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Update: I fudged things up for a while there,  I didn’t realize that comments on the stories were closed. They are now open!! I was surprised that nobody wanted a free video for a while there,  lol.

Next week I am going to upload a video to a file sharing network where anybody who takes part in helping me create a story will get a free video download. The video that I am giving away is this one,  my best selling video AMBER GREY – SCHOOLGIRL BLUES.


The video is 25 minutes long and you can read the description by following the link above. Now to get a free copy of the video it is really easy,  just leave a comment on one of these stories listed below and leave your email address,  it is that easy. I’m creating a new story and I will incorporate feedback into the story.

The purpose of the comments is simple,  the more comments that a post gets then the more likely it is to get tagged by Google,  and in return you get a free video out of it via a download link. The video download will be sent within the next two weeks,  more than likely next week but I will buy myself a little time in case something happens next week 🙂

What people have to say will help me create a new story in the same style as these ones,  except this time it will be a bumper story. So if you have ideas regarding a birthday spanking story then let me know. If you don’t wish to leave your email address here you can simply email me your views to

If a comment really helps me out then I might go ahead and give away more than just this video.

Here are the stories you can comment on:

13 comments to Free Video Giveaway

  • D John.

    one of the best schoolgirl spanking videos I’ve seen. 10 out of 10.

  • NJSpank

    It is the best……having some family issues right now with an elder, sorry but will try to comment soon.

  • “Three Girls – Part One” is one of the most piquant short stories I’ve ever read. In the main, it concerns an uncle who is goaded into spanking one of his niece’s girlfriends. Most fans of OTK spankings will love it, but also note that the way the story is written, this is a NO GUILT spanking… meaning that there is nothing salacious in the presentation.

    Some readers may enjoy the story for the jollies we all get when reading about a pretty girl getting spanked, but on the other hand the uncle is careful not to incite any sexiness in the act. It’s a win-win situation. A fun read, all the way.

    Dan N.

  • I just finished all the stories and I think they are really good. They are all so believable and cute with just a touch of sexiness in such an innocent way.

  • NJSpank

    No way to comment, I assume I was too late but love the nylon panty spanking on story of Jane’s good one, all were terrific, loved the polka dot panty spanking as well.

  • Maria White

    Like NJSpank, I found no way to comment on “Jane’s Birthday Spanking,” which was my favorite of the four, but I’ll do so here.

    What I liked about it:
    1) That everyone had such a good time. I believe that a spanking should be lots of fun for all present, except possibly the guest of honor, but if it’s intended as a fun spanking, it’s nice when she takes it in good humor.
    2) Her protests that she is too old; don’t all spanked teenagers suffer from this delusion? I know I did, with much more dire consequences for my bottom than Jane’s. If you would like more details, drop me an e-mail at
    3) Her added embarrassment at the presence of a witness and her camera.

    What I would have changed: When Jane is informed that, “Unfortunately Jane, in this house tradition states that a naughty girl has to have her panty clad seat spanked,” she should have been sufficiently disrespectful of family tradition to provoke her uncle into proclaiming “Well then, let’s start a new tradition” and tugging her panties down for the rest of the spanking.

  • marty

    Absolutely amazing as always. Keep up the good work 🙂

  • I know it didnt fit with any of these cute stories, but I’d love to have a birthday spanking story where the phrase “You know, a birthday spanking is best delivered in your birthday suit!” is uttered. 😉

  • john

    Great stories. Very well written!

  • NSBGuy

    I *heart* birthday spanking stories sooooo much more after reading these stories. More, Richard! More, more more!

  • John B

    I truly enjoy spanking video’s that involve naughty, teenage girls, and this one is excellent 🙂

  • Hotscot

    Love the birthday spanking story. Had a crush on a girl in high school named Laura and it was her I was imagining as I read the story. Wish I had the guts to have offered her a birthday OTK.


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