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An Old British Cartoon

Today I was all set to spend the day interacting on my new video on Youtube. Having spent hours yesterday creating a four minute video I was really excited with my efforts, but there was one issue that I didn’t count on, the video tanked.

The response was brutal. Normally when you upload a video you want at a bare minimum a click through rate of 4.0 to 4.9 or higher. My videos do really well there and I even have videos with a click through rate as high as 8.7.

What is the current click through rate of my latest video though? One point freaking seven.

1.7 is brutally bad. What does that number mean? It means that people are seeing my video thumbnail and 1.7 people out of a hundred are choosing to watch the video, or alternatively, 98.3 people out of a 100 are choosing to skip it đŸ™‚

The video is a four minute story about a Korean independence fighter who was buried in the town where I live, but because he died alone, for 85 years nobody knew he was there. He was finally discovered in 2008, and then two months ago his remains were repatriated back into South Korea with a full honor ceremony having been in Queens, New York for exactly 100 years. The story of this man was immortalized in the Korean Netflix drama, Mr. Sunshine.

To say I am disappointed is a bit of an understatement, lol, I was so happy with my efforts and it always sucks when your efforts fail.

LINK TO MY YOUTUBE CHANNEL if you feel like brightening my day and watching my latest video đŸ™‚ Cheap plug I know, but I put so much effort in yesterday and I am pretty disappointed by the response.

Anyway, you aren’t hear to listen to my pity party, are you? No sir, you are all here to see what I have to offer in the spanking world for today, right?

My offering today is a cartoon from a British newspaper in the post war years. The image is displaying a Father spanking his 19 year old daughter for coming home late. However, this cartoon was added to a response page of people responding to the original story from the week before.

The response page would probably tickle you pink. Even in the 1940s you can tell that the people writing in are doing so for wank material. Various descriptions of home spankings written by men pretending to be teenage girls of various ages. In fact I dare say that many of the entries were written by the newspaper staff.

But, at least the image is good to look at, and quite likely the original ‘Letter to the editor’ was genuine. In fact I didn’t look for the original letter, perhaps I should do that, I only download the reply page to that letter.

Six Of The Best Spanking Comics/Cartoons

This isn’t something that I do very often, and even when I do I always direct you to the CHICAGO SPANKING REVIEW website as that website is the premier source for spanking comics. As always the website is welcome to take anything that I post if it is an addition to their collection. The review has always been very generous in linking back whenever they use material that I have posted and I appreciate their ethical approach to sharing with the community.

Now when it comes to comic books/cartoons, I’m not always very studious when it comes to writing the publication name on the image, but most everything that I find has been found on Ebay so it should be easy to get the information.

So let’s start in 1948 with The Two Gun Kid #5.

And here is the two page spread for those who enjoy such things. Click on the image for the full sized version.

Next up, unfortunately I do not have the name of this publication. Ah, the romance of spanking. I guess this is what they refer to as the good old days, right? Lol.

When I was growing up in the UK the holiday resorts were always chock full of saucy postcards such as this one. In fact for some of us this was the only exposure that we would get to any spanking related material. Long before the Internet. Click on the image for the full sized version.


Here is another one that unfortunately I do not have the details on, but I am sure that someone will recognize it.

The next image is from 1928 and is currently on sale on Ebay. You can find the auction using the search of Pep Pulp Magazine 1928. Based on early bidding this one is probably going to sell for a good price.

Finally, this image actually came from Tumblr. But the appearance of what appears to be white nylon knickers is always something that will capture my interest đŸ˜‰

Hope that you enjoyed the cartoon spanking collection. I’m going to try and write a Christmas spanking story. The idea that I have in my mind is a take on the ghost of Christmas past, present and future. My idea is slightly different though in that a former spanker appears, then the current one spanks and finally the future of her life takes the woman in hand. I’ve got a lot of work to do but I am excited to work on this.


The posting blitz continues, another day, another spanking image. Today would ordinarily be a day that I would post an F/M image, and while one is included here it isn’t solely an F/M post as the image also contains an M/F spanking. This is a cartoon drawing featuring 4 films competing against each other, or it could be three films and a play.

So I will do my best to try and work out who the actors are supposed to be based on the films of the day.

In the upper spanking I do believe that it is supposed to be the actor John Garfield spanking Katherine Hepburn. This is an educated guest because the other male star of Tortilla Flat was Spencer Tracy, but he was also the star of Woman of the Year so it doesn’t make sense that he would be the spanker. In the bottom image I believe that is supposed to be Eleanor Powell spanking Robert Taylor.

If you wish you can spend your day going through IMDB to try and prove me wrong đŸ˜‰

Group Spanking

Normally I’m not exactly an expert on cartoon spankings, but I found this group spanking image this week and I really loved it. It is that old adage, a picture is worth a thousand words, and because my schedule is normally busy, I prefer that you guys create your own one thousand words than actually bore you to tears with my thousand words, haha.

So create your own story here. My first observations are that at least 3 of the girls have already taken their turn in the spanking machine. You can deduce that because three of the girls in line seem to be rubbing their bottoms. But, the question remains, how many licks does each of them get to inflict?

