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Sending Out The Love – Dana Specht

Aside from a few little trinkets to tinker with, the site that Missy and I have been working on over the last few months has been launched and is ready to go. Now we do have to finish off just a few small things and I want to get that done first, but on Friday I will be making a big post about the new network. There are a few blogs that I have to contact first for links and hopefully I will get that done tonight.

Now as I am on the subject of love though, I want to share something else with you. There are many blogs out there that promote websites, but nearly all of the promotion is for websites that have affiliate programs. There is nothing wrong with that, I even do it myself at times. What I do like to do though is promote people in the scene who I consider friends, and most of these people have no affiliate program, and if they do, well, I just don’t sign up for it. My reason for promoting these people is purely through wanting to give a shout out to my friends. This week I am going to promote 3 sites that are owned by friends of mine, and I am going to start today with DANA SPECHT. I will also review Amateur Spanking and the Spanking Network.

If you have followed this blog for the last year or so you would have seen me promote Dana through the interviews that we have done, and with various posts, but what people don’t know is what Dana’s site offers. Today I am going to let you know the bang you get for your buck, and as DANA’S SITE has been around for ten years you of course will get plenty of value for your dollar.

This is what you get in the meat and the bones of DANA’S WEBSITE:

524 picture galleries

469 Video Clips

180 Stories

Diary: 500 entries dating back to 2000

147 Audio scolding’s

72 DVD’s for sale.

Now all of the material on Dana’s site is a mixture of both F/F and F/M spanking related material. I have joined her site on a few occasions as I love her F/F material and I haven’t been disappointed. The details above are the main section of the site, but there are also other sections to her site.

Now there are several membership options on Dana’s site and you can click THIS LINK to see them all. In a nutshell though, you can get access for a month for $19.95, a onetime charge and no rebill to worry about. I  know when you have a decision to make on a website you want to have some idea what you are spending your money on, well I just broke it down for you. The site is also updated on a weekly basis with a new video clip, new photo set, new diary entry and a story or audio if there is one to add.

You may have seen the interviews that Dana and I have done, in fact she is running one of them throughout the summer. Here is the first interview that we did right here DANA AND RICHARD INTERVIEW.

You may have seen some clips on the Internet and now is your chance to see a lot more. The audios I think are very unique, that is something that you don’t get a lot of. If you have seen Dana in action you will know that she has a very Maternal manner to her scolding’s and approach. I have conducted two interviews with Dana so I have listened to her voice a lot and I know that it lends a lot to who Dana is as a person.

Anyway, go on over to DANA’S SITE and check it out for yourself, you get a lot of material for your twenty bucks. Whether you like Female spanks male or Female spanks female, Aunty Dana has room on her lap just for you, both genres are well represented on her site. Don’t ever think that you are too old for a spanking, you will even see in the second interview that she threatens me of all people, The Ultra Popular TOP himself 🙂

A photo story and other happenings

{{5/14/09 update}}

I haven’t fully configured a widget for this new feature yet, but it is available right now for use. If you want to get automatic email updates when this website is updated, just sign up with your email address here Subscribe to by Email

This was one wonderful weekend this past weekend. On Friday I went over to see the Mystery Minx, and after numerous rubber bands shot at me, and even ice being put in my shoes while she was OTK, the young lady found herself face down for SEVERAL spankings. These are the screen caps from one of the sessions. This time around we didn’t use a camera, instead we filmed it for personal use. From the video I was able to put together this set of pics. I know they are not perfect but I hope that you like them. Others from different scenes will follow I am sure. Either way, this week she has a pretty serious spanking to come for a no no that she did to me on Saturday!!!

Now this next one was my favorite of the lot!!

And finally.

On Saturday, Tasha Lee and Yoni hosted a wonderful party at their house which I had the pleasure of attending. Now while it wasn’t strictly a spanking only event, there was more than enough red bottoms to go around. I was fortunate enough to play with Cassandra Park, the Mystery Minx, Miss Chief and finally, after all this time, the delightful Sarah Gregory.

Now I don’t have any pics myself from Saturday’s event to share as of yet, but I do know that Sarah had her camera in use for her own website. So what you need to do is check Sarah’s site regularly for picture updates. I do have some that I snagged from one of Sarah’s profiles, however, I won’t post anything until either she has, or when she gives me her permission to do so. There are at least 3 with Sarah over my lap that I know of.

