Buz Sawyer and Cobra

If you want the complete comic strip,  head on over to the Chicago Spanking Review where he has several versions of this comic strip RIGHT HERE.

If someone has already posted something I tend not to post the same thing,  unless I have an alternate version of the spanking OR an enhanced version of that spanking. That is what applies here. What I am offering here is a crystal clear version that is actually the demo cartoon for an album,  so the additional writing on the cartoon reflects that. As you can see from the description on Ebay,  this is a 1989 reprint of the original. The comic is twice the size of what you see below,  to see the full sized version just click on the cartoon itself.

Windsor’s Sunday Candids – 59

Now this isn’t an entirely new find,  The Chicago Spanking Review has had this spanking scene in Smilin’ Jack up for nearly seven years now  (Click for post). However,  if someone else has something posted,  99 times out of 100 I won’t post the same unless it is an exceptionally good find,  or,  as the case is here,  I can add something to the original.

So what I have brought to you today is the full comic strip that this spanking appeared in,  and,  perhaps more importantly,  a crystal clear copy of the spanking panel that I hope enhances the post on the Chicago Spanking Review. If you click through that website and see a comic that you like,  be sure to click on it because in all likelihood there are several versions of that panel in the post along with all the relevant information about the artist and the characters. Click each image below for a supersized version.

Slim Pickens

(Yes,  I can spell :))

Today I am going to dish out a couple of comic book spankings,  but also lay down a little prose.

I’m not sure where you are in the world,  but here in New York right now we are getting slammed with snow. I spent most of the morning digging out the driveway though we are predicted to get around 2′  of snow,  so right now I am just taking a break of what is sure to be several trips outside today. At least I have done the main part,  the rest is just clearing it every time we get two or three more inches or so.

Last week I was able to do some searches to try and find some more rare pictures for you,  but as the title of this post says,  it was quite slim pickings really. Of course I’m bound to find a few but to be honest,  none of them were very good. Not that I am going to give up hope though. Basically I am snowed in so I will have a lot of time to do some deep searches today.

Alright,  just dug out of the snow for the third time,  you have to keep it low to make things easier.

There was one thought that I had where I wondered if anyone has any ideas. As you all know,  I plan to start up my audio interview series again,  and as this is going to be something that I will be doing moving forward,  I’m looking for a catchy title to name the series. Basically I need something to hit search engines so some type of semblance of audio spanking or spanking interviews is what I am looking for. What I am looking to do is name the series itself,  so as an example  “Audio spankings with Richard Windsor”. Anyway,  let me know your thoughts. I already have interviews lined up with spanking models,  website owners and party organizers.

Now on to the comics.

This first one is already on THE CHICAGO SPANKING REVIEW,  but the copy that he has is pretty poor. Hopefully he will come here,  see this version and be able to update his wonderful collection. I’m going to post the full size of the spanking panel,  but just a thumbnail of the whole comic so you will have to click on that to see it. This is Mary Worth from 1948.

Mary Worth 1948l

Mary Worth 1948

The last comic spanking for this week looks like it is a postcard. This is a picture that I found on Ebay ages ago but here it is for your enjoyment. Mom is spanking her for looking at boys too closely,  but says nothing about her being knickerless 🙂

s-l1600 (1)

Book Covers

And so year 10 of this blog begins. Before I share with you seven unique book covers,  I will just give you a rundown of my Christmas week from pretty much a vanilla perspective.

Every year on Christmas day I do one thing,  which is something that I rarely get to do. I pick up one of my DVD collections and I binge watch it. Honestly,  I have about 20 DVD boxsets that I have yet to get through,  or even start for that matter. Most of them are British shows that you can’t get in America,  or if you can they are imports that will only play on a PC.

Yesterday I was trying to decide between Peaky Blinders and The Accused. Due to the violence in the former I decided that I would go with The Accused instead,  and man alive was that a good choice.

Now I haven’t finished all ten episodes yet,  it is a bit tough with a days worth of Premiership football today and then American football tomorrow where I am attempting to win my first crown in a 24 team dynasty league. Reached the final for the second year in a row and it will hurt this year if I don’t win it. Ironically this years final is a repeat of last year,  however my opponent lost two star players last week so this weeks matchup is about as even as can be. In a nutshell for me,  if Matthew Stafford and Calvin Johnson play lights out tomorrow then I will be in very good shape.

Anyway,  going back to The Accused. The premise of each episode is that they show you the defendant in the dock about to be sentenced,  and then they show you the events that led them to that point. In every episode there is a legitimate reason why the people do what they do that leads them to where they are,  but,  are the reasons legitimate enough to warrant them committing a crime? Episodes two and three were particularly enthralling,  and I guessed the verdict incorrectly in both of them. It is acting of the highest degree though with an all star cast of British talent. In fact if you are an Anglophile then I couldn’t recommend it any higher.

