The Intruder:

There is still only half of the raffle winners that have responded so far,so today I will email the people directly to tell them they have won.

Now then,I’m looking for your feedback here,I WANT to hear YOUR opinions. I have my own opinions on this clip and without going into to much detail right now,I find the clip to be an incredibly hot fantasy. What are your thoughts? Please bear in mind that the owners of Northern Spanking will be reading this as well as the participants I am sure. Feel free to be honest,but try to be civil 🙂 I would love to hear some feedback here. Please remember that this clip is also played out as a fantasy between the couple involved here as part of a role play.

Now for my opinion. This is a scenario that a Female partner of mine once wanted to engage in,so even with my reservations I attempted it. The scene actually became pretty intense so we ended it. A large portion of the spanking community is portrayed as a non consensual environment,to me this clip takes it just a little bit further. It is however a fantasy roleplay,and are we the ones to judge what should turn others on? Like I said,I would like to hear your opinions.
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42 comments to The Intruder:“The World Rocked By Non-Consensual Spanking!”

  • PhilipK

    Hi Rich,

    Personally,this is the kind of spanking video I intensely dislike. It seems to me to show a brutal,contemptuous attitude towards women that I find repellent.

    Those vanillas who see us as ‘sick perverts’would have all their prejudices confirmed by this video.

    Well,you did ask for honest responses…


  • Richard Windsor

    Honest opinions are totally fine,Phil. Thank you for your opinion. Just a question however,and I am being serious here. When you made this statement….

    “Those vanillas who see us as ’sick perverts’ would have all their prejudices confirmed by this video.”

    Do you not think that these same people would view us that way regardless? As an example,if a man takes a thin piece of rattan and delivers 12 of the best upon a naked woman’s bottom,Would not their prejudices remain the same. Or even if the man physically restrains a squirming women over his lap,surely it is the same brutal,contemptuous attitude that these vanillas will see,regardless of the scene being presented to them?

  • I really like non-consensual themed spankings. I much prefer the girl to show that she doesn’t want the spanking rather than have her practically fly over the spanker’s lap in eager anticipation. However,I prefer this within the context of discipline.

    This scenario was a little too scary for me and stirred up some bad personal memories. It was not the spanking itself,it was the breaking in and the taking of the girl as he pleased that frightened me. I adore Caroline and Stephen and I know that it is only a fantasy scene,but it left me a bit shaken because it was a bit too similar to other non-consensual acts that aren’t my thing. It’s definitely my issue here and has nothing to do with the quality of the scene here. It was wonderfully performed and created.

  • jean

    Personally,I didn’t care too much for it. It was too intense,scary(especially slapping of face). I could almost handle watching it till then.

    I will say though,Caroline and Stephen did a great job with scene.

  • As to the quality of the scene and the performances,fine job. My personal feeling was,however,that the scene too closely related a non-consensual spanking with a violent crime against an unwilling participant. Done as a fantasy and revealed later that it was in fact a fantasy,would have been less bothersome.

  • BlisteringBlonde

    Sorry ….. not my thing ..
    I do not like how he grabbed her at the start ..
    I do not like the demeaning her while she is already in pain and over his knees facing him ..and he is smacking her face .

    she looked like she consented to the spank ..
    his abuse ..NO …

    but then again .the players did a good job to stir the emotions we all feel so Congrats for that

  • As a male spankee,this is not the type of scene that I would ever suggest playing out,I tend to go for a bit of formalism and ritual but if a female spanker (sorry Mr Lewis,your just not my type,being a bloke and everything) ever suggested playing out a scene like this,with myself in the victims role,I would be all for giving it a go.

    Northern Spanking are the best site for trying out new ideas and experimenting with scenarios that I have been a member of,so far. It is inevitable that they will occasionally challenge peoples comfort zones. They would lose a lot of their magic if they tried to do their work whilst treading on eggshells,every time the camera starts rolling. They are a company that needs a bit of experimental,creative,space to work in.

    I have recently joined a BDSM F/m site that does a lot of stuff that looks a bit iffy,unless your familiar with play and playing but they have their performers do a little pre and post chat to camera about the scene that they are/have played,that is very reassuring to someone,like myself,who considers themselves a responsible end line user. Perhaps Northern Spanking or any other company who is trying something that not everyone will feel comfortable with,could try something similar,to help put troubled minds at rest and negate the material as having any use for anyone who wants to use it against the spanking community.