I would have liked to have played with Cassandra a little bit longer but I was sweating buckets. It was so bad that I actually had to ask Rad to take over for me, lol, it wasn’t the only time I deferred to him that night either. Miss Chief I only managed to get about 30 licks on as there was a line of people queueing up to spank her 🙂 Seriously as well, it looked like that scene from Airplane where everybody was lined up waiting their turn.  She was such a bundle of fun though and I look forward to playing with her again.

Being that I had spanked the Mystery Minx the night before like 5 times or so, we only played at the party once, where once again I was fortunate that Rad was around to finish the job properly 🙂 The party went well into the wee hours and I then started my long assed journey home. A Path train followed by two subways and then finally the bus. Being that it was like 4am when I started all the transport required lots of waiting, by the time I got to my neighborhood I was so fed up with waiting that I decided to walk the last mile and a half home, finally reaching my destination at 6am.

A big thanks to Tasha and Yoni for hosting such a wonderful party, and not only did I get to see a bunch of old friends, I also had the pleasure of meeting a bunch of new ones as well.

Richard Windsor.

New book from Rachel Kramer Bussel

Now I have received the book in the mail, unfortunately I haven’t finished it yet to do a complete review. That won’t stop this ol’ pup though. Rachel has provided everyone with enough material to show the links as to where you can purchase this book, and also a youtube trailer on the book as well.

Once I have finished the book I will write a complete review, and if everything works well I intend for Rachel to be my first real audio interview. Who knows, if I am able to coordinate it within the next 24 hours then maybe, just maybe, I can have an interview for you tomorrow as Rachel goes on her virtual book tour. Book Tour

Actually, I thought my stop was tomorrow but it isn’t until the 5th, which is awesome as it will provide me with a couple of extra days to record an interview with Rachel. Should you wish to purchase the book you can do so right here. Amazon

I am going to have much more to come on this, especially the hope that I have to interview Rachel one on one on audio. Until I update this page though, here is the book preview as told by Rachel herself.

Richard Windsor.

Hetero Spank Monster!!!

(If you are not a reader then skip the written part of this post and scroll down to the bottom of this article for a bunch of spanking pics)


Believe it or not, the title of this post was what I was referred to as on a vanilla website just recently, but we will get to that in a minute. Today’s post is going to be about links in general and it will include some fun stories as well. Now BE WARNED before we start, there is one link that I will be sharing from a guy who dissed me, and now I get MY opportunity to respond to him and it WILL contain a certain amount of BAD LANGUAGE, so if cursing offends you then you should stop reading right now!! Also, I will finish this post with a collection of pictures from the stage show “A Bad Year For Tomatoes” which includes an OTK spanking scene.

Now then, just last week I was checking my Stats, being the little stat whore that I am, and I noticed that this blog received a bundle of hits from a website called Generally all my hits come from fellow spanking blog hosts so I was very intrigued to find out where this hit came from and more importantly, why.

Now then, in order to view the said entry I actually had to join the site in order to find it. Even though the link is now archived I am hoping that by linking it directly you will all get to see this hysterical web piece.

Yes, you are correct, if you clicked the link before reading this part, for whatever reason my blog was linked to a story of an older man fucking the neighbor’s son!!! Everything else that is linked has some gay connotation, except for my blog. Yet there I am, referred to as “Hetro (sic) Spank Monster”.

So what lesson did I learn from this? I believe it is that some factions of the gay community see me as some type of fantasy spanker. Is it the Wolverine sideburns? Could it be the tattoos? Maybe it is the bald head!! Whatever it is, I think I can safely ascertain that the gay community has labeled me a bear!! And not just any bear, but a bear that spanks!! Though if I look at the Urban dictionary, the term Hetro when used by a gay person towards a straight person, it could be considered a put down. So I don’t know where I stand, all I know is that I was linked to a story about one man’s exploits with the toy boy next door.

Here is the second outside link from a vanilla site, and this is the one where some swearing will be introduced. The link was from a website called the San Antonio Weekly known as the Alamode!!

Back in April I used my 4 megapixel camera at the Alamo to shoot some footage for the readers of my blog. Being that I have visitors from over 160 countries I thought it would be neat to show everyone a little bit of American history so that they could research it if they wanted, or just simply to let you all see where I had been. Now I admit that the quality of the video was extremely poor, and Dustin Coleman from the Alamode was quick to point out to his readers what a shitty video I had made and that tourism in San Antonio had gone down 25% since I posted the video.

