Greetings From Tokyo

Hey guys,  so I am finally in Tokyo and I am going to try my best to give you a post. It is a lot harder to post than you might imagine,  but if you want to follow my travels for the next week then please follow me ON TWITTER for pictures and videos. Today I will share a couple of pics with you and then promote someone’s work who I have been perving in the hotel room this morning.

My first trip was to the Naruko Tenjin Shrine:

Trip two was to Edo Castle:

My third trip was to Shibuya:

There are still a ton more things I have planned so follow me over on Twitter.

This morning at the hotel I was scrolling through Miss Elizabeth’s feed looking at all of the F/F spanking pics and videos,  so I shot her a quick PM asking if she minded me posting about her Clips4Sale site. Miss Elizabeth’s Twitter Feed.

She was happy for me to do so,  so please click THIS LINK for her videos that are for sale. The two photos that I chose below both feature the bath brush,  and if you check out her videos you will see that she is quite proficient with using it,  or at the least some form of wooden brush,  so if wooden brush spankings are your thing then definitely check out what she has to offer.

Miss Elizabeth and I had spoken before about doing an interview so hopefully in the next year we can do that as well,  she also does POV scolding clips so if you get a kick from audio lectures,  as I know many of my readers do,  then they will be worth checking out as well. I’m doing some vanilla trips right now so I’m not certain if I will be going to Vegas,  but if not maybe we will do an interview,  just need to make sure that the bath brush is far away from the interview room  😉


2 thoughts on “Greetings From Tokyo

  1. Hey. Love your tweets and glad you enjoying your trip.
    Amazing ending to this post. I would love to hear or read your interview with her. Would love to meet her. The last picture is her spanking the delightful Cassidy Lau an amazing young lady. A true switch beautiful inside and out. She is a devastating spanker I have been on her lap. Her bottom reminds me of Amber just gorgeous and almost too nice to spank but I did anyway. Maybe you could interview Cassidy too you would love her. She hits all the right marks.


  2. Ron,

    I always like to promote people who are trying to make it on their own no matter their orientation. I’m always happy to link people.

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