  • debs

    Nah,not my cuppa…Really sexy girl,though,and the spanking was great…I’m a big fan of the ‘theme’of nonconsensual in a ‘punishment’scenario…

    But the moment it starts feeling like ‘abuse’…I get a bit put off…

    That being said,I do like a man to control me…just not scare me…

    Great acting,though,and I’m sure there are a lot of people out there that do enjoy this sort of thing. 🙂

  • Hmm yeah to be honest it doesn’t do it for me either. It’s well done and I can see it being exciting to play out something like that,maybe,with someone I was in reality close to. But having the spanker care is a big deal to me,so is having it be “for my own good”or for some misdeed,not just because he’s a perv. 😉 Also,face slapping is a hard limit. Sorry! 🙁

  • PhilipK

    “Do you not think that these same people would view us that way regardless? As an example,if a man takes a thin piece of rattan and delivers 12 of the best upon a naked woman’s bottom,Would not their prejudices remain the same. Or even if the man physically restrains a squirming women over his lap,surely it is the same brutal,contemptuous attitude that these vanillas will see,regardless of the scene being presented to them?”

    Take your point,Rich. But to me,it’s not a question of what’s done so much as how it’s done. For example,I don’t think any but the most closed-minded vanillas would take the same attitude to the strapping you gave Keagan –or even to some of Dallas’s videos,severe though they are. It’s the total (seeming) lack of consensuality that I dislike here –no sense of play,no sense of fun,just a brutal imposition. And as result,I find it completely unerotic –in fact the effect on me is negative,it turns me off. Well acted,etc,sure –but just not for me.

  • Well I myself have liked the idea of that kind of control being taken and played out with someone I am really close to. I would have to really trust him first and know that he wouldnt take it to far and really hurt me. I still don’t think that I would like some of the things. Face slapping is one of them. It was well acted and things of course. But personally those kinds of scenes are best left between the two people involved. play rape or non consensual acting and things like that dont look well on a video when the world already views this thing we do as abuse even when it is consensual. That is only my personal opinion though. But a punishment video also probably looks the same to certain people. Even though the person being punished consented before hand some things look pretty severe on video and some people even spankos would consider some videos like that abuse. It is a very iffy type thing. But everyone views things in a different way so it really is hard to say. For some that kind of thing would turn them on if they knew that it was play. In real life and knowing the person is in real danger I would hate to think that some perv would get off watching instead of helping the poor person that is in danger. But to know that it is an acted scene then I dont see anything wrong with it turning anyone on. Some fantasies are better as just that. The idea behind it but not the actual act. While I would like to do a scene like that I would never want that to really happen to me in real life by someone I don’t know. Like I said before I would have to really trust someone to allow that fantasy to be played out. I don’t see anything wrong with enjoying that kind of thing as long as the players and the viewers understand that it is just acting.

  • I meant to add that everyone has there own ways of thinking. The world is just like that. what is wrong to some may not be to others. I basically feel to each their own. If it is right for the people involved then who am I to say it is wrong. Just as I wouldn’t want someone saying that the way I live my life or the things I do are wrong which some have. But in all fairness they dont have to live my life and they dont have to agree with the way I do things. As long as I am not hurting them or anyone else then the way I live is fine for me so I can’t consider it wrong and just because someone else considers it wrong doesn’t mean that it is wrong. In other words I have no right to say whether what someone else does or feels is either right or wrong. It is right for them and what turns another person on has no effect on me what so ever unless they impose their feelings on me in an unwanted way. I guess i better stop writing I am making no sense. I get rambling sometimes for no apparent reason. *smiles*.

  • I thought it was really,really hot. But I’m looking at it in the context of “this is a fantasy scene.”It’s a taste of the kind of play I like to do on occasion,and I really get turned on by fear and other things that go beyond just spanking —like the hair pulling and face slapping we saw.

  • Emmy

    Hi =]. I was wondering if theres a way for people who have blogger accounts to follow your blog? Usually sites have a ‘follow this blog’link up in the top left corner that i click on to follow blogs but yours doesn’t have one. I’m not sure if this means I can’t follow your blog through my blogger account or not?

