Windsor Wednesday Classic – 189

It is beginning to occur to me that I should start posting the Wednesday classic on a Tuesday evening, to schedule for a Wednesday posting. On Wednesday’s I am always busy creating a new video for my NYC History videos on my vanilla YOUTUBE CHANNEL. The videos take me hours to create and the latest one is a tour of my neighborhood in Queens. Just last week I did a GoodFellas tour of my neighborhood and that video did really well.

At the moment I am still not certain if I will ever return to spanking parties, but there are a few things that I want to do that make me think that perhaps a swansong is required. Maybe do one party this year and then finish up next year as my final party. I will give you more on that later in the year though as to the why’s and wherefore’s.

A few years ago I filmed Dana Specht giving Sarah Gregory 500 spanks and it is something that I would love to include in a video, or even a one on one spanking. The details I don’t remember perfectly, but Sarah only kept her panties on for a maximum of 100 spanks before the rest were given on the bare. Of course Richard Windsor does things differently, and in my mind I think that a perfect spanking could be 150 spanks on the pajama bottoms, followed by 350 spanks on the panties. Nothing has to be bare in my eyes, in fact I prefer it not to be, but I guess it will have to do with the infraction. Perhaps 100 on the pajama bottoms, or if the spanking is just a reminder spanking, maybe 250 on the pajama bottoms followed by 250 on the panties. If you were giving 500 spanks, how would you divide it up? Some of you I am sure will give 500 on the bare 🙂

The Wednesday classic this week will be added to my PLAYFUL SPANKINGS folder.

4 thoughts on “Windsor Wednesday Classic – 189

  1. I guess I have mixed emotions on the clothing or lack of.I enjoy seeing a bottom framed by the panties pulled down to mid thigh,but I also have to admit to not being a big bare bottom fan either. Because of my ADD i tend to like shorter spankings but I am at odds with that as well as I don’t ever want a spanking to end.As far as your spanking party participation i think it is because you have done them and because of other interests that take your time and resources that these parties are no longer for you. To some a spanking party is how they stay connected and for some of us a business and that is why they do them. You of course have done many different media in your spanking have been a writer,an actor,a researcher/interviewer,a blogger,a collector and a player. So you have done much ,but as I said your passions may have changed to fit your changing lifestyle and parties are not in them. I imagine i would like to attend one,but that is not in the cards or foreseeable future because of family and work obligations. To me it is quite obvious why you have changed your mind about parties as you have other things you want to accomplish in either a vanilla project that you hope will support you or for that matter fulfill you in some way. I am basically a loner myself,but I do enjoy seeing other people’s spanking journey through blogs,videos,comics,writing etc. Thanks again for all you share with us and good fortune with your vanilla project.Have a great day.

  2. Jim,

    A lot of it definitely has to do with the thrill. What was once a smorgasbord of unadulterated fun, slowly became more like the real life that I was getting away from. It should all be fun, and when the fun stops happening it no longer becomes enjoyable. It doesn’t mean that I will never play again, and I wouldn’t rule out a couple my parties, but my run is coming to an end. I’m totally okay with that, I have received from the scene more than I ever thought was possible, and perhaps there are one or two more things that I can check off of my bucket list.

    The reality now is, there are other interests in my life, but also, I’m at that age where I don’t know how much of that life is left. So all I want to do is thoroughly enjoy whatever time that I have left. With my family now gone it is quite easy to give up altogether, but I know that there is still a lot that I can give and offer. The plus side to everything is that my life is much simpler now, there is no time left to play silly childish games, it is all about exploring the world and meeting wonderful people from different cultures. I’ve never had a group of people that I need to improve my social standing with, I’m quite happy being a loner 🙂


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