Alright, I enjoy a good laugh and that comment was pretty funny, I have to admit. What isn’t funny though is that while Dustin puts me down, he makes himself look a right fucking twat when he titles his piece “Who needs fancy video equipment? Not this Aussie”

What a complete and utter moron!! Busy putting someone down but in the same breath letting everyone know what an ignorant prick he is. I think the guy has watched too many Outback Steakhouse commercials. Please go and show Dustin your love. Oh, and by the way Dustin, we were in San Antonio to attend a spanking fetish party. Maybe you would like to post this picture as well taken at Ripley’s right opposite the Alamo of me spanking the lovely Amber Grey!! Australian!! What a dipstick!!

To finish today’s post I am going to share with you a synopsis of the stage play “Bad year for tomatoes” and of course show you a handful of spanking pics from various productions of the spanking scene that takes place that I have collected during my cyberspace travels.

Until next time, your ever loving Australian wannabee,

Richard Windsor.

Niki Flynn’s “Dances With Werewolves”

Niki Flynn — “Dances With Werewolves”

A review by Richard Windsor.

(All images courtesy of Niki Flynn – View her galleries here at )

One thing I have never done before, even though I have had requests to do so, is write a book review. Well that is about to change as I give you my first ever book review, and the subject that I am covering today is “Dances With Werewolves” by Niki Flynn. I’m not normally a reader and I don’t think I have ever even read a book review, so I don’t know how they are normally done. What I will do though is give you a review composed in the Richard Windsor style, ad hoc, with little or no structure 🙂

When I purchased the book I really had no expectations of what I was getting. I’ll be really honest with you to start with, I bought the book to primarily support someone in the scene, though I was intrigued by the subject matter herself. If someone (Niki) had taken the time and effort to endure such a project, then I felt it a responsibility to support her efforts. As Ian Head from the London Tanners had said at the recent Florida Moonshine party “Please support the people who support you”. What I got instead though was a book that I simply could not put down.

At the Florida Moonshine party Niki had signed my book “For Richard, Mr. Windsor – Sir. Welcome to my darkness. Love, Niki”

My plane ride had been delayed by a few hours for the journey home, I was bored senseless. My laptop was with me and I had a movie to watch for the journey back to New York. While waiting in the terminal I decided to pick up Niki’s book and I figured I would read a couple of chapters before the plane was ready to board. That was a mistake to think that, let me tell you!! The first brief chapter covers some of the things that happen behind the scenes at a spanking shoot. Having been on a few of them myself I was able to nod and smile at this inside information. When we get to chapter two we were really at chapter one, as the title of this chapter is called “Strange Little Girl”. This is where Niki begins with the biographical look at her life so far.

The self professed ‘Morbid Fantasies’ of a child/teenager. While everyone else played house, Niki tells us of a mind consumed with thoughts of a vast array of punishments. Every spanko has done it, and now you can sit and read about it. You will probably be like myself who has always had a fascination with spanking, you will sit there nodding your head as Niki tells us about the conflicts one suffers mentally growing up with these desires. Of course, Niki’s fantasies stretch FAR beyond just a simple spanking, lol. They are all about power and mind control and quite frankly, some of her desires are pretty shocking.

We follow Niki’s life of being hidden in the darkness right up to the awakening of Niki Flynn, the first actual mortifying spanking administered by her Sister’s boyfriend, followed by her Sister actually spanking Niki herself!! By now I am on the plane and the movie can go stuff itself, this is far more engrossing. While it may be at a different level and with different circumstances, I get a feeling that I am reading my own story here. At the very least, every uncomfortable situation I ever went through growing up as a spanko is being written about compassionately, it provides almost like a comforting blanket of reassurance that you are not alone. For a guy who never reads a book I made pretty quick work of the first three chapters. But now we have arrived at chapter 4, my face grimaces a little bit, we have now shot forward to Niki’s first foray into becoming an actress, and it is with the Czech company, Lupus. This simple spanko thinks he may have bitten off more than he could chew as we meet “The Werewolves From The East”, what I didn’t know at the time though, was that the next 100 pages would be my favorite part of the book.

