What Do I Like In Spanking Films?

Do not forget, the Shadowlane party will soon be upon us, I will be there as usual and I hope that you all make it this year. Here is the link to the party page, it is the event of a lifetime and I wouldn’t miss it for the world. There will be more coming up on the party shortly.

Shadowlane Spanking Party

Eve Howard is running a survey for the new issue of Stand Corrected,funny thing is, I wonder if she will also be accused of masturbatory behaviour and in need of a box of Kleenex, but I digress 🙂

Now I filled the survey out myself, but it was the very last question that really caught my eye “What have you not seen in a spanking video that you would like to see”Here is the Women’s survey and this link is for the Men’s survey.

That question was really difficult for me because I don’t know if there really is anything more that I would like to see that I haven’t already.

Kisa Corvin and I at last years party

The first spanking films that I watched were in a seedy cinema near to the Janus store in London. I was a very young man and some of these films were super 8 loops featuring basically every English spanking film at the time. Here is what caught my eye though, NONE of them represented what I wanted and what I was looking for in a spanking film. If I was lucky there would be a 5 minute section that caught my attention, but for me at the time, and remember I hadn’t long left high school myself, these films were really harsh. The formula would start with an OTK scene that predominantly went straight to the bare, and if it didn’t it started, very briefly, over hideous looking school knickers. Trust me, at that time the girls I went to school with were NOT wearing those types of knickers. You can read the tale of the first spanking that I ever gave right here.

Once the movie started in earnest we were all treated to a heavy does of the cane or sometimes the use of a tawse. The bottom line, none of it represented what I wanted or what I was looking for in the spanking world. In my mind it represented what I had already had,a spunky girl who gets an OTK spanking, and her choice of clothing would be modern for the time, specifically, she would be wearing sexy knickers and not the thick granny panties portrayed in the movies.

Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not knocking the films themselves, I know a great many people would, and still do enjoy that type of film, it just wasn’t for me, it wasn’t representative of what spanking meant for me.

In 1987 I moved to America, at the time it wasn’t permanent, but it was the start. In June of 1988 the move became permanent for me. Now my initial play experiences were few and far between,almost to a point of being a fantasy.

In 1985, when I first came to America at the age of 22, I worked at a summer camp for a few short months. During that time I got to experience something that I had neither heard of nor was aware of, and this was birthday spankings. Not even a mention of the smallest degree had I heard about this.The event itself was so nondescript as well, but I remember it like it was yesterday. A counselor had turned 21 years old, she stood on a chair and a group of other staff took turns giving her a shot with a broom. Honestly I don’t know what they call the brooms, but they are the ones that you would envision that a witch uses. Like I said, it was nothing more than symbolic, there wasn’t anything that would resemble a spank, it was more a matter of touching a bottom with the broom, but oh my god, was I ever interested in finding out about it.

Now I’m not totally sure of the year, but a good guess was that it would indeed be 1989 (90 at the latest) that I first discovered an American spanking magazine. I know from my initial thoughts that it was showing me something far different from what I had seen in the UK, even if it was staged.

If you are a pedantic sort, you can search my archives with a fine tooth comb to try and find some inconsistencies, but I feel absolutely certain that the very first spanking film that I ever watched was Tony and Eve –A College Fantasy, so not only was it the first, but it was and still is my favorite spanking film ever made. (read my review here)

Here is what it meant to me at the time that I bought it. I knew what I wanted in the spanking world, and other than a few important pictures that I had seen in the British spanking magazines, there was nothing up until that point that had captured what spanking meant to me. Coincidentally, I am also in the middle of writing my review about when I would first visit the Janus store in London back in the 1979-1984 era.

So Eve Howard must certainly became my first spanking crush based on that first film. The initial look on her face when she received 3 swats from Tony in front of her locker, oh my god, that was it, that is what I was looking for. The scenes that followed I don’t need to repeat if you read my review, but it was just about as perfect as I could wish for. The air of romance between the two, the clothing, the good sound spanking but done with a tinge of humor. Even to this day I would still watch the film from start to finish.

There are aspects of what I want in a spanking film that Tony and Eve covered in their entirety. A flirty schoolgirl with perfect mannerisms, a SLIP, yes, the most forgotten item in the spanking world, a slip worn under the skirt, and as important as anything, silky white panties as only the 80’s could produce. Remember, that was my first experience, so to see Eve spanked 3 times and each time she was wearing sexy adult panties, I knew that I had arrived. This is what I wanted in a spanking film, it isn’t anything outrageous, there was no need to push an envelope, it was as simple as a good sound hand spanking and an aesthetic appeal that made me feel that it was real.

Of course it didn’t take long for me to want to see more, so back to Kinematics I would go, desperate to be ripped off by paying twice as much for a video. Now what I had seen with Eve Howard was what I wanted, so I was just had to find another video with her in it, at least that way I knew that what I was buying from the video description would be something that I wanted. The second video that I purchased was “Out of the closet”from Nuwest, it had Eve Howard in it so I couldn’t go wrong, right?

