Windsor Wednesday Classic – 30

I’m in a bit of a shutdown mode at the moment. It happens to me from time to time where I get a little overwhelmed and I turn on the off switch from everything. Emails are piling up, paysites are jockeying for position for promotion (too many to cope with at the moment), I haven’t visited Fetlife since Saturday and basically I have closed all forms of communication. It isn’t anything that is frequent, but when it gets too much I close down for a bit and give myself a week of ME time.

Take BBW for instance, already I have seven roleplays planned, SEVEN!! That is mental and I still have more to plan,lol, let alone prepare for events that I am hosting. Don’t worry, by the weekend I would have given my brain a much needed rest and I will come out of the gates firing.

Now for the Wednesday classic, and oh man I have no idea where to begin. This past weekend I went on a mission and I struck gold. Before I go crazy on the posting I have to come up with a plan as to how I am going to divide this up. While I still have my Wednesday classics and my Sorority Sunday’s, I have way too much material to keep it as just those two. As it stands I have over 240 pics sat waiting in my classics folder, which includes 70 different unseen spanking pics from ‘Men are like Streetcars‘. Clearly I have to start a Streetcars folder and a time to make them a special posting during the week, otherwise it will take me nearly five years to share what I have by posting one pic a week on Wednesday’s. Throw in that I am always coming up with new pics and it is insane. So come the weekend I am going to devise a plan going forward as to how I am going to share this with you all.

This weeks’Classic which I will add to the WINDSOR’S SPANKING FINDS album is from Huntingdon in 1964. This picture features a Mother-Daughter spanking and is from the play “Susie and the F.B.I”. Ever heard of it? I doubt it, but I have three different pics from this play 😉 Stay tuned, I am going to blow your minds with what I have.

susie and the fbi huntingdon 64


13 comments to Windsor Wednesday Classic – 30

  • js666

    No,I haven’t heard of it. Have you heard of a play/film called “Nine Girls”? It was apparently a murder mystery involving a sorority get-away,and Hollywood snapped it up during WWII because all the male actors were away at war and they loved a piece with a mostly female cast. I remember seeing somewhere a newspaper story from the 50’s about a local high school putting it on,illustrated with rehearsal pics of what was obviously a number of girls getting paddled. Nu-West also published a still from what was clearly a soft-core porno. Ever hear of that?

  • Richard Windsor


    Indeed I have heard of nine girls but unfortunately I have been unable to unearth anything from it. The main picture from that play features one girl sat on another girls back. It is like ‘Meet me in st louis’,the main picture there is of Tootie biting a mans ankle,but I have been able to come up with a few spanking pics from that play,not so for nine girls.

    As for the softcore film,it sounds like Co-ed fever. I discovered that one and it is posted on my blog somewhere,but it might be easier to find it on Chross’site as I am sure he would have added that find of mine to his database.

  • Harry

    Nine Girls was written by Wilfred H. Petit and opened in New York in 1943. where it had a very short run (four days) with the young Barbara Bel Geddes leading the cast. Despite the initial flop it was picked up by Columbia (I’m sure JS666 is right about the reason) and became a movie in 1944,with the publicity line,‘Some of the girls have your sympathy,some you’d like to spank.’

  • NJSpank

    Nice and good you step back now and then,this picture is just well,hot as hell. Thanks for all you do.


  • murray roberts

    With regard to your lower age limit policy,I should have thought that 16-17 fell just the right side of a sensible dividing line.
    After all,there are many current HS performances of KMK,and,apart from the usual politically correct fanatics who object to a Lilli of any age being spanked,they do not raise any eybrows

    One other point –I should be grateful for any information on the authors of these obscure plays.


  • Richard Windsor


    I will see if I can dig something up in newspapers. At the very least I can provide a play description,in fact I could probably get a few different ones.

  • Harry

    Please don’t confuse me with Murray Roberts,Richard,although I agree with his comment about the age policy,especially given that we’re talking about period pictures that were originated and first distributed as part of mainstream American culture.

    Given the incentive I can usually track down authorship information for plays. F’rinstance…Susie and the FBI is by Robert St Clair. Men are like Streetcars is by Christopher Sergel. A Mind of her Own is by Anne Ferring Weatherly. Act Your Age is by William Davidson. The Glorified Brat is by Charles Emery (and,just to complicate your age policy a bit,though the spanked girl usually played by someone of 16 or over,the *character* is ‘about thirteen years old’,which I think is the wrong side of the line).

  • Richard Windsor


    My response was intended for you. Murray’s reply was in the mod queue so my response had been posted before I approved his comment.

  • Richard Windsor

    Btw,Harry,“Act your age”is definitely one of the reasons I made the comments that I did. I have upwards of 20 pics from that play as you described. There is one in particular where the girl’s elbows are on the floor,a real bum in the air pic 🙂

  • Harry

    My mistake,sorry.

    Yes,I see the *possible* problem with Act Your Age,though I haven’t yet sourced a script and can’t say for sure. To explain…The play is a comedy about two 14-year-old girls who pretend to be older in letters to their sailor penpals and then have to act it out when the guys come visiting. But what then happens is that Aunt Sandra decides to teach them a lesson by behaving *younger* than she really is and,in fact,acting like a spoiled brat. I guess she’d be a pretty good bet for the one who gets spanked –with,presumably,no age problem! (The question of where to draw the line could get just as arcane as medieval philosophy,and just as dull.)

    (BTW,my comment about the 13-year-old pertained to Glorified Brat.)

    I hope you manage to work out a way of sharing the material with us in good order faster than a weekly dripfeed. It will be a massive contribution in which you will be able to take justified pride.

  • Harry

    I’ve just checked the Act Your Age picture you included (‘Hartford Play Rehearsal’),which I should have done before posting my last comment. I would then have known to add the important point that there is a romantic strand in the plot whereby Aunt Sandra falls in love with one of the sailors. The rehearsal picture is now pretty clear to interpret:there are two sailors,Mom,two younger girls,and finally what looks like an older girl being spanked by one of the sailors,which (as we all know) is an early stage of courtship in this sort of comedy. I’m betting it’s Aunt Sandra who gets spanked,not one of the 14-year-olds!

  • Richard Windsor


    I will respond later when I am not on my phone,but it is indeed Aunt Sandra being spanked.

  • As long as its tastefully presented by girls of age ,best.,Tim.

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