Granny Panties

Before we get to the image, I just want to let you know that I have uploaded an audio story that I recorded 15 years ago. I wanted to record a new one today but my upstairs neighbors appear to all be doing Riverdance today, the noisy beggars. Anyway, I improved the audio on the original so if you want to listen to “Into a Faraway Place” then just click the play button on the left hand side below. If you have any feedback for my audios then please feel free to leave a comment.

Now them there is some granny panties. All the way up to the belly button, full bottom coverage and what looks to be 4-ply!! Nowadays you often hear the term that panties offer little to no protection, but back in the 50s they at least offered some protection from the 1950s spanking hairbrush.

If my old man had still been with us he would have turned 94 today. The same age as my next door neighbor.