The only one that I didn’t get was the episode with Andy Serkis. Don’t get me wrong,  Andy Serkis is a brilliant actor  (Check him out playing Ian Dury in Sex and Drugs and Rock and Roll)  and he played this role very well,  but his story is that he plays a creepy assed stalker whose crime begins by robbing the object of his desire to give his daughter a present. Compared to all of the other episodes,  it is like the lamest story line to commit a crime to start with,  but then the constant stalking is so creepy and you have no sympathy whatsoever for him like you do the other defendants. I think what the premise is,  like it is for all of the other episodes,  it revolves around how the actions of one person completely destroys the lives of their victims and more importantly,  their own families through their own selfish acts,  even if they think that they are doing it for their family. An exception perhaps is episode three where the lady herself is pretty much the victim throughout.

There are pretty much no Hollywood endings,  even in the cases where the defendant is found not guilty,  they have already destroyed a family somewhere. In fact the strongest part of each episode is seeing the defendants family and the victims family in the courtroom prior to the verdict,  which at times includes a victims statement.

Very powerful stuff and I highly recommend it.

Anyway,  enough of the vanilla stuff,  now it’s time for seven spanking book covers 🙂

$_57 (2)$_57 (4) $_57 (8) $_57 (13) 1219202 gtr hgtred

Spanking Comics For Saturday

Before we go anywhere,  I have to point you in the right direction where you will find more spanking comics that you can ever dream of. Not only that,  but each comic has the full story behind them and normally two,  three or four different versions of the same comic.


If you love spanking comics then please visit the site above because you won’t be disappointed. Now Web-Ed over at CSR has such a large archive that I can’t be arsed to go through it all,  but there is a 99% chance that everything I am posting here he has already. What my hope is,  is that I have a different version that can either enhance or replace what is already up. In fact to hell with it,  I’m going to try and find each post and link it to each comic so that you can go to his site and read the background stories to each.

Campus Love

Looking at it,  wherever I found these pics it looks like they were lifter directly from CSR as the copies I have seem to be the same as CSR’s. Click Here for the full story and additional pics from this comic.

Campus1 CAMPUS2

If you know the source of this one then please feel free and let me know


Certainly no improvement in this one. CLICK THIS LINK for the full Combat Casey story.


This one seems to be the same copy,  however,  because there are a number of Smiling Jack spanking comics it is worth including because CSR has them all. CLICK HERE


Next up is Mandrake the Magician. CSR has THE SAME PIC,  however,  the one I have here is a bumper sized one (Click for the full size) so hopefully he can grab the spanking frame for his collection.


I’m actually going to keep it at six as the last two are exact copies that are on CSR,  which leads me to believe that they came from there. Actually,  I promised you eight so let me have a look in my comic folder for two more. Here are a couple that came from a deep search on Ebay so they should be brand new.

$_57 (5)$_57 (6)

Bumper Sized Comics

Did you know that I still haven’t played for 15 months now? At Boardwalk Badness I did play in skits that I was involved in,  but I haven’t had a one to one in over a year. It’s actually through choice as well,  it’s not like I haven’t had plenty of opportunities to play. My genuine belief is that it all comes down to one thing,  I have been so blessed in our chosen lifestyle that I think that I have reached the pinnacle for everything I ever wanted. There is no denying that the last few parties have been a struggle for me,  my tolerance for the bullshit factor is so below zero that I think I am in Russia,  lol.

I’m not a total hermit though,  even though I left Fetlife months ago there are still a few people who keep in touch with me. In fact the reason that I thought of writing this was because just this week Pixie made plans to come and visit me at my new apartment. That’s also the reason for stating that it was 15 months ago when I played the last time (coincidentally with Pixie) because if she thinks that she is leaving my place able to drive comfortably,  she is going to be sorely mistaken.

Mike and Jules Tanner also contact me every week. A few weeks ago I learned that my Mom has cancer,  and while I am not fully aware of the extent yet,  being that it is the Colon and it has reached the liver and lungs we are dealing with a rather advanced stage one fears. Ever since knowing that Mike and Jules have been so kind,  checking in with me every week to see how Mom is doing and to see how I am doing. It is really heartwarming to have a family away from family.

Then there are spanking friends that I have both on my real Facebook,  and my alternate Facebook for spanking friends who are not open about what they do. It’s funny that some of my friends don’t even go to spanking parties anymore,  but we remain friends away from the scene. You will find that,  over time people come and go,  but there are some people who you were just made to be friends with.

BTW,  you can always FOLLOW ME ON TWITTER.

Anyway,  in a week or two Pixie is going to receive a fire engine red bottom,  and maybe that will get me back in the game a bit. Spanking is still a huge part of my life,  but there are others things that are important as well. Now,  onto the Saturday spanking cartoons. As I mentioned last week,  if you want your fill of spanking cartoons then click the two links below. I’m sure all of my entries this week are already in Web-Ed’s archives,  but these are supersized pics that I hope can be additions to his collection. Click the pics for the supersized version.