  • Richard yes it is a different vid .scene ,a very pretty girlcaroline taken by surprise but a fantasy .lucy on northern said that and it was explained at tht finish she had a blushing pink botty though .very glad that pixies and lily Annas spanks for animals cause is doing so well lovely girls i sent a donation to day by post ,best wishes tim in u.k.

  • Richard Windsor

    Thank you all for your comments guys,the feedback has prompted me to post a follow up blog article as well I think,the subject of abuse.

    Now I can understand the many of you have have written and said that it wasn’t your cup of tea,and the reason I posted this was to ‘get a reaction’,I have to be honest with you. I’m also glad that everyone seems to concur that while they may not enjoy the premise of the scene,that they were able to congratulate the participants and recognize the good job that they did.

    So now I have two topics to select from. I actually wanted to write about attending parties,but now I really want to write about abuse,or should I say perceived abuse.

    What I struggle with here is the term ‘abuse’. Now in saying that I have also been know to throw it out every now and then as well 🙂 I am sure in vanilla eyes that any form of a man striking a woman is going to be considered abusive,but within our own realm where do we draw the line,or is there even a line that needs to be drawn?

  • Karl Friedrich Gauss

    Good idea for a next post on abuse,Richard. I think though,that you’re going to find that “abuse”,like “beauty”,is largely in the eye of the beholder. Maggie Mayhem’s latest post on her visit to Tanzania could be a useful “Exhibit A”for your essay. Disciplinary practices in the school she visited would be regarded as abusive in the western world. But I’m sure they don’t think twice about punching a kid in the face in Tanzania. Different strokes? Or what?

    Then you’ve got members of the last American administration trying to redefine torture so it doesn’t include their favourite interrogation techniques. Slippery slopes indeed.

  • ddon

    i wonder if this scene were presented as an angry husband/lover intsead of an intruder/stranger if the reactions would have been equally negative. the face slapping was tame by cagney or mcqueen standards and of course some girls adore haveing their hair pulled[especially at just the “right”moment] letting them shoot off that really big rocket.

    kudos to caroline for a fine acting job. ostensibly allmost all spanking videos are about non-consensual spankings. it is very tough for spanking actors who may have known each other for years and just shared a pleasant lunch to put on a believable performance of fear &humilation.
    add the fact that the girl wants/nay needs her spanking and…well it’s tough.

    i don’t like canes,heavy paddles,riding crops,etc. but those who do shouldn’t be too upset if a girl gets her face slapped or hair pulled.

    i do like variety and in that spirit even tho it is not exactly my cuppa i did enjoy it although i wouldn’t want to see it overdone.

    don’t go no further,


  • A Girl

    I think this,including and most the breaking in and taking her,was incredibly hot. But having been through some pretty scary things myself in real life,I can see why people wouldn’t like it. Part of me sees it as fantasy,and part of me would love to be emailing with someone (who I’d played with before) and for instance,tell them days I’ll be home and having them just come over,barge in,and spank me.

    Consensual non-consent is very hot to me. As for the fact that I’ve been through scary things…I think another part of me feels as though my ability to enjoy this fantasy means that I was stronger than the negativity surrounding a real life non-consensual and terrifying act. It’s no longer a scary and negative thing for me,but I’ve sort of come to reclaim it and redefine it,much like some women have done with that C word!

    I’d rather stay anonymous on this comment but having shot with Northern,including many a scene with Stephen…I will say this is awesome,incredible and well done. It’s difficult to get into this headspace,especially when it’s roleplay and both Stephen and Caroline show how real feeling roleplay and even videos can get.

    I felt like I was watching an intimate moment between a couple,not a video. NSI does an excellent job,again.

  • Richard Windsor

    Karl —I am currently writing a topic on abuse and I will certainly link Maggie’s article in the post.

    ddon —Good to see you share some eloquent thoughts,and I just so happen to agree with a lot of them. I’m writing a piece right now on the topic so it should hold some interest to you. That ever elusive “Drawing the line”though I believe is infinite.

    A Girl —Thank you for your well thought out post. You actually touched on one of my issues as well with what you wrote. Having come from an abusive background,I too was able to turn that negative around and redefine it under my terms.

