135 Photos For A Quid

I have been slacking on the blog lately, so let me give you a quick spanking image featuring one of those old books that floats out there somewhere. I’m  assuming that this is the early 70s judging by the young lady’s knickers. Funny how we can get a judge of time by the undies a girl wore, isn’t it?

I will be back soon with a bigger update when I’m not so busy.

4 thoughts on “135 Photos For A Quid

  1. In the 1970s I too had a few porno mags of British schoolgirls getting spanked/belted/chastised by doubtful teacher types. It was a thrill seeing them with their skirts uplifted, whack! I still recall pages and pages of little schoolgirls ahh…lovely…

  2. Mick,

    I wonder how many of these types of books are out there? Somebody one day told me that they were going to show me their collection of 1970s picture books, but they never got around to doing so. I’m sure that there are plenty of undiscovered books and material still out there yet to find.


  3. Great stuff! The sort of production where the spine fell apart very quickly, shedding pages like confetti!

    The price is also an excellent indication of its time…

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