Streetcar Sundays – 131

Today is the day that I am going to start filming in New York again. We are still a week away from some of the lockdown being lifted, but we are allowed out for some exercise, so I will make use of that today and film some of the local area near where I live.

A big thanks to everyone who has left a comment this week. For some reason the comments seemed to have risen from 0.05% per visit to 0.06% per visitor 😉 Seriously though, I do appreciate some of you taking the time to be interactive, I enjoy conversing with you all and I hope to see the trend continue.

I love our MEN ARE LIKE STREETCARS pic this week. It is a rehearsal spanking where the understudies are watching on. The one thing that you will notice is that all four of the guys seem to be having a good old time, and I don’t know why they need a second chair there to simulate a couch, he looks to have things well under control. It is almost like he is looking at the camera and saying “Have you got the picture with the paper yet? You have, good, now where was I before you gave me the paper”? 🙂 It is a great position by the girl, very convincing.

This was a double performance where the guy on the far right got to play the spanker in one performance. Unfortunately, while there are several rehearsal pics, at no time is the character “Maudie” mentioned so I don’t know who the girl is. The other pics are just of actors with their understudies, but with no indication as to what role they play. Pretty soon I am going to purchase another subscription to a newspaper archive so that I can try and find these details for you. I will report back when I do.

2 thoughts on “Streetcar Sundays – 131

  1. Be safe out there it is a bit crazy sad but crazy.

    I love her position it is amazing. And notice the slip wow.

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