round as that one 🙂

Ah for the good old days!! You just don’t find girls wearing polkadot panties anymore!!

Talking of the good old days, wheelchairs have come a long way since the 1970’s.

I’ll give you a penny to a dime that every single hot blooded male reading this thinks the same thing I did when I found this pic……. “Damn that girl needs a spanking” 🙂

And Little Red Riding Hood herself, Amber ‘Pixie’ Wells……………… Any guess as to who is going to be the Big Bad Wolf? 🙂