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There is a website out there that is just getting underway and it is a subsidiary of Spanking Tube. Now this will be of special interest to the folks who have bought clips from clips4sale, or likeminded sites. This isn’t an affiliate btw, so I am not spamming just to get a cut, this is an actual spanking site catering solely to our lifestyle and it is one that I thought that you may be interested in.

On this particular site I will be eventually selling the videos that I make, in fact I have a whole bunch of them that I shot with Sarah Gregory that I will be adding soon that are freakin’ awesome if I don’t mind saying so myself. At the moment I only have two up, but I will be adding a third tonight which will be the two that I have up combined into one video. Now the awesome part about this particular store is that the owners of the material can dictate how much they sell their clips for. Unlike clips4sale which has a certain guideline as to how low you can sell a clip, spanking library allows the user to set the price on their own. Now as one that is not looking to make a million dollars from this venture, what I do is look at the price of DVD’s and set my price accordingly based on how long the clip is, which happens to be much lower than the clips4sale price.

Several of my friends also have stores on spanking library and in this section I am about to link to each store so that you can go and check them out if you so wish. There is no obligation here, I am just dishing out some love to people I like in the hopes that they may get a customer or two. My guess is that a lot of people are unaware of the site and I am hoping to kick start it a little bit by sending my readers over there. So here are half a dozen (or 6 of the best ;-)) that I think you might want to see, and are people that I consider friends of mine, even if it is only through the cyber world.

The first one of course is my own page on the site, just click on each picture and you will be taken to that owners particular store.

The House Of Richard Windsor:

Amber Paddled Pink:

Cali Cutie:

Lily Starr:

Northern Spanking:


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