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Before I start the post for today, let me just send a reminder out that Dana Specht has a new SPANKING BLOG where you can find trailers for all of her spanking videos, along with other regular updates. Just look in the upper right sections of her blog and click each one to view the trailer for each particular film, and of course be sure to bookmark the site so that you don’t rely on me to post the updates, you can find them right on her very own site.

Today is an unusual subject, but it also happens to be the one that was the very first birthday spanking that I witnessed in the USA.

A week from Saturday it will be my 57th birthday and I have to be honest with you, since my brother died the day has become pretty meaningless. In fact on all of my social media platforms I have actively removed any mention as to when my birthday is. Every year, both for my birthday and my brother’s birthday, we would hop on a video call and laugh ourselves silly for a couple of hours. When he died two years ago, I arranged for his funeral to take place on what would have been his 57th birthday, and that was the last time that I got to address him before we finalized the service. It is only the second hardest thing that I have had to do, mainly because I had to read his eulogy as the last thing that I could do for him, so I had a purpose to help me through. The hardest thing I ever did was talking to my Mom just a few hours before she died, something that I wouldn’t wish on anyone.

This isn’t a morbid post though, I’m just pointing out that birthdays are just blah to me now, they don’t really mean anything. So with that in mind, why not spend the time between now and next Saturday unloading some of my collection of birthday spanking pics? Obviously I will keep posting my regular weekly features, but in-between them I will post some birthday spanking pics that are just normal in their quality. Speaking of my regular features though, make sure you come back tomorrow and on Sunday. Tomorrow I will have an awesome outdoor spanking, and then on Sunday I have a new MEN ARE LIKE STREETCARS pic. At least I think it is a Streetcars pic, unfortunately the play wasn’t mentioned in the book, or in the year before or the year after, but it has all of the hallmarks of a Streetcars pic. It is only remarkable in the sense that it features probably the most spankable butt I have ever seen in a Men Are Like Streetcars pic ๐Ÿ™‚

So birthday spankings with a broom. Well let’s be honest, it is nothing more than a symbolic display that is not designed to hurt at all, but I also have to tell the truth. I’m not going to claim some magical fantasy land spanking that was the first one that I ever say in the States, nope, it was given to a 21 year old camp counselor by the director of the camp, a girl who would later become my romantic partner in the summer of 1985 when I was 22 years old. Perhaps there was a subliminal message in what I witnessed that day.

The first three photos feature four spankings, each given with a broom. And of course while I can’t claim that every image in this post is a birthday spanking, the groundwork was laid to suggest that other than the couple at the cabin, it is probably true that the rest of the images are indeed BIRTHDAY SPANKINGS. These three pictures I have not posted before so they should be new to the vast majority of you. You can click on each one for the full sized version.

To make the post complete, and of course to make it easier for someone to create their own Birthday Broom Spankings folder, here is the rest of my collection of broom spankings that I have posted over the years.

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  1. Ed,

    Obviously this isn’t a collection of the finest spanking photos in the world, lol, but because they are reality based I do have a soft spot for them. It kind of takes me back to many an argument I have had in person over the definition of what is a “Real spanking”. My contention is that a real spanking is whatever you want it to be, in fact there are some people who are immensely turned on by the structure of a spanking, but they don’t actually like the spanking itself. That will make for a post down the line though.


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