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Scraping The Bottom Of The Barrel

During a search yesterday I found one new pic and it made me think, maybe I should post another 6 pack of spanking pics that are of extremely poor quality. I mean I literally have a ton of these types of pics where you can barely even make out the spanking.

Normally I try to keep my posts to a maximum of three images per post. It is my belief that any more than that and the individual pictures lose their appeal and get lost in the shuffle. Each to their own, that is just my opinion as a viewer aside from my view as a poster.

Here’s the thing though, and it is something that I have often said, nobody can judge what the appeal of any given spanking pic can do for someone. The six pics that I am posting today I may well see as being of poor quality, but for someone out there it might trigger an emotion that they are able to keep for a long time afterwards. It is one reason why I try my hardest not to crop out just the spanking portion of an image, I would rather post the entire thing because I know for many people, myself included, the exterior of the image is just as important as the spanking part is as well.

Anyway, enough pontificating for one post, you aren’t here to listen to me blather on, are you? LOL.

The first image is the one that I found yesterday that made me think of doing this post today.

Second up, a rather annoying image where the spanker and most of the spankee are cut out of the picture 🙂

For the third image, considering that it was 1926, the image isn’t that bad.

The next image seems to have a shadow and lighting problem, plus it isn’t really a very good spanking pose. Oh shoot, I even left some identifying information on the image name, that’s not like me, I’ll have to do better.

This next image isn’t that bad really, I did well cleaning it up. However, it isn’t exactly the clearest picture one is ever likely to see.

The last image actually raises some questions. To be honest with you this image could just as easily be a male spanking a male as it could be a female spanking a female. Regardless, on this blog we don’t judge anyone. Each to their own. Back in the 1950s crossdressing in Southern Democratic states was frequent. This was done either as some type of initiation process or, many times it was done for variety stage performances. I haven’t done the percentages but it had a very high occurrence of happening, especially in States south of the Mason-Dixon line.

So this might be two men in drag, I really don’t know, nor do I care that much. In fact if I’m not mistaken I even have a spanking image from a play where a guy is playing the role of the spanked girl in the play which would normally be portrayed by a female. The play in question is “Introducing Susan” and having just had a quick look, I actually have two images where the role of the spanked girl is being played by a crossdressing male.

One final note on that, as you are probably all aware by now my photos get purged and used elsewhere frequently. A little while back I had one of my personal images lifted and posted elsewhere. Now how do I know that it was lifted from my blog? That’s easy, the image was a personal pic of two friends of mine who gave me permission to post their pic for your enjoyment.

Here’s the funny part though, the image was reposted as two pin-up girls having some spanking fun. The reason this made me laugh? In that image the person doing the spanking is none other than the husband of the woman he is spanking 🙂 He was so convincing as a pin-up that he was misgendered on this other blog. For the record he is a heterosexual male who is comfortable with his own sexuality.

A New Spanking Site

I’m away in Vegas at the moment having a whale of a time. Though I was totally dog tired last night,  I did manage to get in one hell of a scene in the early hours. Most everyone was travel weary last night but I have a feeling that tonight it will kick up about ten notches 🙂

So a quicky for today. Last night I ran into two old friends who happen to be two of the nicest people you will meet in the spanking world. They told me about their new site that went up last week so I wanted to draw your attention to it. The site is called MEGASPANKINGS.COM and it features five different sites for the single price of $19.95. One of the sites you can see in the video clip below,  Sternwood academy.


Ebay Finds Over The Years (Part 1)

This is a little hobby of mine that I know Chross employs also,  and that is scouring Ebay on a daily basis for spanking pics. Only recently did I start purchasing them and I only wish I had started to do it earlier. Whenever I find an Ebay spanking pic I put it up pretty much right away. Now ALL of these pics have been posted on this blog before when I found them,  but just in case anyone missed them I have just been through my archives and I am going to present them again. These aren’t all of the Ebay spanking pics I have found,  but they are a good selection of them.

Before the pics though,  this is why I am going vintage today. My vintage Americana vanilla site has started to take off and I am excited about the prospects of it. Below you will find the link to the site as well as a link to the new Facebook page that I created specifically for the site. If you like old time photography then you should really check it out,  today’s post is vintage New York.



Now onto the pics,  and like I said,  these were all pics that I found on Ebay. Follow the links with each pic for lots more vintage pictures. That will also show the dates that I found them.

This first one is a total favorite and I so wish that I had thought to bid on it when I found it. However,  this really IS two college students recreating the picture from the Chase and Sanborn coffee ad for a school art project. This pic was taken around 1954 or so. Man how I wish I owned this one.

Pic number 2 was also a neat little discovery. Here we have Ken Berry in his role as Captain Wilton Parmenter spanking his real life wife,  Jackie Joseph.

Is there anything better than a spanking in the countryside? 🙂

There was no description with this next pic,  but that does allow for our own minds to be creative as to why this spanking is happening 🙂

This is one of those pics where it just didn’t pan out right. If we could have only seen the spankee’s face as well.

This one is probably an Irving Claw pic judging by what the spankee is wearing,  but it was on Ebay so I snagged it.

That’s it for this post,  I have another Ebay post coming up soon. You can also use the search box in the upper right corner and put in Ebay to see some of the wonderful pics I have found over the years.

Heading To Weekend

Today I leave for the party,  so my blog updates might not happen until next week. You never know though,  I will have the PC with me so maybe you will get some pics during the party itself. Just to give you an idea of the fun ahead though,  here are a selection of pics from the last two years.

And while these two pics were from spanking parties,  these two sexy girls happen to be two of my favorite people who I can’t wait to spend some time with this weekend.


Florida Bound

I’m off to the wonderful Florida Moonshine party, but I will have my laptop with me for some party posts, on the minute picture updates, what a cool idea. My niece is staying with me but I am sure she will be on her best behaviour whilst there, especially as she knows that I will have my webcam with me!! Anyway, more to come tonight.

It Will Soon Be Christmas

And you all know what that means, the 2010 Richard Windsor Christmas Show is coming. Just like in 2009, I have gathered personal greetings from a bunch of known spanking people which I will include in a special music show. The show is done just like a radio show and will feature holiday music throughout. Now I had hoped to do this show tomorrow, but I haven’t quite received all of the messages as of yet and I don’t want to miss anyone. We do have some very special guests though so it will be a fun show this year and I have improved the audio so it will be easier to listen to.

Let’s keep our fingers crossed that I get all of the messages by tomorrow. So until then I can share a picture with you from last weekend, it is probably my favorite pic as I simply adore the look on Munchkin’s face. Quite honestly, sometimes I feel like the luckiest guy on the planet, I’m totally blessed to have such a wonderful friend. Munchkin is a true Southern Belle and she has a special place in my heart just because of who she is, a truly wonderful human being. I can’t tell you how much I love this pic.

So here is an idea of the type of songs that I played in last year’s show. Will this following one make it into this year’s show? I guess you will have to tune in and find out 😉