    I’m not singling comments out guys,I appreciate all of your feedback so far and I think this has been a great topic to talk about. So much so that in my next post I am going to elaborate further with the whole topic at hand.

  • I can honestly say that I found it quite arousing. There is something about the blatantly non-consensual that is very erotic —throw in some genuine fear (portrayed extremely well by Caroline) and it gets me going in a big way. Certainly a real life scenario like this would be in the realm of the criminal but the spanking fantasy is often an alternate universe where things like this can and do happen without the taint or stigma of the real world attached.

  • ddon

    hope my muddy closing didn’t throw you off “too much [chortle].

    bring it on houndog!

    don’t you just know it,


  • A Girl

    Exactly Richard. I feel like with this sort of scene,the reason I find it hot and arousing is that now,it’s on MY terms. No one makes the decisions and although it may seem like I am not in control,I truly am. I have redefined this type non-consent to be something that I find arousing and hot. Would I want it to happen on the street where I live? No. But to give up control to the point where it’s all yours and yet you feel like you have none,is a truly delicious place.

  • Wow! Lots of strong feelings here! I’m really glad people are talking about it. Thanks,Richard,for bringing it up. I’ve been thinking about writing about it on my own blog but thought that might be a bit charged to begin with so I’m glad it’s getting some chewing over here.

    We are walking a thinnish line with this film,and while the clip doesn’t show the whole story and plot of the movie we made,I think that the questions and conversations it brings up are valid on their own. There are some CP films that people find disagreeable because of the extremely harsh level of punishment being meted out,but this is a slightly different discussion. Aside from some hair pulling and one face-slap,this film depicts only a hand-spanking. So what we’re really talking about is whether the concept or idea is disagreeable.

    I take to heart and sympathize with the people who find the film scary. It scared me a bit,looking at it,and I was there when it was made! Not all spanking films are going to turn all people on,and anything edgy is going to have those people it offends. But Pixie,especially,I’m really sorry if it brought up bad memories.

    Like “A Girl”,I’m someone who’s been through some rough times,and like her,I’ve found consensual non-consent incredibly arousing–both before and after the scary things happened. I’ve questioned this desire in myself a lot,but I’ve come to the point where it’s sort of like anything else that turns me on–it just does,and that’s that. There is probably that sense of reclaiming and redefining,but it’s a side-benefit. It just gets me hot.

    One thing I like especially about this film is that,as I mentioned before,while the situation is extreme,the punishment is not. I’ve often wanted to see a proper “non consent”movie but was afraid of what it would entail physically for the victim. I wanted to see a non consentual scene,but I didn’t really want to see anyone get hurt. While if something like this was happening for real it would be emotionally traumatizing,there is no extreme brutality happening. No marks aside for redness,no rape,no death! The fear (and the arousal) comes from the complete lack of control,and not from physical danger.

    It should go without saying,but I want to say for the record,that everything that happened in the scene was pre-agreed and arranged. The face slapping,the wrestling,the hair-pulling,the hand on the neck. In fact,the only thing I was worried about was struggling too hard and hurting Stephen’s back!

    Thank you all for your views and opinions. One good thing is I made all sorts of films with Northern that weekend,of a wide range. Some funny ones,a kind of sweet one,you name it. If this one doesn’t float your boat (and I completely get why it might not!) then there’s likely to be one that did. If it does float your boat–I’m glad. It floated mine but good!

  • For me,it’s not about the scene not portraying consent or being too harsh. It’s just that in other scenes where the role play is that of the woman being forcefully spanked,the ones that I like,it is for a “good”reason by someone who would never really hurt her. If a teacher or husband or anyone who cares about her is disciplining her,I enjoy that. But when the spanker is in the role of someone who only means harm whether it is to assault her,frighten her,whatever,I don’t know,it’s just completely different. I’m not saying there’s anything wrong with it though,at all. I’m entirely aware that any of these scenes could be seen as horrifying by vanillas. It’s just personal taste. Some of my spankings are pretty severe and that might put off others. I find certain roughness hot,like some mild hair pulling and forcefulness. A slap to the face though,it’s just degrading,I don’t like the degrading stuff,that’s what it comes down to. I don’t want to be humiliated. That stuff turns me off. And yes,it reminds me of certain bad experiences with creeps. I know it’s a fantasy of course,obviously the players consented and were cool with it,it’s just not anything pleasant for me to fantasize about. If others can watch it without having those thoughts and feelings,then by all means enjoy. There’s something out there for everyone. 🙂

  • Richard Windsor

    Thank you all for your wonderful feedback so far. In the 3 years that this blog has been going there have been very few posts that have had this many responses.

