Windsor Sunday Candid’s – 110

Time for the Windsor Sunday Candid episode 110, and I have a real dandy for you this week. This image was found during a long search of newspaper archives and it comes from the play “Tobaccy Road With Detours”. Now it is unlikely that there is a spanking in the play, I have found no other spanking pictures from that play where I have seen images from many productions. So this image here is probably just a promotional image for a local playhouse. The play ran on two nights in a three night festival (on the Friday and Sunday) and the lady being “Spanked” is a married woman.

It is a bit hard to see, but I am guessing that she is wearing shorts, or perhaps they are tap panties of some kind? Thoughts on a postcard please 🙂

As this is likely to be a one off image I will add this to my WINDSOR’S STAGE SPANKINGS album. In this folder you will find dozens of images, most of which got their first run on this spanking blog before being claimed by the community.

6 thoughts on “Windsor Sunday Candid’s – 110

  1. This is a fantastic photo.I am glad you found the play and can identify it as when I first looked at it Sadie Hawkins was what first flashed on my mind as I had not read your research yet.I have not heard of the play myself,but that is what makes stage spanking so exciting as there always seem to be plays that doesn’t have a spanking scene in them,but they show up anyway.Thanks for sharing and have a great day.

  2. I like how the dress is rucked up just to the point of retaining her modesty. Probably wouldn’t stay there through a spanking. That said, it’s still a bit risque for a local production. My guess is that she’s wearing pantyhose.

  3. I agree that it certainly looks like it could be pantyhose, but her legs look bare to me. The other issue that we have is that pantyhose hadn’t even been invented when this play was shown (pantyhose wasn’t invented until 1959). After some further research, I am convinced that she is wearing either bloomers or pettipants, quite likely the latter!!

  4. Jimc,

    After I found this photo I was able to find many images from the play over the years, but none of them have anything remotely relating to a spanking in them, so this was probably just a posed photo for the local rag. Actually, it isn’t even a local rag because the community to this day has less than 4,000 residents. This image came from a “Special edition” mini paper put out by the local rag which covered a much wider area.

  5. This photo is exactly what they said, fantastic. If I had been lucky enough to find this all those years ago, pre-internet, I would have treasured it for months until the next treasure appeared. The way you mine these obscure and unkown pics from gawd-knows-where, I am amazed. Your generosity in sharing them is beyond belief! Each new find is like a piece of gold. Thanks for sharing!

  6. FatherJim,

    Can you imagine finding this pic in the pre Internet days? We would have likely held onto it for years until the page was yellow with age and holes would start to form in it 🙂 One of my early treasures was the paperback version of “The ups and downs of a handyman”. Inside of the book were a few spanking images from the film. That book stayed with me for probably 20 years 🙂


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