The story in my mind is that each girl takes a turn landing one lash of the martinet, sort of like a community spanking. You not only share the punishment if one of you does wrong, but you also carry out the punishment on each other. Maybe it is two or three licks.

However, looking at the strict lady observing, and the fact that the girl bent over is tied to the stool, one is led to believe that once each girl has landed her required lashes, the mistress then takes the martinet herself and rather sadistically administers a good old fashioned leg kicking, body twisting whoopin’ on each girl in turn đŸ™‚

That’s my story, what do you guys think? Is your story different to mine?

What Stings More?

A hairbrush to a fully covered bottom, or a healthy bite to the inner thigh? đŸ™‚ Having experienced neither I am going to think that the inner thigh is going to suck like a mother trucker. In one of my first jobs working with people with learning difficulties I was bitten on the thumb and also the inner forearm, and let me tell you, that inner forearm bite was no joke, especially when you are trying to get a clean release as opposed to a Walking Dead style mouth withdrawal, lol. The rulebook says to push your arm into the mouth and then pinch the nose to cut off breathing to get a release, the book neglects to tell you how much that mother is going to hurt.

Another thing of note, could the artist have drawn the grown woman any smaller?

Anyway, hairbrush over the skirt and panties or bite to the inner thigh, which one are you choosing as to which hurts more?

Cartoon Knickers

When I stumbled across this image it reminded me of a couple of fun events that have happened over the years. This is what I term the fun level of bratting. Normally I associate bratting with an attempt to emasculate the person a brat is playing with/annoying, but in excruciatingly tiny doses it can on occasion be fun. Way back when I FIRST PLAYED WITH PIXIE, there was a moment in the initial meeting where I had left the room. When I returned I resumed spanking her, flipped up her skirt only to find out that she had taken my underwear from my overnight bag, and slipped them on over her panties đŸ™‚ I also recall playing with a friend at a party who specifically wore a pair of “London” panties to play with me. That caused an uproar of laughs from everyone in attendance when I flipped her skirt up.

So imagine this situation below. Can you imagine a play partner getting your face printed on the panties she is wearing? Now that would be really funny.

Windsor Sunday Candid’s – 117

It has been a few weeks since I last shared a cartoon spanking. This one, judging by the writing on the postcard, is from 1934, featuring a flapper getting a slippering from her dad.

An Old Spanking Cartoon

Yesterday I had a bit of spare time so I sat down and started to wade through one of the many online Newspaper archives. If you have not done that before then let me tell you, it is an arduous task. For once though I got lucky and I was able to come up with three new pics. A lot of times when I do this, I can search for up to three hours and not find a sausage. Yesterday though, I was able to find two brand spanking new Men Are Like Streetcars pics. One of them is from a newspaper, and the other I found a reference in a newspaper, then checked the subsequent yearbook and voila, I found yet another unlabeled Men Are Like Streetcars spanking pic. Over the years I have provided a wealth of spanking pics from this play to pad out private collections, and it doesn’t seem to want to stop anytime soon. I know that there are still dozens out there waiting to be discovered.

The third and final image that I found yesterday is the one on this post. Now I don’t claim to be an art expert, far from in fact. However if I feel like I can add something to the mix then I will always happily share it. Here’s the caveat though, I found this in a local regional newspaper. Now it is quite likely that the story was syndicated around the country, but the image might not be. The image could be just the local newspaper artist. What do I know though, perhaps this is a famous piece of spanking art that has circulated for years. That will be something for the spanking art experts to decide, and trust me, I don’t need to know the details of this image, I am just happy to share it. Even better if it is brand spanking new and nobody has seen it before.

Roy Rogers Comic

Comic book spankings are something that I post very infrequently, this is mostly because the market is already covered by the CHICAGO SPANKING REVIEW. The only time that I will post one is if I have something new to offer to what Webed has already posted over there, and today is one of those days.

Eleven years ago Webed posted THIS ROY ROGERS spanking scene, but he didn’t have a date of the comic nor a very clear version of it. Well I am happy to report that I just found a few new panels for the July 1951 edition of the Roy Rogers comic, in color. Each image opens to a larger version if needed, so just click on each one should you need to.

On the vanilla front I also wanted to share this. This week my favorite Japanese singer, AiNA THE END, releases her first solo album, and over on Youtube they have used the platform to display her talents ahead of the release.

This first track was done for a popular Japanese Youtube channel and it blew up on Japanese media, it has had over 4 million views in just one week online. This really displays AiNA’s raw talent, just her and a piano. It was previewed on all of Japan’s morning TV shows and the critics online have gone mental over how good it is. Please give it a listen if you can, the subtitles work in English so just click the CC button. I flew to Japan pretty much specifically to see this girl sing. I paid $150 per ticket for two shows (to see the band BiSH, who she sings with), and I remember the ticket reseller laughing at me when I asked what the chances were that he could get me tickets. One year later the ticket prices were doubled, lol. Now I have no idea how much it will cost to see her.

Secondly, AiNA also released a video on her own channel of one of the songs from the upcoming album. Six years ago AiNA wrote this song and this was also the track that she sang successfully for her audition to the band, BiSH. The video is really important to me because it tells the story of her journey. How she went from being homeless to being a household superstar. She is a very humble young lady and I freakin’ love this song!!