    Right now I am in the middle of writing a huge post regarding perceived abuse,I certainly hope that everyone will chime into that one also.

  • Stephen Lewis

    Have been meaning to write something about this over the last day or two but don’t think I can add too much to whats already been said. What i would like to do is to thank everyone for being so honest and open in their comments even if there were elements they found disturbing or not to their particular tastes. Very refreshing to see.

    Also as Caroline said the clip doesn’t quite tell the full context of the film but for the purposes of the discussion that’s not really relevant.

    I may add something of my personal thoughts later on here or may wait for Richard’s abuse post when it arrives although I’m not the best at self analysis.

    Finally I absolutely want to reiterate that if there are any people still concerned by what they saw I can totally and completely confirm that the ironing was completed.

    Hopefully that has put all of your minds at rest.

  • Hey Richard,this Smiling Devil. Howsitgoin?

    I think the clip is hot and I have no problem with the content whatsoever. These are actors just doing their thing:acting. I suspect that some people find this scene disturbing because the acting is realistic. The scene is not played for laughs,it’s dead serious. I’m actually impressed that they managed to make it half-way convincing. (Now,don’t go getting a swelled head,Caroline!) The acting is better than what you typically see in a porno,spanking porno or otherwise.

    Besides that,I know many women who absolutely LOVE this kind of fantasy. So,good for them. They ought to enjoy and indulge their fantasies and this video can entertain and arouse for those whose taste it suits. It goes without saying that this is FANTASY,and that all the groundrules of Safe,Sane,and Consensual apply when it comes to trying this sort of thing at home,kids.

    IMO,there is far more disturbing content playing down the street at your local movie theater on most weekends. To me this video is good clean fun (yeah,I am twisted) and maybe the fact that it pushes people’s buttons is a sign that the producers and actors did something right.


  • Rob of NYC

    Richard –too simultaneous reactions;revulsion at the seemingly non-consensual nature of a stranger coming in and spanking her. Yes,the spanking part could be hot.

    It has an obvious fantasy part because an intruder would more likely than not do more than spank her. That said,I would almost have liked at the end some sort of interaction to indicate that this was their fantasy. If something along these lines became popular,I could see some less than ethical sites doing these for real (maybe they already have).

    Anyway,In total I would pass on this.

  • sara fields

    i agree with a lot of the stuff that has been put on here –i do not have a problem with the hair pulling,and the restraining of her arms,but the face slap seems a bit much…

    spanking for me is supposed to help me grow and shape as a person,and here it seems to be more or less.. just abuse really…. like the choking part in the beginning.. too much for me..

    i would like it much more if it were the typical girl does wrong,man bursts in,and spanks her type of deal…like forcing her otk or something like that

    but to each his own

  • Nasty,brutish and abusive.

    From the moment her grabbed her by the throat (and later slapped her face) it was clear this was yet another Englishman who doesn’t like woman. Hectoring and cruel throughout by the end I wanted to punch him for the sort of video which gives consensual spanking in general,and male spankers specifically,a bad name. Just how small was the guy’s penis?
    No wonder people complain they can’t persuade their partners to try spanking,watching this why would any woman?


  • You seem to be a little confused “Doonster”,this is a work of fiction and the players are in fact acting!

  • Richard Windsor

    {{Hectoring and cruel throughout by the end I wanted to punch him for the sort of video which gives consensual spanking in general,and male spankers specifically,a bad name. Just how small was the guy’s penis?}}

    But it WAS consensual? As a male spanker,one who fairly well respected by all accounts,I don’t think it gives male spanker’s a bad name. I actually commend Stephen on a fine performance,it was very convincing. As his penis size is up for debate,I also think it shows that he was very convincing in his ROLE!! Let’s not forget that this is a scene that was ACTED in,and the scene was directed by a Woman,Lucy McLean. Hopefully we can separate fantasy from reality in what was presented here.

