Windsor Wednesday Classic –45

A Bumper Wednesday post this week, thanks mostly to the contributions of Will@gotham56. Now as you know, I like to create my own material and I actively seek out those rare pics that are rarely seen. Well Will has been doing this longer than me and he is far better at it. I urge you all to go to my new Windsor Classics Forum where a few of us aficionados have gathered to discuss stage spankings. Now the idea of a forum like this is not new, they have been going for years on the old Yahoo groups, but hopefully this one will have more visibility and hopefully some really exciting discussions.

As I have said to Will, if he contributes something then I will add one of mine as well in the hopes that it is new to him. Now Will has posted three new ones but I will pay him back with extra ones via our email trades. I owe him like a dozen for this week so I will make it 15 when it is my turn to respond to him.

My contribution this week is from the play “Spring Journey”and you can read the description of the play in the VARIOUS SCHOOL PLAYS FOLDER where this pic has been added.

spring journey 59 south whitley

Will on the other hand has blown us away with his contributions this week. As we are doing a one for one with what he has contributed, I will only share one of his this week and it is an awesome pic. It is from the 1945 play ALL AMERICAN FAMILY. This will be added to Will’s section in the WEBSITE CONTRIBUTIONS FOLDER. If you like your pictures unblemished then you can go to the forum for a copy, however, Will would like to be credited for his contributions so if you are here to grab pics then please give him credit for this amazing discovery.


1 comment to Windsor Wednesday Classic – 45

  • NJSpank

    Dam,love them both,love the cloths.
    Sorry had some elder care issues am tending to which is just taking me off the charts. Tough

    Thanks Rich

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