Windsor Sunday Candid’s – 136

This morning I began to write a long article in regards to spanking blogs and websites, and how over time things in the scene have evolved. The problem is though, I’m watching the World Cup and I am getting easily distracted, lol. So I have saved that post as a draft and I will pick it up during the week when I can concentrate on what I am trying to say.

For now I will just concentrate on doing what I do best, posting rare spanking photos. I doubt if anyone wants to hear me waffle on about random nonsense anyway, but I thought that I would talk about how things have changed over the last 20 years.

Today I will post an image that will be added to my VARIOUS STAGE PLAYS folder and this spanking is taking place in the play “Little Acorns”. I do have a confession to make though, I have reversed the image to make it look like it is a right handed spanking. In terms of fairness I have included the original image underneath it, but I don’t know, I just wasn’t feeling the left handed spanking today, haha, it’s like American’s or British people whenever they try to drive in the other countries on the opposite side of the road 🙂

I now fully expect someone to start wagging their self righteous finger and begin trashing me on Fetlife and Twitter as being “Anti-leftist”. Nothing like the safety of your own computer screen to elevate ones standing in the community with some good ol’ fashioned virtue signaling. 😉

And here is the original.

6 thoughts on “Windsor Sunday Candid’s – 136

  1. Being a righty, I seem to prefer the right in spanking attitude, but, right or left, a great pic is a great pic and this is one, or two! Thanks for the great find and for sharing!

  2. I really do enjoy this does give an otk perspective really well.I love your school plays finds and really do look forward to your posts.thank you so much for all you share,research and write about. It is really appreciated. Have a great day.

  3. Fatherjim,

    Normally it doesn’t affect me, but for some reason I felt that this image looked better right handed.


  4. Jimc,

    What I especially like about this image is that there seems to be smiles all around, and as everyone knows I always enjoy a playful spanking image.


  5. Theo,

    The smile really does make the picture, doesn’t it. And the flippable skirt is an added bonus for us lecherous types, lol 🙂


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