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Mixed Bag Of Spanking Comics

Yet another week where I try to clear some of the stuff in my miscellaneous folder,  this week I have rounded up just some of the spanking cartoons I have. If you are a lover of spanking cartoons then you should check out Web-Ed’s massive collections of spanking comic pages and art. I bring you rare stage spankings,  Web-Ed is the guy who provides the Internet and other spanking blogs with rare spanking art.



This first picture has long been a favorite of mine,  so much so that I once had it printed on a T-Shirt. I’m not sure if Alan Lawrence is the artist or not. I thought that it was a Leonardo drawing but quite honestly I don’t know,  maybe they are one and the same.

I often wondered who the girl was. Is she a daughter coming home late,  a misbehaving wife after a dinner date,  or perhaps a niece learning the new rules of the house.

$1 timeshaft $T2eC16RHJIQE9qUHsjkIBRtq+0GFiw~~60_57 834558148_o Clipboard03 thirties2


The Saturday Gazette

Is your newspaper devoid of interesting stories on a Saturday? Never fear good people,  Richard Windsor is here to deliver a spanking edition of the Saturday Gazette. We have news,  entertainment,  books,  comics and a wanted poster.

In The News

In light of Ariana Grande’s  “I hate America”  comments this week and doughnut licking exploits,  there have been renewed calls for the old patent of the spanking machine to be acted upon. The court of public opinion has spoken loudly and deemed that Ariana could use the full benefit of a switching as depicted below. The switching will not cease until she has completed the Star Spangled Banner.


In local news a haughty young miss laid down the law this week that she was old enough to do as she pleases. Our observant cameraman was able to catch the response of the Mother to this statement. Her response went along the lines of  “Under my house you will follow my rules”  and she reinforced her maternal duties upon her daughters frilly,  panty clad fanny. I guess the old saying is true,  NOBODY is ever too old for a spanking!!



This week we have a review of Shirley Temple’s  “Kiss and Tell”,  along with a movie poster of an upcoming attraction.

$_57 (10)$_57ju


This weeks recommendation is by renowned noir author,  Curt Aldrich. A tale of the loves of a gas station attendant.


Weekly Comics

The 1940’s were a simple time,  a time where one could spank a female and soon she would be madly in love.



Have you seen this girl? She is wanted for trespassing and defacing public property. If caught she will be presented to the courts in picture number one,  yet another girl in need of a switching!!


I hope that this brightens up your Saturday. If I get time I will pre-post an edition for next Saturday as well. It won’t be a regular feature though as my time is limited,  but it might give other bloggers an idea to run their own weekly gazette. Also known as riding on ones coattails 🙂

Feel free to comment below,  it is all good fun.

Saturday Comic

Now I don’t have a date for this comic,  but it appears quite clearly to be one from the 1920’s. The artist is Ray Hoppman and the comic is entitled  “Make-a-comic”

I just posted another 1920’s comic over on my vintage spanking blog.


Thanks to everyone who took part in the recent post where I gave away some free streaming videos. In just two weeks Dana Specht and I will be conducting our sixth interview,  and all of the feedback that you guys have given,  Dana has access to view them all. Our next interview  “Six of the best”  should be the best one yet.

There is still time to get free videos if you want them,  the survey results will be released in the interview that we make,  as well as questions and thoughts taken from them.


I know that the last time I did this the videos ended up on the pirate sites,  but whatever. I’m giving them away anyway.

IMG_2373 shop0005 (163x180) wood0004 img_0030 caught0009

Saturday Cartoons

I’m going through the process of sorting out my expansive miscellaneous folders so that I can group up spanking pics that wouldn’t ordinarily get posted. In fact some of the pics in the folders I have had around ten years.

Each blog has its own little forte so it is worth noting that if you are a lover of Cartoon/comic spanking then you should go to The Chicago Spanking Review for the largest collection of pics of this sort. The Web-Ed over there spends as much time researching his topics as I do with my Windsor’s Spanking Finds collection.

Tomorrow will be the usual Streetcar Sunday’s post,  but a little heads up for you,  Harry is going to be posting a bumper Men Are Like Streetcars post on SPANK STATEMENT tomorrow. If you have seen Harry’s work before he is like the master of stage spanking. He has only been posting for a little while now but his collection trumps mine is a big way. There are still pics that I find that he doesn’t have,  and as I said to him during the week,  while he may not have directly given me the pics that I have found,  he is certainly responsible to putting me in the right directions with his excellent descriptions of plays and authors.

The fact that he is also posting is especially pleasing for me as I have felt for the longest time that I was feeding other spanking sites their material with little acknowledgement of my doing so. Well with Harry now posting we can share supplying the spanking community with rare pics and for some strange reason that makes me want to share even more from my collection 🙂 All of the pics below were garnered from Ebay.

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My Videos