Streetcar Sundays – 163

I’m back after a few weeks off for a spanking good break, and we are back with a MEN ARE LIKE STREETCARS pic.

On the vanilla front I have just produced what I consider to be one of my best videos so far. In this video I follow the footsteps of the last night of the NYC Gangster, Monk Eastman. If anyone cares to support my vanilla work then you can do so at the following link. The video is eight and a half minutes long and I narrate the video with my sexy English accent 😉 Any support that I can get I would greatly appreciate as I am a struggling Youtuber and the video took me over eight hours to make.

If you wish to support my efforts you can do so by clicking on the link below which will take you to my vanilla blog.


Right, here is the spanking image from 1952 which is of course from a newspaper clipping.

6 thoughts on “Streetcar Sundays – 163

  1. Hi, watched it, liked it, left a comment (hope you don’t mind).
    Have you been following the Commomwealth Games in Brum?
    We’re doing rather well (the Yanks aren’t even on the table, ho ho).
    ps sorry yanks

  2. Great spanking find I really enjoy otk spankings and this one was outstanding.I enjoyed your NYC walking tour one and the effort and the timeline was great.I see from the outfits of the people that it did take several different days and nights to get it.great research and graphics.very well done.I usually don’t comment on you tube itself,but I did want you to know that I have seen it.Thanks again for all you share and have created.have a great day

  3. Colin,

    You know what, even though I am a massive sports fan, I have never in all my life been a fan of the Commonwealth games. I mean I will watch it if it is on, but it just doesn’t grab me. It’s like Major League Soccer over here in the States, if it is on I will watch if there is nothing else on, but it isn’t really football, is it 🙂 Thanks for watching my video, I appreciate it.


  4. Jim,

    I needed to get something posted even though I haven’t had much enthusiasm as of late to post. As I had a new vanilla video up I decided that I would force myself to post something and allow myself the opportunity to spam my work. I justified it in my mind that I have given everyone thousands of rare images, surely it wasn’t too cheeky to ask them to spare eight minutes as a payback 😉 Unfortunately, judging by the raw data, I probably shouldn’t have done it. The average watch time went down from 60% to about 40% after I had shared the link, so while people are clicking on it, they are clicking off of it very quickly, lol. At least I was able to get a good view count though, that always helps.


  5. I watched it all, well done, great stuff!

    The pictures very good too, they both look like they’re having a good time!

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