    No problem with your comments or your opinions though,thank you for sharing them.

  • munchkin

    It’s not the perception of abuse that bothers me,I’ve seen other videos with much harsher physical “correction”or whatever you want to call it. I can even deal with the non-consensual aspect in some videos in the case of someone being punished,even if for trumped up reasons……for instance if the person spanking is portrayed as a sadistic principle or something. For me,it’s the break-in and assault by what is portrayed as a stranger. I didn’t find it to be a scary scene because I know it was meant as a fantasy,but I it’s not something I enjoy. I don’t have a problem with the video,it just doesn’t appeal to me personally.

    I totally understand that some people have more of an attraction to the “rape fantasy”type of thing and have no problem with that. It just happens to not be a fantasy for me,so it doesn’t interest me. I can handle someone I know (and consented to) “abusing”me or being mean to me and pushing me around a little,but even the *idea* of a stranger doing something like that is very unappealing to me.

  • pim_parnell

    it left a nasty taste in my mouth and i found myself thinking how would i justify it to the vanilla friends i have who i have told about my spanking lifestyle.

    thank you richard for raising it.

    so what were you going to post about attending parties? –now you have all our attentions!


  • Dew

    I thought it was kind of hot. It was consensual. She could have stopped if she wanted. Knowing that,I think it was very steamy that he was in control and frankly her bum looked great. Maybe it’s all the violence on TV but the clip didn’t distrub me at all,it did the opposite.

  • FB

    I had never seen this video before. The breaking into the ladies apartment and forcing her to be spanked almost seems a little like a rape. It gives a whole new meaning to non-consensual. I know there are some among you who will say im exaggerating. Im just suggesting that it could be construed that way. But compared to stuff at the movies this is nothing. Who are these actors anyway they should be given academy awards for this performance,it was great. Bravo

  • rubyredd

    I liked this video–the actors did a great job and I think it showed something that some women fantasize about or even enjoy roleplaying. The “Intruder Fantasy”—like a rape fantasy —is not all that uncommon,IMO. Seeing it acted out,at least for me,was sexy. Perhaps it is because I know this is a fantasy scene,though. If it were to happen in real life it would,of course,be a different story. But,because I know these are spanko actors acting out a fantasy,it just adds fuel to my own “darker”fantasies.

    PS:I love Northern Spankings!

  • I would like to say a massive thank you to everyone for adding their honest opinions of this film and it’s very interesting that the split in opinion is so varied. It has been utterly fascinating watching this debate unfold and we are very grateful that you all contributed and overwhelmed at the response.

    I appreciate that this is not for everyone and some people were bound to feel uncomfortable watching it. The very fact that some people did find it so only highlights what an amazing acting job that Stephen and Caroline did with this story.

    The comments directed at Stephen by Doonstar are the only ones I find unpalatable. How dare someone accuse my actor of being a woman-hating small penis whatever! I want to point out that this was written by a woman (ME),and directed by a woman (ME),and was largely written FOR women. It’s most insulting Doonstar to assume that women are not capable of having their own fantasies,least of all allowed to be creative and for those fantasies to veer of the path of for-my-own-good domestic discipline. Stephen was doing was I DIRECTED him to do. And he played the role exceptionally well. Of course,we all know that Anthony Hopkins actually goes around eating people in cannibalistic ways. He must do,he did play Hannibal Lecter after all. It’s a CHARACTER. Being portrayed by an actor. In real life,Stephen is the nicest,sweetest,loveliest top we have ever worked with,and the most talented actor. I/We would *never* work with any Dom or Top who had the slightest woman-hating tendencies and I find such qualities abhorrant. Stephen always has the highest respect for all the ladies in the spanking scene. So if anyone has real beef with this film then by all means take it up with me. I wrote and directed it after all.

    Now that aside,it’s probably worth pointing out that this film IS a fantasy role play between a married couple. This isn’t clear in the trailer but you do discover that at the end of the film. Regardless of this however,I could easily have made this movie with an entirely different ending,so all the comments and debate remain valid.

    I did expect this film to appeal more to the ladies than the guys out there,but I also have to say that obviously I did not expect this to appeal to all ladies! Those who find themselves more of the pure discipline bottoms probably won’t like it. Those who are more submissive or have interests in the BDSM side might find this hotter.