If you have not seen this film it is another one that I would recommend, though perhaps for different reasons. The first part of this film featured a woman by the name of Pam? I believe, or perhaps it was Pat (think she also went by Michelle). Either way, the first part of the film was this lady wanted to spank another woman, and that woman of course was Eve Howard. Now it was 25 years ago so I don’t recall exactly how it happened, but at a guess I probably rewound that VHS tape and watched that scene several times over before moving on to the next scene. It was something that was really hot.

In the next scene we had Ed Lee and Tony Elka spanking both girls together, sat opposite each other and even spanking the girl on the opposite lap. Again, it was a hard hand spanking, but it served exactly the purpose that I wanted. The final scene unfortunately didn’t reach me at all, and I’m not knocking the scene itself, indeed, if you like to watch a very hard application of the hairbrush you won’t go wrong watching the final scene, it was as hard of a hairbrushing as I have ever seen. For me though, as I have mentioned numerous times, in my home life I was rarely spanked. Hit, oh yes, hit many times and many times over with an implement of choice, but at no point would anyone viewing it have considered it to even remotely resemble spanking. On those rare occasions where an actual spanking occurred, well, I have no doubt that the final scene of that film would have resembled it. Like I said,I’m not knocking the scene itself, but based on my personal experience it left me with a bad feeling. I was looking for something that touched me and I had that, I just watched for a little too long.

So the question was “What would you like to see in a spanking film that you have yet to see”

Honestly, there isn’t anything. I would like a recreation of what I first saw that had a profound impact on me, and fortunately through the years I have found that in the Shadowlane films. Not every film did it for me, and remember, I was buying them from a store where I was being charged an arm and a leg, so if I didn’t like a film then I was hit double having paid a lot for it.

For me it is about formula as opposed to a specific scene. The characters in the film are as important to me as any scenario that is being played out,indeed, the choice of clothing is also as important to me as anything.

This is the formula as seen through the eyes of Richard Windsor. You have two players who have an attraction towards each other, I’m not even talking anything overt here either, just two people who can play off of each other. Honestly, their physical appearance is of little interest to me just as long as they communicate well with each other. I’m very old fashioned, I want to see a girl dressed as a girly girl, that means skirts or dresses, stockings, silky panties (no thongs) or something else equally believable. It could be pajamas, nightshirt, shorts, sweatpants, they are all feminine and sexy. I’m not opposed to costumes at all, anyone who remembers Goldie in this infamous Shadowlane picture would know that.

The bottom line is, I want the character to be believable. I want the girl to know she is going to get a spanking, it is my fantasy world and in that fantasy world a girl gets spanked when she is naughty. The characters have to represent that to me, I want them to portray that a spanking is a natural consequence to their behaviour, even if I have to suspend belief that a neighbor wouldn’t really spank another neighbor for playing music too loud.

Here is the key though, they know that they are going to get spanked but they have a bit of feistiness in them. Sure, they are going to get their bottoms spanked, but I want them to display a bit of spunk before they get it. I want them to verbally resist a spanking, not physically, after all, it is natural in my world to get spanked for being naughty. When the time comes though they go over the lap willingly, albeit they are protesting verbally. The spanking itself doesn’t have to be hard by any means, it is all about the overall product in my eyes.

Here is one example of what I am talking about, as much as I love Tony and Eve –A College fantasy, Shadowlane also produced what I believed to be the hottest spanking film out there. Now it isn’t hot for any other reason than the fact the the whole scenario really gets to me in a good way. On one side you have a very attractive man in Tom Byron, rugged, good looking and very toppy. On the other side you have Kristie Imboch, shy, demure, sexy and inquisitive. The whole scene is about two people who have met online and have returned from dinner. It is a scene that is played out all over the spanking world, I have played it myself many times and I will no doubt play it in the future. You meet someone on a spanking date and you don’t know how it is going to progress, even if you both want it to happen. In this film Kristie Imboch is as vulnerable as it gets, indeed her character comes off initially as almost embarrassed, but she puts her best foot forward and plays along.

The spanking itself is hard right from the get go, and that is just with the hand. I actually remember the very first swat and saying to myself “Damn”. In a spanking film I don’t want to watch sexual acts, that’s just me, but this film was as sexy as anything that I have seen. The word sexy to me means romance, not butt plugs, anal beads and vibrators.

I wonder if anyone is interested in me breaking down what I do and don’t like in a spanking film?

I like the chemistry, it is all about the chemistry. I don’t care if it is scripted, if it comes off that it doesn’t look scripted then that works best for me. Scripts are great, just as long as the girl is free to be herself, her remarks can be a really important part of the film and I want to believe that she is as sassy as she is coming off. I don’t want to hear a girl curse in a film, a soft curse is great,  so is a big one if it is just one, but I don’t want to hear a potty mouth.

