Back From Vegas

There is so much to write about today that I hope I keep your attention enough for the entire post.

First of all I have just come back from the 50 Freaks party in Vegas where I had the most fun for many a party. When you kick things off by giving ellee a spanking you just know that it is going to be a good party. It has been over a year since I last saw ellee and she is pure delight to play with so I was very happy when she asked me if I wanted to play.

One thing that I did this party was actually shoot a couple of scenes for some video companies. I’ve always said that I had one movie left in me, but on this occasion I was actually asked if I would film for someone. Now as of yet I am not certain what site these clips are going to be used on, so there will be further posts down the line once that has been decided. What I can say though is that the lady in the picture below,  the delightful Johanna Sullivan (Johanna on Twitter),  is part of the group SPANKO PRODUCTIONS. That is not to say that this film will be on that site,  once that has been decided I will fully update the information and provide links so that you can see the movie.

On the subject of films,  as you may know I have slowed down on the site for the last year and change. The reason that I mention that is because there has been a lot in the spanking world that I have missed. It isn’t too late to make amends on that with a link but first I want to talk to you about my vision for a movie.

First of all I recommend that you watch this 5 minute clip starring Zoe Page. Zoe is a well known female top who has appeared in many productions so this is a very rare glimpse of her. There is no actual spanking in the 5 minute clip,  but the build up is perfection. I’ve said it on here before,  Zoe is a stunningly attractive woman. I only met her once but had this need to spank her,  only to find out her niche was something different. I’m okay with that though,  sometimes fantasy is better than reality.

So onto my vision for a film. I’ve always said that I have one film left in me and the clip above featuring Zoe is very much in the vain of what I want to film,  only done in the way that I like to do films. The first thing that I would need to do would be to find the right girl to film with. She is going to have to be a good actress and convey apprehension well.

Much like the video above,  the first 90 seconds to two minutes will be solely devoted to the emotions displayed by the girl who is going to be getting spanked. If you have ever watched one of my videos you will know that I like to scold a lot,  for this video I want to say very little.

The scene sets with a schoolgirl sat on her bed,  pacing,  looking out the window etc. The door opens and the only sounds are from the girl pleading that she won’t do it again. I sit down and tell her to come over while the girl pouts and reluctantly resigns herself to her fate. Once OTK I deliberately and slowly pull her skirt up and arrange it,  the girl of course will fuss during this. Then the spanking will begin,  VERY slowly and deliberate,  and hard.

It will only be about 50-100 spanks and once it is done I will tell her to go to her room as she rubs her butt to prepare for the belt. She stomps her foot and leaves. Once in the bedroom the scene is set with the girl lying down,  panties rolled down to mid thigh and bottom up. I then take my belt off and once again apply it slowly.

There will be a lot of intricacies but I have this wonderful vision in my mind. I will pay well for the film,  it is just a matter of finding the right girl to do this with.

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  • imreadonly2

    I really like the anticipation idea a lot. I wrote a story on Library where a young woman placed in Reformatory unjustly does mid-spanking-corner time and like the film you put the link in for she is reduced to listening to the loudly ticking clock and feeling an oscillating fan tickling her bare bottom as she waits for the rest of her punishment. Various visitors come and go as she waits, commented on her naked bottom and urging the Headmaster to give her a jolly good thrashing, which he does, after making her wait an interminable amount of time for it.

    I have another story where the Headmaster’s wife masquerades as a schoolgirl, but the Headmaster is out that day and she ends up in the replacement Headmaster’s office FOR REAL. She is bent bare bottom for the cane when her husband calls the other Headmaster, and she is forced to listen as the two of them discuss the price of chalk all the while knowing that her husband might save her from the cane if only the right few words are spoken.

    Anticipation is definitely the worst — and best — part.


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