This is where the real journey begins, and while the book will occasionally deviate towards other projects Niki has done, you are drawn to her work, passion, desire and commitment to putting her soul into her characters. Not only by playing them, but by becoming them. If ever a person has suffered for her art, then Niki Flynn is that person. The four films that Niki has made with Lupus are the main binds that hold this book together. The other projects, the readers letters, the fan mail, the behind the scenes look at spanking shoots are all great to read, and once you have developed a mindset as to who Niki is, then you appreciate so much more what is being written about. In my honest opinion though, the work Niki has done with Lupus and which overall, interspersed, covers about half the book, is what really defines who Niki is and what she is really about. Her passion and commitment is made even more remarkable when you consider that every time Niki goes to Prague to shoot a film, she probably doesn’t even cover the cost of her trip with what she receives in payment. It is a real labour of love to submit to not only the torture she suffers, but when you consider that she is probably out of pocket to do so makes it just that much more amazing. If my written review of Niki’s book isn’t enough for you, then that statement alone should make you want to buy a copy.

“Support the people who support you”

Niki is about more than just spanking, it is about character development. When on a film set Niki has a boyfriend with her who helps her get into character, and sometimes this makes for the most powerful reading. One time she is a hostage about to be released to her own people, this after suffering horrendous amounts of torture and brainwashing, even losing her only friend because of Niki’s characters perceived betrayal. On an abandoned railway track her boyfriend stands beside her and hisses at her, telling her that she was to blame for losing her friend and that she will never be forgiven. That her family will be shamed by her as she stands there in the bitter cold, rain soaking her disheveled form in her dirty, torn clothes, her eyes like cold stones. When she is released to her German rescuers, one Fatherly figure motions to his companion to give her his coat, this simple act of kindness is too much for Niki to bear as she has now become her character, she breaks down crying. It isn’t the first time and it won’t be the last. Just when she thinks there are no more tears left her character narrates what she has already filmed. Niki became Nikolaja, and the strange thing was, once the shoot was over, Niki didn’t want to leave Nikolaja’s headspace, there was some type of serene comfort there.

When I bought the book I had no expectations whatsoever, what I left with was one of the best autobiographical stories I have ever read. Maybe in part that is because I am a spanko and it is a sort of confirmation about my own feelings and desires, but the actual book itself holds its own merit as an extremely well written piece of literature as well. Niki is a fabulous writer!! Trust me when I say this, if you are in the scene in any way, shape or form, this book is essential reading!! Even at 45 years old and with 29 years of active spanking in my life, this book has helped me come to terms with my own acceptance of who I am and what my feelings are. It was very cathartic to read and it reminded me that while I may be ‘Different’ to the general population, it is okay to be that way and I shouldn’t compromise what it is that I want in the lifestyle. You will NOT be disappointed in buying this book, it will capture your imagination and you will more than likely appreciate your own acceptance in the lifestyle a little bit more once you have read it.

Well done Niki, you should be very proud of your efforts and I for one, absolutely LOVED reading about your life and what makes you tick. It is a fantastic read that I couldn’t put down no matter where I was, whether it be on a plane, the subway, or even on the bus ride home from work.

I urge you all guys, and I rarely shill for anything, BUY THIS BOOK!! If not for yourself, buy it for a scene friend or a partner, it would make a great gift. It gets my highest recommendation and you can purchase it from these direct links. Just click on the book title and you will be taken right there.

Dances With Werewolves

Dances With Werewolves

Richard Windsor.

Review of ‘Exclusive Education 2’ by Richard Windsor.

New from Clare Fonda we have Exclusive Education 2. If you liked the first one then there is no doubt you are going to love this one!! If you missed the first one then be sure to get this copy, it is sure to be a hot seller.

The movie opens with a very unique twist, each of the participants is briefly interviewed in the changing room prior to the video shoot. I say this is unique because you can get to see first hand just who is nervous about the upcoming shoot and who is more comfortable in front of the camera one to one.

Now on to the movie itself, we open up in the classroom where Nurse Fonda is giving the lovely schoolgirls a biology lesson. There is quite some titillating dialogue during this scene, sure to put a smile on your faces. As Nurse Clare is lecturing, Amber Pixie Wells starts to pass around a piece of paper to her classmates while the ever present teacher’s pet tries to answer every question under the watchful eye of the new teacher, Kayla Synz.