Clothing is as important as anything,I want the guy to look sharp. No particular dress style, just someone who is well groomed. For a girl I could write a book, to me it is about sexiness as seen through my eyes. I’m not in the realm of criticizing someone else, these thoughts are what it means to me. My definition of femininity in a spanking scene is simple, a pretty dress or skirt, stockings, slip, silky panties, pajamas, any combination of the above really. My version of femininity is chauvinistic I guess, but it is what I like, I want to see a girly girl.

What I don’t want is baggy jeans, thongs, low rise briefs, cotton anything, and the guy has to be kempt, I sure as heck don’t want to see a scruffy Mcduffy doing the spanking. Oh, and I want the guy to act like a manly man, rugged, stern and commanding.

What scene do I want to see? That is so subjective really, the scene set up is of little importance. This is where I stand, I am watching a spanking film, I know a spanking is going to happen. Let us suspend belief just like they do for pro wrestling, we know it is scripted so be done with that part already. So I don’t want the shock and horror “Oh my god,not a spanking!” The world of spanking movies should have one rule, a spanking is a consequence of bad behavior. I don’t need an explanation, in this realm it is perfectly acceptable for a man to spank a woman. Now from a fantasy aspect the players both know that spankings happen, but of course there is the surprise element of YOU are going to spank me?

Cameras, oh how I love cameras. I’m also old fashioned/prudish in the area, I don’t want to see a butt cam, I have no use for it. I know that many people do like this, but I’m one of the ones who doesn’t. Spanking to me still has a certain innocence to it and I’m not interested in seeing a pound of vag. The standard full on shot works fine, perhaps even one slightly from the butt end but not showing all the goodies. My absolute favorite angle though is displayed below. I love to see the faces of both players, while also seeing the delightful female form as the bottom sticks up. I’m not saying that I want to watch the entire film from this angle, but I would be happy if every film at least had a few minutes from this angle.

As for severity, again, I’m on the lower end of the scale. I want it to hurt, I want to see that the smacks are crisp, but beyond a good sound hand spanking I don’t ask for much more. A small wooden paddle works a treat, as does a hairbrush. Belts I am okay with, in fact most films that I make include the belt, why? Not because I like them so much, but because scenes with the belt sell.

Probably the final part is the interaction, I love banter but I don’t want the whole film to be banter. I’m also not overly joyed when things get fancy, I want to see a hand go up and then come back down. I loathe the upward spank strokes which I see mostly in British films, I don’t want to see a guys hand fishtailing like he is conducting an orchestra, and if I had my way, the girl would squirm for the spanking, kicking, yelping and gyrating.

That is all that I look for in a spanking film. When I see a film that incorporates as much of that as possible in one film then I am a happy man. Shadowlane pretty much has that covered for me which is why I have been a fan for decades now, I would perhaps like to see more of my favorite camera angle in their films, but overall what they produce reaches me far more than any other production that I have watched. Here are some Shadowlane links for you, the good part about these is that not only does Shadowlane get paid, but I also get a cut as a reseller!! Hey, I’m honest if for nothing else.

5 comments to What Do I Like In Spanking Films?

  • I love only movies they told a story 😀

  • Rodrigo

    Everything,absolutely everything you wrote I could have written myself. Perhaps that’s why I enjoy spankings in old mainstream films so much:usually,they combine flirtiness,girly girls,kempt guys,and a total absence of brutality or humiliation. Well done!

  • BAB

    I like plenty of action by the spankee;leg kicking,pleading,yelling,etc.

  • NJSpank


    Wow blast from my past as well. First off,Kinematics,well I worked Midtown and if you remember the original shop was located in the middle of the square. A block north was a pizza parlor with a bar. That was our haven,we would duck in there for some stale and horrible but cheap beer and a few slices of equally stale but good NY pizza. One day as I was the last standing in our rotation of back to work,I stumbled by Kinematics. Now I was seeking a spanking video so I went in. To my wonderful surprise in the last seedy booth on the right was a spanking video. No sound,a “teacher”and his pupil learning the piano,well she could not get it and was turned up over his knee,skirt raised for a panty spanking followed by her bare bottom. I think I stayed there all afternoon and visited as many times as I could for weeks. It was one of the Nuwest vids,wow. I spent many hours in the place from there for years as the spanking vids grew and grew.

    Now Shadow Lane and Eve. Another long story short,I read her editorial in the initial Stand Corrected about spanking and finding pros or others to share. I was frustrated as I had just lost a shot following an add in Screw for a spanking place. It was a hustle joint,no spanking but lost a lot of money as it was tip her or get beaten up. I called Eve’s old line and she answered,we chatted and within two weeks I got my first adult real spanking from one of her friends. Wonderful lady and yes this is an awesome film. She is a lovely lady and bottom.

    Last item a slip,wow how terrific is a long hand spanking over a slip and nylon panty!!

    Wonderful post and thanks for the flood of memories.


  • Pianoman

    Eve Howard is responsible for a lot of happiness in this world. Bravo! Tony too.

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