Windsor Wednesday Classic – 208

Tonight I have a lot of recording to do for my vanilla project, so before I do that I will quickly give you all a rare pic. We go all the way back to what looks like the 40’s or 50’s to me, back in the days where spankings were common practice, and where public spankings could and did take place. Okay, so this one looks a little bit on the playful side, but I dare say that spanking hand had many years of practice and was well feared. Besides, the young lady getting spanked does say that “I shouldn’t have done it”, so the spanking she was getting was expected!!

This will be added to my PLAYFUL SPANKINGS folder.

2 thoughts on “Windsor Wednesday Classic – 208

  1. What a lovely picture – playful, but with a sense that there have been serious spankings in the past.

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