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My post today is going to be about sharing the love with Miss Chris, for those of you who haven’t heard the exciting news regarding a TV appearance tomorrow. Before I begin though, you shouldn’t have to come here to read about the exciting events of others, get your butt on over to Twitter right this minute and SUBSCRIBE TO MISS CHRIS, that way you don’t have to rely on me to provide you with any updates, you can get them directly from Miss Chris herself. If you are not from the USA then you are probably going to want to follow her as I am sure that Miss Chris will provide updates as to where and when people can watch the story that I am about to share with you, when it goes online.

Also, before I begin, here are two links to Miss Chris that you can use to learn more about her and the products that she creates.


MISS CHRIS’ TOYS – This page is on my site but it directs you to where you can buy her items.

So what is the exciting news that I speak of? Well tomorrow on national television Miss Chris will be appearing on The Doctor’s television program doing an interview on the benefits of SPANKING THERAPY!! Now I’m sure that Miss Chris hasn’t seen the edited copy herself yet, but a little birdie tells me that all three of the Doctors presenting the program get their own introductory spanking on the show. Let’s hope that the spanking part makes the final cut so that we can all get to enjoy some mainstream spanking action.

If you want to find out when the program is on in your area then use THIS LINK to find out when you can see it. Like I said though, your best bet to get any and all updates is to FOLLOW MISS CHRIS yourself on Twitter, if you do that then you are sure to be able to find out when the program is online for you to watch it as well. Either way it is going to be worth watching as Miss Chris hosts many spanking workshops and life coaching seminars.

If you are not aware as to who Miss Chris is, then perhaps this will jog your memory!! So be sure to visit HER WEBSITE.

It has been a number of years since I last bumped into Miss Chris. Once upon a time we used to be fellow judges along with Pixie for spanking talent shows. Perhaps my funniest memory of Miss Chris, and one that always makes me smile, was when we were at the Crimson Moon spanking party many years ago. We were sat at the same table on the first night having dinner when Miss Chris told someone of her upcoming birthday and how old she was going to be. I’ve always been known to throw in wisecracks as I love comedy, so without thinking I interjected and said “Is that your stage age, Chris”?

Now, I’ll be the first to admit that the comment was on the border line of being rude, but thankfully Miss Chris also has a sense of humor like I do and she took my comment in the spirit with which is was meant, clearly it was a joke. Without hesitation though, Miss Chris stood up, put her left hand on her hip and gave the wagging finger with her right hand, accompanied by the stern warning “You’re not too big to go across my knee for a spanking, young man”

Everyone at the table roared with laughter, but can you imagine being sat down with a woman who is 6′ tall standing over you, wagging her finger at you? If you have ever watched any video of Miss Chris giving a spanking then you will know that the story of Miss Chris being able to deliver one of the hardest hand spankings out there is true, so one can’t help but feel that they dodged a very painful bullet on that day šŸ™‚

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  1. I hope I get to watch this show. Yes I have seen her on film and wow sign me up Iā€™d love to be over her lap. Great story too love it.

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