Hot Damn!!

Every now and then you find a video that does it for you. It is one of the few things that I find really joyous about spanking, there is never a right or wrong way for a spanking, it is always individualized. If you have been a long time reader of this blog then obviously you will know that I am very picky, a spanking to me doesn’t have to mean a beating, it is all about the interpersonal interactions between the two people playing.

This clip in particular grabbed my attention right away. In part one we got to see Violet Haze stand up with her back to the camera displaying her while lingerie, and it was one of those “God Damn” moments, lol. Right away I’m like, oh yeah, I like that.

Before sharing the video though, lets get the links out of the way first. It’s only fair that if someone is sharing great content that we link to them for others to purchase and enjoy. There are no affiliate links here, this is just done out of kindness. To start with, the website where this video (and part 1) can be found is SPANKING SARAH. Just as importantly, if you want to purchase this particular clip then it can be found at the SPANKING LIBRARY. (Link goes directly to the video)

As for the video itself, if you skipped the intro and just watched the strapping part, you could probably come up with a hundred different scenarios as to what you were watching. The anticipation, apprehension, and then the reactions are sublime. The combination of events are what makes a spanking scene great to watch, it isn’t about the severity. If you like the clip below be sure to visit the links above for more information, this is a great scene to watch.

Does this look like the face of repentance to you?

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  1. Sorry to post a comment out of context, but I’m searching for a way to view the Grace’s Bedtime Spanking video that you so highly recommend. Any advice that you have would be greatly appreciated.

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