Nurse Fonda begins to grasp that there is a note being passed around her class and in the same fashion that we all would have experienced back in our days at school, she demands to see the note. It is handed to her and much to her surprise it is a picture of Nurse Fonda performing oral pleasure on a rather crude drawing of a penis. Nurse Fonda is anything but happy about this and she sends Miss Synz off to fetch the principal.

Principal Lana enters the room and the mood changes rapidly!! Lana is superb as the authoritarian principal and there is no doubt once she starts to chastise these naughty young girls that she is not to be messed with. In my opinion Lana stole the show with her performance as the strict principal, her air of authority would strike fear into anybody in trouble, and as true as her appearance was, her spankings did not disappoint either.

We are informed that in this school the principal gets to the bottom of things through a tried and true method, namely spanking!! The principal arranges the seating and takes one seat for herself while Kayla Synz takes the other chair which is facing Lana. The first two girls, Pixie and Stacy Thorne, are ordered to remove there clothing minus their undershirts, panties and socks. Both girls are assisted with this task by their respective spankers. Pixie draws the short straw here and has Lana as her spanker, while for those of you who prefer a milder form of spanking, Stacy has Kayla as her spanker.

Both girls get a handful of spanks over their panties before the announcement is made that all spankings in this school are administered on the bare bottom. And so the panties come down and the spankings begin!! These are the first two girls to be spanked and you get a choice of two different styles. Much like her verbal scolding, Lana does not mess around and is clearly a very firm spanker. Kayla on the other hand uses a lighter spanking style. Pretty quickly Pixie is getting spanked firmly by Lana and for the next 5 minutes takes a wonderful bare bottomed hand spanking. While Stacy’s spanking isn’t as hard her bottom nonetheless turns a delightful shade of red.

This same scene is repeated over and over as the remaining 6 girls take their turns going in pairs for an over the knee bare bottomed spanking. So think about this, if over the knee bare bottomed spankings are your thing, you get 8 bare bottoms getting spanked back to back for pretty much 20 minutes non stop. It is an awesome concept and all of the girls look adorable, each one stripped down to their undershirts for a good firm spanking.

Once each girl has submitted to 5 minutes each over the knee, Principal Lana leaves the room and Nurse Fonda takes over. Nurse Fonda asks the class who the culprit is who drew the picture, and other than the teachers pet, Kay Richards, implicating Pixie, nobody else is talking. So Nurse Fonda informs the girls that they are each going to get a minute with the hairbrush.

The catch this time is that whoever was spanked by Kayla the first time will now be spanked by Lana and vice versa. Stacy and Pixie are first again and the hairbrushes start to meet the bare bottoms of the naughty girls. Each girl in turn gets a minute with the hairbrush but something tells me there was something wrong with Nurse Fonda’s watch as each girl gets way more than a minute.

Once the hairbrush spankings are over, the three adults leave the room and let the girls decide amongst themselves whether or not the culprit is going to fess up to doing the drawing. After a brief discussion all of the girls decide to protect Pixie and all accept another spanking, but when the time comes Pixie tells the other girls it is okay and that she will accept her punishment as the offender.

The best spanking is always saved for last and Amber Pixie Wells finds herself over Nurse Fonda’s lap for a butt searing two minute spanking with the hairbrush on her bare bottom. Once the two minutes is up, Nurse Fonda has all of the girls count off the final 50 spanks that Pixie is to receive. Once it is all over the girls all give Pixie a round of applause and hug her at the end.

So in this video you have 8 naughty girls, not only that but they are also a good mix including and African American and an Asian. The spankers are also mixed, and if you want to watch an African American lady spanks the seats of some naughty girls then this is a can’t miss video. The DVD itself runs for over an hour and there are red bottoms galore. If you like to watch naughty schoolgirls getting spanked in a classroom then put this DVD to the top of your list.

Richard Windsor.

What happens to naughty girls?