    It IS a fantasy and no woman would like this to happen in real life with a real stranger but put it in a context of a safe environment (say a stranger your partner organised that he trusts but you don’t know),it’s still hot to think about. But we’re not in the business of portraying real life on the whole. Film,in any genre,is all about escapism and fantasy. Be it horror,fantasy,drama,comedy etc

    I am also confused as to why there are so many comments along the lines of “If a vanilla saw this…”I don’t make films for a vanilla audience (well I do,but not at NS!) We are catering for a specific adult only market,to people who love and understand spanking. I couldn’t care less what a non-spanko thought of it. These people will always have judgements to make regardless of the content of a film and could do the same over ANY Lupus film,which frankly have the highest production values in the spanking WORLD! People who voice such negativity over spanking are going to do so anyway. But just to make a point,I am sure that if any film would come across as fun/playful/tame to a vanilla person it would almost certainly be one of ours too!

    At NS we do try to cater for everyone and we have lighthearted comedies,we have lots of loving domestic discipline,lots of “for your own good”schoolgirl/teenager stuff. And also some slightly edgier challenging and BDSM stuff.

    Not everyone will like everything we produce,but it would be dull if they did.

    It is the job of any film maker to challenge their viewer,and make them feel emotion. That rarely happens in spanking films,which are 2 dimensional on a good day,and at the risk of sounding pretentious,any spanking film that has provoked as much emotional reaction as this one has,(albeit negative),is surely still a well-made film. And I am very proud of it. Caroline and Stephen should be even more proud of it!

  • As a post addendum to that,I would also like to say that we consider ourselves to be one of the most responsible producers of spanking material. That does not,to us,mean we have a responsibility to produce films that are un-offensive to a vanilla world. As some else pointed out,there are far more films in the cinema that are more graphic/violent/nonconsensual with age ratings as low as 15. Being responsible means only working with girls and guys who are genuine spanking enthusiasts who are getting involved for the *right* reasons,that we pay fair (and often above average rates) and we never,ever ask any of our team to portray or do anything in a scene that they feel even slightly uncomfortable with. That we look after our whole team pre-production,on-set and protect their interests in post production too. Producing material that is a joy to make (even the edgy stuff) and that everyone enjoys is more important and invariably produces a better outcome.

  • atom

    My vote……

    Firstly,I think that NS is great site,intelligent,witty ,insightful and with high production values. I say that as a proud caption competition winner and an occasional subscriber. And I wouldn’t be surprised if Stephen has a huge penis.

    Lucy Maclean said that the video was largely written for women,so perhaps the fact that many males,including myself,didn’t enjoy aspects of it,is irrelevant.

    I have no problem with the depiction of non-consensual spanking (assuming the actors/actresses have consented,which they clearly have) ,but as a committed spanker not a BDSMer,my enjoyment of spanking comes from a different place to whatever drives the enjoyment of watching a man with his hands round a woman’s throat.

    That’s the reason I’ve never subscribed to the Russian sites featuring an apparent psycho who seems to be very angry with women. I’m not moralising and I’m certainly not trying to be pc,but personally I find it a turn off.

    AS far as justifying to vanillas,a) why bother and b) you’re never going to persuade the Harriet Harpeople of this world. But as a spanker I like to keep my moral self image in reasonably good nick and I often find myself idly rehearsing a justication if my computer fell into the wrong hands. But that’s not the reason I don’t seek out the edgier stuff,it’s just that I don’t enjoy it.

    So for me it’s all about the s –NS or BDSM.

  • Hello there:I noticed I was getting some traffic from here so I had to stop by. I am the personal who traveled for health work and saw corporal punishment almost everywhere. From tiny nursery school children by their teachers and parents to secondary school students. I’ve only been back in America for a week,but it is giving me some ambivalence as I reconstruct what I think of corporal punishment. My entire fantasy life has changed,but to be honest that happens almost every few months anyway. We’re always evolving and it is always ok to change your mind on things from time to time.

    But I figure I’ll be back to thinking that being bent over a teacher’s desk with a ruler is hot. I just still have a lot to think about and process. Cheers! Excellent topic.

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