Sending Out More Love

This week I have been busy building pages to send out the love to my fellow spankos. First of all I built the VENDORS PAGE to showcase the individuals who sell spanking equipment for your pleasure. The page isn’t finished by any means,  anybody is welcome to ask me to add them to the list. It is a labor of love,  no strings attached,  it is just my way of giving back.

On Wednesday I then undertook my next project which was to build a page to promote the owners of CLIPS4SALE STORES. There was one reason for creating this particular page and again it was to share the love. As you all know there are many commercial spanking sites out there,  and a lot of bloggers  (though not as many as there used to be)  will gladly post weekly updates on these sites with banners and flashing lights and ads. Well it is quite simple,  and to a lesser degree I will post the odd promo update every now and then as well,  but a blogger can earn money from these commercial sites. Hence why they get promoted so often.

My goal is to also showcase the people who produce spanking material but they aren’t website owners,  just fellow spankos who have a story to tell. As with the vendors page,  anybody is welcome to have their site added to my CLIPS4SALE STORE list,  just send me an email to or leave a comment on this post. There are sections for Male spanks Female,  Female spanks Female and Female spanks Male. There isn’t a Male spanks Male section as of yet but I will add one if the need is there. (P.S. my site can also be searched by spanking genre as each post has tags that are either M/FF/F or F/M,  you just have to click each tag to see those posts).

In 2020 I am likely to go to two spanking parties and my goal at these parties is to try and interview CLIPS4SALE producers to give them individual promotion. The goal is to sit down for 15-20,  ask a few questions and allow the producer to talk about their reasons for doing what they are doing. Of course there are many content creators who don’t go to parties but that doesn’t mean that I can’t promote their CLIPS4SALE sites with individual posts. It all depends on how much each person wants to invest themselves into utilizing my forum to promote their products. Remember,  this is nothing but a labor of love,  it is my way of giving back to the spanking community and I am more than happy to help people get their product out there. So again,  if you are a producer and you want your store spammed,  just talk to me. Free promotion with no strings attached.

Who knows,  maybe I will make a return to making some spanking movies. I’m very particular about what I want and I do still have a story to tell. The story might not be as vivid as it once was,  but there is still a SPANKING STORY that I want to tell. In fact I have lots of stories to tell,  so perhaps I will do some filming next year,  who knows.

So the bottom line is this. I’m happy to promote the CLIPS4SALE site of anyone,  if I have missed you then don’t get salty about it,  I would have missed you by accident so just shoot me a message and I will be more than happy to add you. If you want an individual post dedicated to your site to promote your videos,  likewise just reach out to me. Virtual interviews are not unheard of where a producer answers a line of questions with links to their product interspersed throughout the blog post. When you have an individual post written about your store it never goes away. Did you know that the most popular page on this website was written in 2011,  yet the search engines constantly send people to this site via that page.

I’m happy to help out anyone,  I get a lot of satisfaction out of giving to others,  in more ways than one if you know what I mean. So reach out to me and we can tailor something for your VIDEO STORE.


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  1. You are a classic dude amazing support and hope you enjoy the parties. Love the pics. Nylon panty is the best.

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