Well let me tell you what happens to them…… they get spanked 🙂

There is some great news on the spanking front, the well known Shadowlane actress, spanking model and all around great girl, Erica Scott, has been published!! Erica has just had a book of spanking stories published and if you follow the link here you can read details about the book and most importantly, you can BUY yourself a copy 🙂

While I am at it, let me share another link that features the great Erica Scott in action, but before I do so I would like to say this. I don’t know Erica personally, but her and I have spoken on numerous occasions on various online forums and on myspace. The reason I am so excited about this book is that Erica is an out and out spanko. There is no pretense to who she is, Erica is a real life spanko who contributes, takes part and advises on spanking discussion boards just like any of us do. If you are lucky enough to converse with Erica, then what you will find is an incredibly sweet and intelligent lady who always finds the time to respond to you no matter how many messages she may have waiting for her.

Then of course there is the acting part of her life. Erica has appeared in numerous productions and perhaps one day I will provide a list of them all, but for now I will focus on one. On several of the discussion boards a regular question comes up and that question is this “What is your favorite spanking movie?”

Everybody of course will always have their own favorite, but one film that keeps coming up time and time again as a favorite of a great many is “Spank Thy Neighbor” starring Erica Scott and Ralph Marvel.

Now I have ordered this film myself for a partner that I was with at the time, but I watched it before giving it to her. This film is one of the hottest, most romantic spanking films you will watch. The story revolves around a brat of a neighbor (Erica) who just won’t keep the noise down until she forces Ralph into taking the action that is necessary 🙂 What follows is the wonderful banter and good spanking by two very attractive actors who keep you riveted throughout. There is a very short strapping scene in this film but holy smokes, you will wear your tape out watching it over and over again. The film concludes with a very artistic good girl spanking that includes some wonderful sexual exploration. Women especially seem to love this film, it has good spanking in it and the good girl spanking is extremely erotic that fills the fantasy minds of naughty young ladies the world over 🙂

So check it out after you have looked at the book This film has been praised by spankos high and low as one of the best erotic spanking films on the market.

Richard Windsor.

My All Time Favorite Spanking Movie.

Tony and Eve – A College Fantasy.

Let me start by putting a disclaimer in first. Prior to writing this review I had exchanged emails with Eve Howard of asking for her permission for me to write this review. The only real concern that Eve had was that this movie was filmed so many years ago that it really isn’t reflective of the current high class standard of production that Shadow Lane produces. I fully agree with her that the current production value of current videos is an industry standard, but even though this particular film was recorded 21 years ago without the modern technology of today, I just can’t help the fact that even to this day it is still the best spanking movie I have ever seen. I felt it important to point this out so that people are aware that technology has advanced ten fold since this film was made.

Okay, so onto the film in question. I believe it was about 1990 when I first bought this video; I paid $50 for it at Kinematics in NYC. What’s really funny is that Kinematics now sells Shadow Lane products cheaper than they did 17 years ago, oh the power of the internet. The video itself had major usage from 1990 to 2004 so was pretty worn to say the least. In 2004 I left the video with a friend and I neither saw that friend nor the video since that day. So a lot of what I am about to say is from memory, but it isn’t hard to forget.

The movie starts with Eve by her locker and Tony passing through, there is a little verbal dialogue that ends with Tony giving Eve 3 swats on the seat of her leather skirt as a way of a birthday spanking.

We are soon in Tony’s office where he has Eve in. This is what makes this movie so fantastic; the conversation between the two of them is dynamite. Anytime that you as a viewer want to jump through the screen and spank the cheeky miss yourself, you know you have a winner on your hands. The sass Eve displays is magical, the beautiful girl is just crying out to be spanked. She is refusing to learn about the new technology of computers and her faculty advisor is doing his best to help her out. Despite her begging for a spanking she gets away with her cheeky attitude, for the first time anyway, on her second visit to Tony’s office she isn’t so lucky, and neither is her bottom!!

Back in Tony’s office and his patience has run thin, it seems clear that Eve knows this but it doesn’t stop her smart mouth from getting her in more trouble, she seems to know a spanking is coming but plays her denial to a tee. Once Tony’s limit has been reached he comes from behind the desk and places a chair in front of it, then takes the seat of learning. Eve’s mannerisms are great, when she stands up it is almost like she has her hands clasped behind her back giving it the innocent schoolgirl look. Those of you who know me know that I have this 1950’s thing going on, so when Eve strolls over she looks just like a bobby soxer from the 1950’s, calf length flared skirt, socks, and I will guess sneakers but I don’t honestly remember what shoes she had on. It is the pure innocence that is captivating though.

