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What happens to naughty girls?

Well let me tell you what happens to them…… they get spanked 🙂

There is some great news on the spanking front, the well known Shadowlane actress, spanking model and all around great girl, Erica Scott, has been published!! Erica has just had a book of spanking stories published and if you follow the link here you can read details about the book and most importantly, you can BUY yourself a copy 🙂

While I am at it, let me share another link that features the great Erica Scott in action, but before I do so I would like to say this. I don’t know Erica personally, but her and I have spoken on numerous occasions on various online forums and on myspace. The reason I am so excited about this book is that Erica is an out and out spanko. There is no pretense to who she is, Erica is a real life spanko who contributes, takes part and advises on spanking discussion boards just like any of us do. If you are lucky enough to converse with Erica, then what you will find is an incredibly sweet and intelligent lady who always finds the time to respond to you no matter how many messages she may have waiting for her.

Then of course there is the acting part of her life. Erica has appeared in numerous productions and perhaps one day I will provide a list of them all, but for now I will focus on one. On several of the discussion boards a regular question comes up and that question is this “What is your favorite spanking movie?”

Everybody of course will always have their own favorite, but one film that keeps coming up time and time again as a favorite of a great many is “Spank Thy Neighbor” starring Erica Scott and Ralph Marvel.

Now I have ordered this film myself for a partner that I was with at the time, but I watched it before giving it to her. This film is one of the hottest, most romantic spanking films you will watch. The story revolves around a brat of a neighbor (Erica) who just won’t keep the noise down until she forces Ralph into taking the action that is necessary 🙂 What follows is the wonderful banter and good spanking by two very attractive actors who keep you riveted throughout. There is a very short strapping scene in this film but holy smokes, you will wear your tape out watching it over and over again. The film concludes with a very artistic good girl spanking that includes some wonderful sexual exploration. Women especially seem to love this film, it has good spanking in it and the good girl spanking is extremely erotic that fills the fantasy minds of naughty young ladies the world over 🙂

So check it out after you have looked at the book This film has been praised by spankos high and low as one of the best erotic spanking films on the market.

Richard Windsor.