Windsor Wednesday Classic – 266

A switch in time spanks nine!!

In a short while I will give you all an update on the blog. It isn’t over by any means, I’m just taking a bit of an extended break for now. In a nutshell I have lost interest in spanking, can you believe that? A lifelong obsession just disappeared.

Something happened a while back that turned me off of the scene, but who knew at that point that it would also lead to me not even thinking about spanking for days at a time?

In a short while I will give you a full update but do keep in mind this, I still have reams and reams of spanking pics that have barely been seen before, and I fully intend on providing those to you. Hopefully in years to come many new spanking blogs will arrive and my site can provide a foundation where they can build their own sites off of the back of my hard work. Something that I have been providing for years as it is.

Anyway, I will update you all very soon on how I will progress from here.

4 thoughts on “Windsor Wednesday Classic – 266

  1. Sorry to hear about your loss of appetite. Richard. I do enjoy browsing your sites for new imagery and snippets. I do believe that not a lot of people realise if you become so involved in the subject such as a spanking where are you end up living and breathing the subject becomes part of your business; that it’s almost sweetshop syndrome where you’re surrounded by your favourites day in day out until you’ve just had enough or need a break at least. anyway take care and keep up the good work

  2. We all have to change and accept the changes as they come along. There’s nothing wrong in that. My writing, after so many years, has gone pretty much into a few meaningless blogs, which I don’t think anyone reads or looks at anyway. That’s good enough for me. So, hang in there Richard, life has further things in store for you, just take a few steps to meet it, it’s waiting for you!

  3. Mr. K,

    I will write about it soon. I’m not saying it is the end by any means, just that things have changed for now. You are correct, a break is definitely needed, constantly posting with little to no feedback was beginning to wear on me after so many years. So what I need to do is step back for a little while, reevaluate things and then return in whatever way I chose to do so. Thanks for your kind support.


  4. Mick,

    Thank you for your thoughts. My own mind has been occupied with other things as of late and spanking is really on the back burner. As I have mentioned it isn’t the end, but nowadays it isn’t the beginning either. I think a big shift occurred when I posted for like 50 days in a row or whatever it was, many days I was sat there wondering “Does anyone have anything for me, anyone”? lol. That’s mostly on me though, something that I need to work on.


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