The Top Ten Of 2011

First of all, I am proud to bring to you what I believe is a brand new spanking pic that I found on eBay last night. We have all seen the original spanking pic of Fanny Brice and Hanley Stafford, but have any of you seen this version of Baby Snooks’ papa using the hairbrush on her bottom? Up until yesterday this was a brand new spanking pic to me. You’re welcome 🙂

Now the Internet is full of affiliate driven top lists and award shows, but you won’t get that with my top ten list. I’m not trying to get anyone to buy anything, my list is based on cold hard stats. Now my tags and pages get the most hits, but this list is made up solely of the top ten most popular posts that were made on this site in 2011. Using google analytics I was able to see which individual posts were viewed the most, and here I present to you the individual posts that had the most viewers in 2011. You can click on the name of each entry to go directly to that post, or click the line “Read more” at the bottom of each entry to go and see for yourself what people viewed on this site in 2011. If one of the entries was a video I will post the actual video as opposed to the link. So here you go, the most viewed posts on this site in 2011 are………

1) Media Clippings

This one surprised me really, all it is, is five media clippings taken from either Life magazine or the Weekly World News. But with almost 10,000 hits it comes in as my most viewed single page of 2011. My guess is that it was the first two clippings from Life magazine that have drawn people to this post.


2) Ella Gets Pulled Over

The first video on the list and it isn’t mine 😉 Here we see Christopher taking Ella over his knee and delivering a proper, no nonsense bare bottom spanking. If you like what you see in this video then please click the following link to visit Christopher and Ella’s video page. A really great video for sure!!

3) Naughty Freckles Meets The Holy Belt 

Coming in as the third most viewed page on this site this year IS one of my own videos. At number three is the memorable belting that I gave to my darling little niece, Naughty Freckles this year in Chicago. I will be honest, I have watched this one countless times myself 😉

4) Janus Worldwide 

A member of the Janus team has been a person who I have kept in touch with over the years. This year has seen the launch of the Janus Online website, something that was sorely needed and is something that I am very much looking forward to. My friend, RT, sent me three pics from my favorite Februs series that were never published in the magazine, so they were seen on this site as an exclusive. If you know Houndog by now, these pics HAD to include a girl getting a spanking on her white nylon panties. This series strongly evoked memories of the first spanking I ever gave.


5) Erica Scott – Late Bloomer

Another video, this time it is the promo video that Erica Scott and myself did at Shadowlane this year as a promotion for Erica’s book. In this video you get to see me spank Erica playfully in a scene that I created, and Erica gets to talk about her book as I nap 🙂 Also included in this post was my Cheeky Babysitter video and if you want to see that one then go directly to the post. Read more…..

6) Eleven For Eleven 

This was my first post of 2011, and was aptly named Eleven for Eleven. The premise for this post was simple, a potpourri of 11 various spanking pics. In my usual style I tried to mix them up and there is no theme, they are all different types of spanking pics.


7) The First Spanking 

By far my most popular real life story. This story was re-ran just last month, and despite only being on the site for 45 days it STILL made the top ten list of most viewed items on this site for 2011. It could be that it is so popular because I sprinkled in some pics from my films to enhance the spanking of my girlfriend on the seat of her panties, so even if you have read the story you might not have seen the pics 🙂


8) Six Of The Best

More spanking pics that made the list, and I can understand why this one is in the top ten. The first pic in this six pack of pics was yet another Windsor exclusive, the ORIGINAL Chase an Sanborne pic posed by two college students for ad executives to use for the real one. If for nothing else, follow the link to see that one pic.


9) Latest Ebay Finds 2

It would appear that my readers love looking at my pics, eh? In this set of eight pics you will find some very unique ones that were posted on this site for the first time. All of these pics were found on ebay and feature, amongst other pics, a dad taking his belt to either his wife or daughter in the kitchen, a really great pic.


10) Spanking On ‘The Talk’

And finally, the tenth most viewed post on this site for 2011 is a mainstream clip from the TV show ‘The Talk’. In this clip you get to see Holly Robinson Peete spank Leah Remini. Unfortunately the video was removed from youtube so there is no point following the link, it was however the tenth most viewed post until the video was yanked. That’s it for 2011 guys, I will be back on Sunday, be safe and have a great time.

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