Eve goes over Tony’s lap and is reprimanded before taking a decent amount of firm spanks to the seat of her skirt. I recall that this part of the spanking was very short, but it is what happened next that is one of the highlights for me in this video. Eve is allowed to stand up and Tony lays down the law about his expectations, I only wish I could remember the exact time that this went on but it is a scene I used to play over and over again until the tape nearly wore out. As Tony admonishes Eve her back is to the camera, during the whole conversation she rubs her bottom through her skirt. Don’t ask me why, but I watched that scene over and over, Eve is the cutest when she is just standing there rubbing her spanked bottom and shifting her weight from one foot to the other. I think it is the realism that makes me want to watch this scene over and over again.

Now then, I have often wondered myself just what it is about this film that makes me love it so much, and I think I have nailed it down right here. For the next period Eve is back over Tony’s knee and she gets hand spanked firstly over her skirt, then over her slip (you just don’t get good slip spankings anymore), then over her little white panties and finally on the bare bottom. What makes it so special is that this is a good old fashioned hand spanking, it is just exactly how I would imagine what a proper spanking was before I became active in the scene. Tony is methodical and has the stamina of a lion as he thoroughly toasts Eve’s bottom, and even better is that each layer gets about the same amount. A first class spanking from beginning to end. If you also like a bit of humor then you should listen to this part of the dialogue, now I don’t remember it word for word but it went something like this.

Tony: “Now then, I want you to lie perfectly still for ten hard ones”

Eve tries her best to remain stoic for them but doesn’t completely succeed. When the ten are over, Tony very calmly says:

“Okay, now you can kick and fuss as much as you want for ten really hard ones”

And kick and fuss Eve does, lol. It is a peach of a moment and a pretty wicked top.

The last two scenes I will just summarize while I have everyone’s attention. In scene two Eve walks into Tony’s room just before he leaves for spring break, she has a gift for him. This whole scene that gets played out is totally romantic; Tony dressed in black looking like a young Johnny Cash and the demure Eve trying to convince him that she didn’t really come into his room for a spanking before he leaves for break. He doesn’t buy any of it and soon she is once again over his lap getting a very loving spanking from a hand wearing a leather glove. First over the skirt, then over Eve’s tap panties, down to an even tinier pair of panties and finally the bare bottom.

The last scene is pretty much a carbon copy of the first scene, except this time there isn’t nearly as much dialogue, for this scene we are treated yet again to a no nonsense hand spanking. Eve has a different outfit on this time but the ritual is the same, a good spanking over the skirt, slip, white panties and finally the bare bottom. For any newbies out there wanting to know just exactly how to give a naughty young lady a good spanking, watch this video. Tony demonstrates the skill of a craftsman, nothing over the top, just a good old fashioned spanking to the bottom firmly and soundly. I would also watch this movie myself just as a reminder as to how a proper spanking should be given, I really do rate it that highly.

This was a movie review that I have wanted to do for a long time now. Over the years I have watched many, many movies and this one has always topped my list as my favorite. Now do take into account that this was shot in 1986 so the production is not the same as today’s video releases. You know what though, I am also a lover of mainstream vintage films and I don’t for one minute expect the same level of production, in fact, part of its charm is that the camera angles aren’t perfect, the sound could be better etc, etc. If you understand what you are buying then I really think you should give this video a shot, it has been my personal favorite for 17 years and I would be very hard pressed to imagine another one to equal it. The magic in this film is the interaction between spanker and spankee and the skill in which the spanking is given, which is pretty hard and sound. Of course it doesn’t hurt that Eve is as cute as a button 😉

This is also a bit of a testament to Tony Elka and Eve Howard, two people who have brought so much to the spanking community through many different avenues. It’s thanks to people like Tony and Eve that has made our community such a special one, their imagination when they started shadowlane has brought untold joy to bedrooms around the world. I salute you Tony and Eve, not just for the work that you have done for the spanking community, but also for giving me a video that has filled my imagination with fantasies for 17 years.

Now then, just to show you all that I am going to put my money where my mouth is, this weekend I am going to purchase the above video again, this time on DVD, and once I receive it I will take a pic for my blog. In fact, ALL of you should head over to right now and take advantage of their special ‘buy one, get one free’ deal that they have going on this week. I’m not saying you have to buy the video I have just reviewed, but do take advantage of their special offer, their videos are the industry standard and you can get two of them for the price of one.

Richard Windsor.